FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 42: O Hero! Please take care of my daugh… Kegh?!

“Miss angel with the black underwear.”

“Pl-please spare me-!”

“Try guessing my question if you want to die gently.”


I didn’t specify the questions I tossed at the angels I captured, but gave them a free essay-type question, and the result would sometimes be information outside my expectations…

“Light and darkness, Divinity and Dark Energy. The followers of chaos who belong to neither are the evil eating away at the world! O Hero! Open your eyes! Half-hearted chaos maintaining the middle ground will call on even greater disaster!”

“Tell me more.”

“That is al—Kugh?!”

… such as this. It seemed they were hating on me for being an opportunistic neutral power.

“Oh Hero! Come to your senses and see the truth! That sword is the 5th Holy Sword used by the Hero of chaos who raised arms against God! It will eat away at your soul and gradually destroy it the more you use it! Kyauh?!”

And there was this kind of information too!

My heart fluttered at hearing there were at least five more Holy Swords. If I were to gather them all, would it be possible to obliterate this fantasy world with the flick of a finger?

I interrogated the angels one by one before killing them. No exceptions were made.

“O wonderful Hero, I will become the slave that you hope for. My body will only be yours from this—Kyauh?!”

Regardless of whether they surrendered or swore loyalty, I killed them all.

“Who the hell is this hussy kidding? Pah!”

The weak would be dominated by the strong—this was a logic that was only too natural in this barbaric world—and yet this weakling was spouting presumptuous nonsense like “I’ll be your slave. Be grateful for it.”. A bitch that was like Sylvia! The kind that I abhorred the most.

“O Hero! We are angels! Apostles of God! It makes no sense for the Hero chosen by God to be oppos—Kuogh?!”

“You lot should go extinct for that reason alone!”

The angel called me a pawn of the Fantasy God who kidnapped me to this awful world.

I found a new goal to pursue from today onwards: to erase every angel I came across regardless of any reason. Until I caught the Fantasy God by the back of his neck!

▶Startled: Student Kang Han Soo. Isn’t your goal too similar to the angel-hating Demon King’s dream?!

‘I’m fine, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

▶Shrug: Yes, I’m sure there won’t be a big problem. The development where one encounters angels takes place in the higher education curriculum. It’s an enrichment process wherein one contemplates on what is truly good. When Student Kang Han Soo returns to Fantasia at the end of the Hero Festival, there’ll be absolutely no chance of you encountering angels. Although this time’s case was a bit unforeseen, it’s a peculiarity only possible because this is the Festival.

Peculiarity? Then it seemed I had to drag out the festival for as long as possible while enjoying it.

The reason for this thought was the Skill I had obtained after killing the angels this time around.


Divinity, a Skill which only those with the highest religious-type Jobs such as Saintess or Pope could obtain. While some monsters did possess it as well, D-rank was on the extremely high side by human standards.


The power of Divinity(D) shined brilliantly above my palm.

“Ho-how do you possess Dark Energy and Divinity at the same time…?”

The last of the angels, who was stabbed through by Holy Sword 2 and on the verge of death, muttered this to himself with a stupefied face. It was apparently his first time seeing such an excellent Hero.

As I dealt the finishing blow using Dark Energy(SSS), I replied, “Is it really necessary to know, I wonder?”

The important thing was that I could use it right now.

I turned around towards the inner region of the palace where the Elf father and daughter were at.


This underground prison, which had been buried somewhere on the continent where the Hero Festival was taking place, was sealed for a very long period of time. Pressed beneath the giant Zelkova tree inhabited by Elves, its prisoners had spent their time only endlessly waiting for the destruction of the prison that would happen in the far distant future. No one came. Nothing changed.

That’s how it definitely was until just a while ago.

“How mortifying…”

“Disappear along with the secret, Third Elf King.”

I had thought I had wiped all of them out, but it seemed one angel had slipped out of the ranks. Truthfully, it didn’t matter up to that point. The problem, however, was that the boss who had made me nervous had been helpless against merely one angel and fallen into a dead-end crisis. Where had the daughter gone to?

“Get away from my father the King!”

I had barely thought of the question when the boss’ daughter, whose clothing had been reduced to rags, stabbed at the angel’s back with her rapier.


Following which there was an explosion of pure-white light. The moment the rapier’s tip touched the angel, the power of Divinity(SS) exploded at the point of contact.


And the boss’ daughter was blasted away in vain.


Her hand injured by the explosion, the rapier also slipped from her grip and fell to the ground.

“Wait, as I’ll kill you soon as well, wench. Of course, I shall make it so that you will repent and regret your sin amidst humiliation and shame—personally. Heheh.”

The angel, who was fine despite being stabbed by a blade, spoke as such while wearing a villainous smile. To make that sort of expression with a virtuous-looking face…

“A bastard that’s like Sieg, I see.”

That’s why I could no longer stand by watching.

Holy Sword 2, which slipped from my hand, flew forwards in a straight line.


‘Sir Hero! Nice shot!’

“Kuogh?! How was my Divinity pierc—this, this is Dark Energy…?!”


With Holy Sword 2 stuck between his 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, the angel babbled to himself before collapsing on his face in an unsightly manner.

“This punk… wasn’t he too weak?”

The way he spoke and his combat ability were inversely proportional.

Come to think of it, it seemed like all the angels were weak.

▶Explanation: Powerful Divinity deflects everything, except for Divinity and Holy Swords which are of the same element, and Dark Energy which is of the opposite element.

‘Oh! Miss Trainee Teacher, thanks for the break down.’

▶Worry: But anyway, it’s so regrettable. The Elf gentleman who knows an important secret will end up dead soon.

Oh my!

I had forgotten about Boss K for a moment. After being one-sidedly done in by the angel who was protected by the cheat-like Divinity, he was currently in the middle of working hard to leave his last words.

“O, O Hero… I entrust my daughter to you… Her chest may be small, but she is a kind child with a generous heart…”

“My father the King! Making jokes even in this situation…!”

Judging by the atmosphere of the two, it seemed that resurrection wasn’t possible if killed by an angel.

I drew near Boss K who was entrusting his daughter to me.

And then I grabbed and shook him by the collar.


“You irresponsible punk! Don’t pass your daughter over as you please without even respecting my preferences and will! It’s a real nuisance!”

I activated the Skill I had freshly obtained this time, and stuck the power of Divinity(D) into Boss K’s body like a straw.


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    In the end this is no different from the people on top got corrupted and abuse their power to make the world as they like
    The good was evil all along cliche
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    Can someone offer me a novel where the mc is good, smart and decisive with the god actually good for once?

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    ‘“Ho-how do you possess Dark Energy and Divinity at the same time…?”

    The last of the angels, who was stabbed through by Holy Sword 2 and on the verge of death, muttered this to himself with a stupefied face. It was apparently his first time seeing such an excellent Hero.’

    A real model student our prota.

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