FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 43: The Elf King praises humans!

Miss Trainee Teacher claimed there was no shortcut or convenient way.

I leisurely shrugged my shoulders, however, because I had something to count on.

“I don’t know if it’s some high school or primary school, but I’m sure the energy of the universe will help out if I earnestly wish for it.”

Luck amplification!

Thief was the strongest Job in Fantasia. Only, it was necessary to steal in order to maintain the Job without change. While I wanted to live a straight life, it was my destiny to inevitably commit thievery in order to survive in this unfeeling world.

… Shouldn’t it be fine since I wasn’t even a Hero at present? Just like Miss Trainee Teacher said, a festival was there to be enjoyed. Here, there was no need to become stressed out by character and reputation grades.

This 5th Playthrough had no concept of a report card and graduation. There was no Demon King to slay to start off with, no? I would be going over to my 6th Playthrough when the Hero Festival ended, and Lanuvel would make my insides churn again with her wannabe cute greeting of “Welcome, Sir Hero!”—even merely imagining it made my stress begin to build. I needed rest before I collapsed from pent-up rage.

‘Let’s enjoy the festival like a festival should be!’

“I guess a big city is best to go thieving after all?”

▶Bewildered: You can’t be…?

‘Miss Trainee Teacher, navigation please. Come on~’


The K pair and I moved towards ‘Start City’, which was the biggest city located in the very heart of the festival continent. Although I had heard the city’s rather impressive original name, which twisted the tongue like something in Spanish, from Passerby 3, I gave up on using it as it was hard to pronounce and wasn’t endearing.

Had it taken almost about five days to make it to Start City? Even here, I could feel the severe difference in treatment.

“Even though I started in a cave!”

All of the graduates excluding me had started in this city. While they did start off with the same underwear-less, droopy outfit as I did, the lovely Saintess whom they would see first thing upon opening their eyes would provide the festival-goers with a rather nice set of clothes, basic equipment and initial funds, free of charge.

It was discrimination in everything and anything!

I couldn’t not express deep dissatisfaction at this unfair treatment.

“Wow! It feels good to see the sun after so long! And the air is fresh too.”

Elf K spread wide her flat chest as she so exclaimed.

“It’s a wonder you didn’t go insane for so long, huh?”

I had felt on the brink of going nuts with just being imprisoned on Fantasia’s continents, yet this Elf had spent the same everyday life in that small palace, along with her sexually harassing father and hideous ogres—for a very, very long time. How had she managed to endure the tedium?

“I’m not sure. Because I’m an Elf?”

All my doubts became trivial at that one line, which even sounded refreshing, from Elf K who said she felt good from seeing the sun. It was no different to asking how a Ginkgo tree could manage to live 3000 years in the same spot.

In any case…

“I, I’ll give it to you!”

“Please don’t hurt us!”

We received a hat as a gift from Passerby 14 and Passerby 15, whom I assumed to be couples. I had complimented them on the hat with a smiling face while Holy Sword 2, which was practically the symbol of a righteous Hero, was slung on my shoulder, and they had meekly handed it over.

“Here, cover your ears with this.”

The Elves wouldn’t go unnoticed just by covering up their ears with a hat, the reason being that the others graduates could also view the Status of others as they pleased like I could; it was a matter of time before the K pair’s race became noticed. I judged it better than doing nothing at all, however, because…

“Ooh! A city of humans! Ahh! How could those fruits swaying everywhere be so tempting! Truly I am clueless as to where I should put these two eyes of mine. Humans are the best! Elves are trash!”

At the east entrance of Start City, Boss K began to blatantly yell out his loathing for his kin upon seeing some human ladies passing by.

That guy… wasn’t he supposed to be the Third Elf King? I got the feeling that he deserved to suffer a rebellion.

“Sir Hero, I am truly sorry that my father is like that…”

Elf K bowed in apology to me, her ears reddened to their tips.

“No, I understand.”

Because the Elf King I knew was also a sorry character. It seemed to be an issue of genetics.

But it was right then that…

“Huh?! You, you’re Kang Han Soo, aren’t you? Isn’t that right?”

Someone who wasn’t Sieg called out my name clearly. Upon turning towards the source of the voice, I frowned.

“Who are you again?”

There, I saw a delinquent whose hair was dyed yellow.

“It’s me, me I tell you! The guy who said he was going to set off on a thrilling adventure, together with beauties of various races in a fantasy worl…”

“Aha! It’s you!”

“Kang Han Soo, you finally remember?”

“Yeah, you!”

“You haven’t remembered at all! You damned asshole!”

‘What am I supposed to do when 11 years have already passed since then?’

I ran into High School Classmate A.


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  1. Seiyu

    Even if 1000 years or 10000 years has pass, blood is still thicker than that
    Even if you forgot, your body(in this case DNA/chromosom) will remember.
    It’s something for the WISE elf to forget that inter-marriage will bring a congenital disorder children

  2. Butterblock

    ‘“I, I’ll give it to you!”

    “Please don’t hurt us!”

    We received a hat as a gift from Passerby 14 and Passerby 15, whom I assumed to be couples. I had complimented them on the hat with a smiling face while Holy Sword 2, which was practically the symbol of a righteous Hero, was slung on my shoulder, and they had meekly handed it over.’

    That’s why I love this series. It’s hilarious!!!

  3. Seregosa

    ‘This girl’s just asking for a slap from all the mothers in Korea. Studying in advance is common sense back at home.’

    Well, they should be slapped, hard. They have no idea about how to study effectively and that rest is very important. Studying for hours on end or during breaks does no good for anyone, it’s just inefficient and wastes a lot of time with shit that you won’t remember anyway because you were too tired to absorb it.

    Remember kids, the core of studying is to study when you’re full of energy and then stop when you feel like you’re not absorbing things properly and then start again when you’ve rested for a while. If you just study without proper rest and other activities, you’ll waste your life for no reason and you’ll get mental issues.

    Parents who force their kids to study more than necessary and during breaks should just stop being parents altogether, they’re not worthy if they can’t even understand this basic shit.

  4. Seregosa

    Oh, god. Please, oh please, KILL that classmate. I want to see him die. Please let the mc have changed to the point where he couldn’t give less of a shit about some pansy childhood classmate and kills him out of annoyance.

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