FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 40: I’ve got 11 years of Hero-ing under my belt!

The ogres, famous for their tenacious vitality, breathed their last one after another and turned into EXP. I didn’t confirm their deaths one by one, but instead quickly passed through the area. There was no need to stop due to running across some ants during a stroll, was there?

I ran into three more of such interferences.

My experiences and intuition told me that I had arrived at my destination.

“It must be here.”

The decoration alone of the firmly shut grand doors before me was dazzling. There was bound to be a treasure or boss monster of the temple inside.

▶Suggestion: Student Kang Han Soo, don’t you think you’re being too hasty? They say you should knock even on a strong stone bridge before crossing.

‘Really now! Miss Trainee Teacher, I’ve done 11 years of Hero-ing. Grave robbing is my specialty, got it?’

▶Pout: Yes.

Seeing how Miss Trainee Teacher didn’t seem to be able to believe me even after saying this much, I decided to show a light demonstration.

I lightly jumped on the spot, twice.

“One, two, one, two~𝅘𝅥𝅮”

I shook my pelvis to the left and right, matching the rhythm; this was an exercise to lightly stretch the waist so as to prevent a herniated disc. Afterwards, I pulled my right foot back, and then launched it forwards with all my might. This kick was acknowledged 4 times in a row by Demon King Pedonar—its power and performance were impeccable.


The enormous doors were destroyed like cardboard.

“Gasp! Who is it!”


There was a boss in the room as I had expected; an Elf male who appeared very much similar to the Elf King. I could already feel the wickedness oozing from his very genes. My 11 years of experience whispered to me: that’s definitely the incarnation of evil.

The wicked boss who had been sitting on his throne shot to his feet and shouted, “That sword, could it be…!”

He seemed to know of Holy Sword 2, a joyful news which I hadn’t expected at all, because Demon King Pedonar had left some profound bait saying, “Show Holy Sword 2 to the Oblivion Dragon King,” before his death. In the 4th Playthrough I took down the Demon King straightaway and it ended, yet it was in an unexpected place that I discovered a clue to the sword.

“You know about this Holy Sword?”

“Of course! I am extremely well aware.”


“But O Hero, how is it that you have come this far alone? I do not see my daughter who went out to receive you at the palace entranc—Guegh?!”


After leading the boss’ line of sight onto Holy Sword 2, I threw a hard blow at his slender jaw. This was but the beginning, however. Cut! Stab! And pummel!

“It would’ve been real dangerous if I didn’t know.”

“K-keuh… O Hero, why do you attack…?”


I had obtained extremely important information from the boss’ words—that there was another monster similar to him.

▷Race: Chaos Elf
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Deposed King(Fame=Authority↓)
▷Skills: Elementalism(SSS) Archery(SS) Oblivion(SS) Blessing(SS) Perseverance(SS)…
▷Condition: Seal, Astonishment, Confusion, Panic, Shock

This was the boss’ Status. It was on a different league from the pathetic Elf King who lost his wife to the Demon King. They were only similar in appearance. The ranks and make up of the boss’ Skills were at a terrifying level. Perhaps the one relief was that his defensive Skills were relatively lower ranked.

I could handle going one-on-one against him, but two of such opponents would be impossible. So…

“Shut it and die already!”

I had to take the boss down while he was alone before his darned daughter, who was supposedly lurking at the palace entrance, noticed something was up.

“O-O Hero! Let us talk for just a moment…!”

Fallen to a disadvantage, the boss insisted on talking peacefully; however, I knew—the moment I let my heart soften at his offer of peace and showed an opening, the boss who was pretending to be aggrieved would close his mouth cleanly and counter-attack.

Now wasn’t the time to hesitate. The boss’ darned daughter could be on her way back. I would become disadvantaged the more I dragged out the time.

▶Confused: I did take a rough scan through your student record, but what kind of experience did Student Kang Han Soo gather during those 11 years…?

‘Me? I lived amidst the deception and backstabbing of my companions!’

“I won’t be fooled anymore.”

“Kuh! How could one called Hero be so rash-”


His heart pierced through by Holy Sword 2, the boss’ life came to an end.

My Level shot up.


And Black-Box advanced in rank as well.

“Hmm. Is there some connection between races of similar attribute…?”

Chaos Dragon.

Chaos Titan.

Chaos Mermaid.

Chaos Elf.

I could no longer pass it off as coincidence. If only to oppose the Fantasy God who only let retards graduate, this was worth investigating. But where would it be good to start…

“My father the King, I did not see the Hero who released the seal on the underground priso… My father!?”

It seemed like I could get investigating right away.


Translator : Hunnybuttachips

Editor : Fujimaru

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  1. Matt

    There was actually another chapter, nice.
    I love this story not only because of the protagonist, but also because the author has been meticulously dropping foreshadowing and the plot seems well thought out actually.
    Such a treat!

  2. moridin84

    The MCs actions don’t make any sense.

    The guy was going to tell him about the sword but then he decided to kill him, for no reason at all. He talks about being betrayed or whatever but he’s so much stronger than even if the guy attacked him he would be fine.

    1. asahi 5-1


      For the psychopath MC, Elf King = ‘slipping’ hand. Elf Princess = kill her with fire.
      This MC is too paranoid and trigger-happy.

    2. dxiel

      @mordin84 it’s because he is low level. The elf also kinda obviously dragged things out. 11 years of heroing in the belt. Also after the metaphysical biological imperatives of the elves and theyr lower than mud morale .. it’s just natural honestly.

    3. KiraHeat

      The MC’s actions make perfect sense.

      It would be two High-Level Bosses against him at once if he waited for the Daughter to show up as well. Get rid of the first quickly, then decide what to do about the second. Plus, it’s the same Elf King and the Daughter would be the same Idiot Princess – they’ve only been modified a bit (you can easily infer this from the MC’s point of view comments). The MC is already at the point of killing both on-sight in the other world – why would he do something different now?!

      As for one of the other replies calling the MC psychotic… Um… I’m afraid all of the MC’s actions would actually be the ones a ‘normal’ person would do after constant betrayal and idiot people in a ‘battlefield/war/forced-conscripted soldier’ situation. This is also what happens in real-life. If you cause disharmony in the ranks, then you can expect immediate execution (usually to be shot by your commanding officer). It’s only if you were on a base that you’d be imprisoned instead. He’s only removing problems before they develop.

      If I’d been the MC, the very first thing I would have asked the ‘Teacher’ would have been:
      Hero:”Okay… What was the purpose of the Hero Summoning?”
      Answer: “To kill the Demon King.”
      Hero: “Then what’s all this other crap you’re trying to stick me with?!”
      Answer: “…”

      @fujimaru I think the translation for the word Goblin is incorrect. Korean goblins don’t look like that as described. It does describe an English Ogre, but I think what the author was originally referring to was something like the brutish, caveman-like, three-eyed thunder-demons of ancient China called Oni (not the modern butler like Oni), although the Korean term ‘ ougeo’ doesn’t seem to have a very good English translation…

  3. dxiel

    Very cool.. This plot thickens goldly thank you

    It’s 2am here.. Count l couldn’t go to bed on this mass release!!

    It really surprised me to see him graduating… Wow

    So the world actually had changed it really impressed me,, this Novel doesn’t disappoint.

    I’m expecting what’s going to happen when he gets to earth..

    You know what would be cool… The reward to go back to earth.

    1. KiraHeat

      Well, at the moment he is only an ‘FF’ hero. He still hasn’t reach the ‘FFF’ rank yet. They also said the Festival had a time limit of 40 years before it maxed its duration (not saying it would). I’m expecting them to give him a final grade at the end of the Festival as well. Probably. Maybe. Anyway, the newbie teacher is likely to be doing a little investigating of her own ‘offline’. I have the strangest feeling that these teachers are using a world template they took over from someone else, and thus the chaos stuff still being in it.

      Hero: “Where’s my bunny-eared item box?”

  4. SSMachine

    What’s up with the mass release? Although I’m happy, I’m kind of worried that you’ll say something like the next few weeks you can’t post. Well, thanks for the chapters.

  5. dxiel

    This guys probably went friendly right? Hehe

    I mean this mc its almost always right.

    If not.. Can’t they always resurrect people?

    Jeez this guy.. It’s so impromptu on returning.

    I want to see his family having a hard time and to get him heal theirs status… If done right he could even fight teachers right?

    My hypothesis b is that this extraterrestrials are borrowing this chaos power to conduct this heroes experient…

    Also.. He should learn a bit of magic himself honestly he could also study the summon formation..

    What is secrect friends? haha is it like lovers?

    Well that’s over heck of a lot teacher material.

    1. dxiel

      I meant with friendly; this chaos elf.. could he possibly be friendly? My guts is they were trying to exploit the Human who unsealed them something and exploit him.. but this mc just straight beat then up.

      Sorry my grammar-spelling im on a smart phone with very limited capabilities.

      And again thanks for the chapter.. I’m liking this novel more and more.

  6. wc820

    his actions are normal if you get fucked over 11 years thinking all you have to do is kill the demon king not knowing you have to be pushed around and follow the script. He was used and abused. No wonder he’d be paranoid.

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