FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 44: Oh! My dear saint!

So she said.

“Kang Han Soo, what about you?”

Classmate A, who had been recounting his adventure to his heart’s content, asked about me in turn.

‘I wonder what answer would be good?’

“One day.”

I couldn’t bring myself to say 11 years, even if I were to die.

“One, one day? Your joke’s too much, haha!”

Virgin A laughed while holding his belly. Even I thought that one day was a bit far-fetched despite holding onto my high pride, since it was impossible to reach the Demon King’s castle alone as a Level 1.

“My luck was good.”

“Pft! It’s fine. Don’t say it if you don’t want to. It’s an unwritten rule among Heroes not to pry into one another’s adventure, after all.”

With that said, Virgin A began to show curiosity in the K father and daughter pair. Perhaps he had also seen many Elves though, as he very soon lost interest. Afterwards, the main subject revolved around the real world: music, games, comics, novels, exercise… Nouns that sounded to me like relics of ancient times came pouring out like a waterfall.

“… I don’t know well because I’m sick of playing around.”

“Haha! I also agree on that. The entertainments on Earth are a bit dull compared to a fantasy adventure together with beauties.”

Virgin A thought the exact opposite way I did. Or else, was it that I had glorified my memories of Earth due to my homesickness intensifying?

It didn’t matter whichever the case it was—I was going to return to Earth no matter the cost. Before that, however, there was something I had to ask Virgin A.

“Are my parents doing well?”

Virgin A tilted his head at my question as he returned one of his own.

“You’re also a Hero who returned to Earth, so why ask me regarding your parents?”


That was true!

I had been impatient. An excuse to cover up my mistake didn’t come to mind at all.

“Ah! Maybe? Kang Han Soo, are you also one of those folks they call spirited nowadays?”

“Those folks?”

“Earth misfits. People who seek after a life similar to a fantasy adventure, endlessly roaming places instead of returning to where they used to live in.”

“Uh… Mhm. That’s right.”

Just what was happening on Earth…?


I wasn’t able to hear news of my parents from Virgin A, but in exchange, he promised to relay to them that their son was doing fine in my place when the festival ended and he returned to Earth.

“Kang Han Soo! Let’s meet at Seoul next time!”

“Yeah. You take care too.”

We parted ways, waving hands at each other.

And then I heard the voice of a young girl.

“Big Bro~𝅘𝅥𝅮”

A girl around high schooler age went over to stick right by and link arms with Virgin A, who had left the cafe, and walked away side by side. Judging by her sophisticated style of outfit, that girl was also a Hero.

Virgin A’s figure grew distant like that.

I swallowed a dry laugh.

“Minor my ass.”

3 years spent in a fantasy world meant he was already mentally an adult, and his matured body was in good condition for coupling.

Damn! A girlfriend from Earth!

‘You lose if you’re envious.’

“Sir Hero, what will you do now?”

Made In Fantasy Elf K thus asked.

She was probably not asking for my plan out of true ignorance. It seemed this city was quite to her liking, and I got the feeling she didn’t want the place turned into a scene of pandemonium by thievery.

“The water of the city is really good. Ah! I mean the americano. Hm-hm!”

Boss K, his eyes moving left and right without rest like a print scanner, appeared to be of similar thought. Truthfully, even if this father and daughter, who had been long confined in the underground prison, were brought to some desert with nothing but sand, they would have enjoyed the experience saying it was novel.

In any case…

Halting the plan was out of the question. Thieving was necessary if only to maintain the Thief Job.

My goal was decided from the start.

The great temple located by the side of Start City’s central great plaza was where the graduates would be summoned to in succession; however, that wasn’t the only purpose of the great temple—it also held the role of this big event’s reward storehouse.

“We’re going to conquer the great temple from now on.”

According to Passerby 23’s information, the great temple boasted an iron-tight defense that didn’t allow even a needle through. Perhaps this was only natural, since the teaching staff had poured their heart and soul into the building?

▶Warning: Student Kang Han Soo, give up. Your decision this time is really suicidal.

‘It’s fine, Miss Trainee Teacher. It’ll only lead to the 6th Playthrough even if I die, no?’

Besides, as I would never be caught by traps thanks to Fortune’s B-rank effect, I was fully capable of sneaking in. And the energy of the universe was also helping me as well.

“You two, K father and daughter, stay outside and make some noise.”

“I see you are really going to do it…”

“Well… I shall follow your will, Savior.”

The plan was to sneak into the great temple while the K pair gathered attention. Since Miss Trainee Teacher said she also didn’t know of the internal structure of the great temple, this time I would have to purely rely on my intuition and luc-… Mm?


Was it because my Divinity rank had risen? My Job had changed from Thief to ‘one who is holy’.

Saint. The power of its perk was between a Saintess’ and a Pope’s, and it was called the 2nd highest religion-related Job; however, I couldn’t bring myself to laugh in the least.

After hurriedly summoning forth Holy Sword 2, I checked the effects of Fortune.

▷Type: Skill
▷Name: Fortune(+)
▷Rank: A(+)
▷S: Luck will not run dry.
▷A: Energy of the universe will help occasionally. (+)
▷B: Ignore traps occasionally. (+)
▷C: Luck increases considerably. (+)
▷D: Incur slight injury from falls. (+)
▷E: Dodge unseen arrows occasionally. (+)
▷F: Luck improves.

I was completely ruined!

The Skill’s effects had become ambiguous even with Holy Sword 2’s amplification. It was much too precarious to charge in with blind faith.

“Hah! I’m really gonna lose it! What am I supposed to do with an auxiliary Job like Saint…”

I felt a sudden burst of stress, causing the back of my neck to ache.

But it was then that…

“A Saint has descended!”

“Ooh! A Saint has come to this land…!”

“Venerable Saint! Please cure my son!”

The foolish natives who saw me began to kick up a commotion, and that disturbance spread across the entire city in mere moments like an epidemic.

“Wow! Unbelievable! Wasn’t Saint an unimplemented Job?”

“It’s my first time seeing a graduate who’s become a Saint.”

The reaction of the graduates weren’t much different. While they did treat me like a natural monument rather than feel admiration, I could feel them gazing at me with eyes of envy and jealousy.

Just why?

“My Venerable Saint, if it is not rude, may I guide you to the great temple?”

The lovely Saintess who came from the great temple’s entrance asked to escort me.

I let loose a loud, hearty laugh.

‘I did indeed pray hard to get inside the great temple, but…’

The energy of the universe was apparently too powerful.


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Editor : Fujimaru

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    God damn it! Why didn’t he kill that guy? It’s not as if he’s going to die for real, kill that bastard classmate already! Show him who’s the boss!

    Also, nice to get the saint job so that he can steal shit easier.

    1. LordMar

      Is pointless death that funny to you? The characters mostly show at least some reason to “deserve” to die. But this is a person he had a connection with even before all this Isekai thing. Or do you really want a story about murderhobo/sociopath that has no care about humans and murders often even just for the sake of killing? One thing is to have an anti-hero or even a moraly shady hero. But absolute murderhobo? That’s not brining fresh air to the Isekai genre. It’s sociopath powerfantasy.

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