FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 28: Ulluuuuu…!

*TLN: Skill names changed. Constitution -> Body Technique(Taijutsu), Tracking -> Pursuit, Evil Miasma -> Dark Energy

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Running with a body huge enough to quake the earth, Ullullu was terribly fast. Perhaps it was only natural as he even possessed A-rank Skills.

“Damned Level!”

I had avoided gaining EXP in order to easily defeat Demon King Pedonar, but to think that choice would have come back to bite me like this!

Objectively speaking, Ullullu wasn’t at a level comparable to the Five Disasters; however, it would be a stretch to take him down at Level 15.

‘… Oh!’


I discovered a Level 53 wild Orc.

“Die quickly!”


“More! More! More! More!”

I hunted what I came across at the same time I chased after Ullullu, who continued charging forth in a straight line. There was no other way if I wanted to raise my Level even a little more.


But that didn’t mean it was a completely despairing situation; the monsters that were surprised by Ullullu’s appearance rushed out from the forest. I thrashed them unsparingly and harvested EXP, but there was a limit to what could be done with even this, the reason being that high Level boss monsters usually didn’t leave their territory. They didn’t budge despite Ullullu causing a disturbance.

Indeed, the lack of time was the problem.

“It’s a g-giant!”

“It’s coming towards our village! Run!”

“Ooh! Oh my god…”

“Hiiieh?! Mommy?!”

A village was in the way of Ullullu’s path, and its villagers who fell into panic fled outside for dear life, as they were certain to be trampled to death if they were to look on blankly.


Ullullu didn’t pay mind to the village that lay in his way. He treated it like weed, sending over a casual kick and passing by.

But his kick contained the effect of Destruction(SS)—a peculiar impact spread out from where the kick landed.

Crunch! Crash!

One village was destroyed without leaving a trace.


It felt like I was hearing the sound of my reputation score dropping.

Village, city, village, village, city, village… they were wrecked one after another like dominoes.

A dizziness fell over me.

“Sir Hero~!”

I had been pursuing Ullullu while hunting the wild monsters that randomly popped out from the bushes, but glanced up at the sky upon being called.

Lanuvel was following after me using flight magic.

I immediately gave an order.

“Use magic to slow him down or something!”


I didn’t expect something like Lanuvel performing well. What means could a Level 200 magician use to stop the onslaught of a giant over Level 999? I had only given that order as I felt like wanting to even clutch at rotten straws. It would be a miracle if she could make him even pause-


Crash-! Tremble! Boom-!

Ullullu fell over with great noise. He had stepped on a shoddy sheet of ice which had formed out of nowhere in the middle of summer, and he flailed about clownishly with that huge body of his as he powerlessly slipped over.

“Sir Hero! Lanuvel did it!”

Lanuvel formed a ‘V’ with her fingers, acting cute.

“… Ridiculous.”

This was one time, however, that even I couldn’t not acknowledge Lanuvel’s contribution, which was why I looked past her grating cute act.

Now, then. I didn’t have the slightest thought of carelessly wasting this surreal, miraculous opportunity which Lanuvel had provided me—I fully mobilized all the abilities I possessed.


I stimulated my muscles, the veins on them popping, to the very limit. Endorphins and adrenaline flooded out from my endocrine glands, and my heart pounded like an engine running berserk.

I didn’t pay mind to the enormous calorie consumption. Like a slime that continued rolling about what it swallowed until it was completely broken down, the process of cud-chewing was endlessly repeated in my digestive system.

Amylase in saliva. Pepsin in gastric juices. Emulsification through bile. Trypsin, chymotrypsin and lipase in pancreatic juices. Maltase and peptidase in serum.
*TLN: The author just suddenly lists these sciencey terms without any context that would help those uninterested in biology or just science in general(a.k.a me) understand what they’re for. Maybe it’s related to cud-chewing. I don’t know, sorry.

Carbohydrates converted to glucose, protein to amino acid, fat to glycerol. And these are absorbed through the villi in the small and large intestines.

How are calories related to all this? It is the energy produced through the breaking down of nutrients. In short, the digestive system can be called a bio-nuclear power plant. But it was still not enough.

“Cheers for Master Mollang~~!”

There was a limit to the natural digestive ability of a human. Master Mollang’s total decomposition enzyme needed to be added to the mix to complete a true bio-nuclear power plant.

I leaped up high using the strength from all these processes, and…

“I’ll start off with a lumbar disc first…!”

I climbed on the back of Ullullu who was about to try and get up, then rammed my knee precisely between his 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. It was easy to aim due to his large build.


Bracing his two gigantic hands against the ground, Ullullu let loose a furious roar as he shot to his feet.

Boom, rumble.

But he howled as he collapsed again and rolled about the ground; his waist had failed him, unable to bear the heavy weight of his torso.

“This is serious. I don’t have enough firepower.”

Level was the problem after all. While I was capable of toying about with a Demon King of equal Level, through the combination of Master Mollang’s teachings and my outrageous Skills, my current opponent wasn’t affected by that kind of penalty like the Demon King.

My attack was effective, but that was all—it couldn’t settle the fight.

“Sir Hero! We’ll also lend our strength!”

“Hansoo! I’ll help you!”

Because I dawdled and failed to quickly hunt the giant, the muppets who caught up late stormed over like hyenas eyeing EXP.

The back of my neck began to cramp.

“There has to be some wa… Ah!”

There was—Aqua, who was still dragging her feet due to the aftereffect of resurrection. Right now we were on land, not in the water where it was convenient for mermaids, and the weather was scorching hot to boot. An ordinary human would have already gotten heatstroke, and yet Aqua had forced herself to come chasing.

“Aqua! I need your help!”

“Hah, haah. Sir Hero, what must I do? I did bring my spear to fight, but it won’t be of much help.”

“It’s fine!”

“W-what… again?! Uhb!”

I stole Aqua’s lips, and this time I made certain to put an end to her life.


“Sir Hero! What are you doing! Why did you…!”

Saintess A, who had arrived a beat late, yelled at me in a tone demanding explanation upon witnessing that scene.

I placed Aqua, now limp, on the ground and asked, “Resurrect her, will you.”

“Do you even hear yourself right now?! The issue is that you killed Aqua who pushed her tired body to help you, Sir Hero!”

“I also know that.”

Ullullu had overcome his herniated lumbar disc and was trying to get up. It was now or never.

“You did it knowing that?!”

“I’ll take responsibility and recover the Levels Aqua lost. So stop your twittering.”


I ignored the babbling Saintess A and summoned forth my power.


A windstorm raged about me.

The game was starting now.

▷Race: Chaos Human
▷Level: 85
▷Job: Hero(EXP 500%)
▷Skills: Battle Spirit(SSS) Dark Energy(SS) Tolerance(SS) Chaos(SS) Deadly Venom(SS)…
▷Condition: Growth

I enjoyed the EXP of a Level 318 mermaid. I would have gone and killed wild monsters had there been a bit more time, but the ones above Level 100 were boss monsters ruling the center region of a hunting ground. And that was why I had opened a tasty mermaid lunchbox.

Level 21 → Level 85

In simple math I had grown about fourfold stronger, but the actual range of growth was hard to calculate due to the synergistic and enhancing effects of my high-rank Skills. The only thing I could tell was that I had grown extremely stronger.

“Here’s one to start…!”

I sprung towards Ullullu, bringing along the windstorm born by my Skill. Having just stood up, Ullullu didn’t even look back at me but tried to run off again. Couldn’t something be done with that instinct to run?

I had to stop him by force if nothing else—I put my all into a kick aimed towards Ullullu’s Achilles’ tendon.


The pleasing sound of a tendon snapping sounded. It it was only physical strength that was behind the kick, I might have been able to deliver an impact, but it would have been hard to sever the muscular fibre.

But in that kick just now—

Fighting Spirit(SSS) Dark Energy(SS) Chaos(SS) Deadly Venom(SS) Physical Strength(SS) Agility(SS) Fighting Skill(SS) Slaughter(S) Close Quarters Combat(S) Body Technique(S) Destruction(S) Judgement(S) Indestructible Body(S) Massacre(S) Pursuit(S) Vigor(S) Piercing(A) Penetration(A) Leg Strength(A) Focus(A) Combo(A) Slashing Attack(A) Swiftness(A) Heavy Strike(A) Clairvoyance(A) Murder(A) Dragonslay(A) Ambush(A) Incise(A) Slay(A)…

—the effects of countless Skills were piled above one another. The harmony and combination of these things gave rise to amplification.


Unable to bear the blow, Ullullu fell on his face with his legs kicking about.

In a tone of rage I shouted, “This is revenge for Aqua!”

Ignoring Saintess A snapping angrily at me from afar(“You’re the one who killed her!”), I fiercely punched at Ullullu’s large catfish head.


His squishy head sunk in.


Ullullu’s tiny eyes lost their focus.

He had a great big body and his Level was high too, but the rank of his Skills had greatly fallen due to his long slumber and rest. While his Destruction(SS) did concern me, just one Skill wasn’t enough to compare with me.

Winding my right arm backwards, I said, “Pity. We might have become a good team if I met you earlier than Noebius.”

Not now, though; I refused to see a repeat of the Oblivion Dragon King incident. I wanted him to quickly take his leave for the sake of my graduation certificate.


I dealt another blow to Ullullu’s sunken head.

It wouldn’t have been this simple had we fought inside the lake, but Ullullu had given up the enhancing effect of his Water King’s blessing and came on land. Why had he made such a foolish decision?

“Ulluuu, luuu.”

Ullullu reached both arms forwards. It wasn’t the movement of an attack. He continued to reach forwards like a child begging for something…

Boom, crash!

He had continued his futile movements until he breathed his last, dropping to his knees and collapsing. Perhaps it was something like sleep talking or sleepwalking.

I didn’t carelessly overlook Ullullu’s behaviour, however; I was a hero with 10 years of experience. It was obvious something was up

“What was in the direction Ullullu tried to go again…?”

It couldn’t be that he was charging over to kill the Dumpling King, whom he couldn’t have resented, let alone recognized. If Ullullu had held a grudge, then he would have massacred the mermaids who had sealed him for a whole 500 years, after all, but he had instead run towards land the moment he woke. What could be in that direction?

In that moment, a great amount of EXP was absorbed into my body.

My Level soared up.

Level 85 → Level 750

Although it felt like my Level soared too much, it was still sufficiently ‘low’ to easily face Demon King Pedonar.

Power overflowed within my body, but the rank of my Skills were so high that there weren’t any change… Huh?


There was just one change.

The Skill Black-Box, which I felt gratitude towards and which had enabled the carrying over of my 2nd Playthrough Skills as they were, had risen in one rank. From F-rank to E-rank! And accordingly, another effect was added.

▷Type: Skill
▷Name: ■■
▷Rank: E
▷D: □□□□ □□□
▷E: Cannot be destroyed.
▷F: Will not forget.

“Cannot be destroyed…?”

I scratched the back of my hand with my nails.


Blood immediately welled from the cut skin. Although it did instantly heal from my overpowered natural recovery ability, it wasn’t that my body couldn’t be destroyed. Perhaps it wasn’t a physical effect?

“Sir Hero~!” Lanuvel shouted, as if to break my train of thoughts.

Having flown over using flight magic, she presumptuously attempted to jump into my embrace, spreading both arms wide and diving with all her might.

I caught Lanuvel’s face with a single hand in response.

“Ah, ahh?!”

“How dare you act cute.”

I decided to put aside tracing Ullullu’s destination for the moment. There was a mountain of problems that had to be solved right now.

Ssaaa—!(Rain falling)

Chwaa—!(Rain pouring)

Rain began to fall from the sky. It truly poured down, as if grieving Ullullu’s death. Was the legend true? Though I did kill him without even giving him the time to cry.

Ullullu’s gigantic corpse melted in that rain.

“It can’t be real… That thug defeated Guardian Deity Ullullu by himself…? It was a Titan which even my father, the previous hero, gave up on…”

Resurrected by the power of Saintess A, the mermaid princess Aqua muttered blankly to herself. Describing me as a thug grated on my nerves, but I decided to hold it in this time only. Her Level had drastically fallen after dying by my hands, after all.

▷Race: Mermaid
▷Level: 236
▷Job: Hero(EXP 200%)
▷Skills: Spearmanship(S) Heat Resistance(A) Sprint(A) Singing(B) Omnipotent(C)…
▷Condition: Confused, Displeased, Agitated, Sexually Excited

… Sexually Excited?

I pondered it for several seconds with my head tilted, and then I suddenly thought of my Level.

Level 750.

Oh! Good God!

“Didn’t Sir Hero say you’ll take responsibility for me?”

I did indeed say something along those lines. For the sake of my reputation and character scores, I had promised Saintess A to take responsibility for Aqua’s Level and restore it to how it was. By no means, however, did I say I would be responsible for her future.

“Don’t stick to me with that fishy-smelling body, you detestable fish-tart.”

“Sir Hero~𝅘𝅥𝅮”

The transformation of a woman is innocent, did they say? Aqua, who had been hostile until a moment ago, scanned my body with a gaze full of desire as she flirted with me. She was like a female shark that had found prey.

Sieg and Saintess A arrived a beat late. Unlike us who had become drenched by the sudden downpour, the clothes of the two were warm and dry without a speck of dust; the accompanying magicians of the Holy Kingdom had shut out the rain using an umbrella-like livelihood magic.

Sieg gazed at me with a eyes full of determination. He had quite the look to him despite being a Level 3.



“I’ve decided to go on a journey to find the Holy Sword of legend, because I feel I’ll only keep falling behind you at this rate! Together with Lady Saintess beside me.”


The mentioned Saintess A was in the middle of blankly staring at Aqua, who was trying to stick to me like gum.

“Uh, Lady Saintess?”

“Ah! Yes.”

Having snapped to her senses at Sieg’s call, Saintess A said, “… I was giving an example that there is such a way as well, Sir Sieg. Please do not misunderstand! I intend on protecting the hero’s descendant, Aqua, by her side starting today. To prevent that filthy hero from laying a hand on her!”


“That being the case, find the Holy Sword by your own power. The process of doing so will surely be of help to Sir Sieg’s growth.”

“Th-that can’t be…!”

… It seemed the situation was roughly settled.

Sieg confidently left, while Saintess A wilfully joined me.

Chwaaa—!(Rain falling)

Swaa—!(Rain pouring)

Even in the middle of everything, the rain fell in torrents. Like a blocked dam that had broken, the rain fell everywhere literally without rest.

Now there was no need to strive to take the lakewater. The terrible drought was immediately solved. Not only the Dumpling Kingdom, but all the countries in the middle continent which had been suffering from the drought were busy praising me. I really wasn’t imagining it!

‘I can hear the sound of my reputation going up! Uhuhuhu!’


“Why isn’t the rain stopping?!”

Five days later, my reputation began to go downhill.


Translator : Hunnybuttachips

Editor : Fujimaru

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