FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 41: The boss’ daughter

▷Race: Grand Elf
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Shaman(Blessing=Elementalism↑)
▷Skills: Elementalist(SSS) Archery(SS) Oblivion(SS) Blessing(SS) Perseverance(SS)…
▷Condition: Seal


The boss had grown stronger as his Job changed. He had also recovered from the wrecked state he was put in by my surprise attack, and that his race had changed from ‘Chaos’ to ‘Grand’ was another large surprise.

The boss began to speak first, wearing an all-knowing expression.

“O Hero, no one will die within this underground prison. One will come to life automatically as time passes.”

“This is an underground prison?”

“Indeed. Here is a hell of uninterrupted suffering where rest is not permitted. The ancestors of my kin living above this place imprisoned my daughter and I here. While we may be father and daughter, it has truly been a difficult period of endurance. If I did not prefer big ones… Ahem! Anyhow, O Hero! Will you not agree to talk now?”

The boss’ unchanging attitude moved my heart. I couldn’t confirm right away whether it was all deception, but the revived boss hadn’t targeted my back even while his own daughter was under attack. This at least was a certain truth. He was different from my 1st Playthrough companions.

“… Well, fine.”

I happened to have many questions in mind as it was. In particular, I wanted to know about Black-Box.

▷Type: Skill
▷Name: ■■(+)
▷Rank: D(+)
▷C: □□□ □□□□□
▷D: Will never become confused. (+)
▷E: Cannot ever be destroyed. (+)
▷F: Will never forget. (+)

It was dangerous to put your entire wealth into an uncertain investment, and the same went for this Black-Box. Although it was in the middle of developing well on its own, I was curious whether it could be used as a lethal knife against the teaching staff and grader.

I slowly drew away from the boss’ daughter, whom I had barely overpowered. I had gone around in a very large circle indeed, and it was all because of this darned Elf father and daughter.

▶Ludicrous: Student Kang Han Soo. If you think about it, whose fault was it all? Things would have turned out well and good had you entered from the front door normally I tell you…

I casually turned a deaf ear to the lecturing of Miss Trainee Teacher, puffed up triumphantly, and dragged over a chair that was nearby to sit on.

“Boss. Sum up only the key points so as to be easily understood, please.”

I was ready to listen to the truth.

“O Hero, my name is…”

“Boss K. We’re both busy people, you and I, so let’s cut the self-introduction, quickly exchange only the beneficial information and part ways.”

Boss K heaved a sigh before replying.

“I have lived a time of eternity as the 3rd Elf King, but it is truly my first time seeing a Hero so impatient as you are.”

“And you got a problem with that?”

“If it is a problem…”


The entire palace began to shake.

Boss K looked up at the ceiling as he continued in a murmuring voice.

“… None, O Hero of this generation. Consideration and patience was only natural in our time, but it appears the times have changed.”

I could also feel the vibrations coming from above, a sudden event breaking out that would delay smooth progressing. My brows knitted into a frown despite myself.

“Boss K, has an intruder come?”

“Indeed, O Hero. They have noticed that the seal upon this underground prison keeping my daughter and I locked up has become undone.”

“Don’t use pronouns.”

These barbarians didn’t know the basics of explaining.

“Pro-… what?”

“I’m saying properly tell me who they are.”

Having finally understood, Boss K replied in a voice of resentment.

“O Hero of this generation, I do not know how they are called in this era. But this is what we called them…”

He uttered their name with contempt injected into his tone.


What was mentioned was the name of the obscure race, which I did not manage to run into even in the adventures during my 1st Playthrough which had lasted the longest.


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Translator : Hunnybuttachips

Editor : Fujimaru

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    Thanks for the chapter. Well since the elf king didn’t died that means he is not the elf princess mortal enemy now. Hahaha really if it wasn’t for Boss K tastes we would have seen a glimpse if incest.

  2. Seregosa

    I wonder if “grand” races are above “chaos” races, or if it’s the other way around? Or perhaps they’re two sides of a coin, “chaos” representing chaos(of course) and “grand” representing order?

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