FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 45: How much for you?

Of course, it was no easy event.

“Hey! Hero-exclusive hole, why don’t you sing a little song for me.”

“I’ll tear your crotch first thing after getting released, bitch!”

“Little Saintess, c’mere. This big brother over here’ll open you a new one. Kikik!”

“Reform me? Pft! I think you getting pregnant will be faster?”

All sorts of obscene harassment and profanities spat by the imprisoned demon worshipers came pouring down over Saintess H.

Although she was a Saintess, a peerless Job in terms of healing and resurrection, she was very poor when it came to persuading others; Saintess H’s face turned pale-white, unable to bear the onslaught of abusive and foul words from all directions.

A great temple overflowing with malice… perhaps this was the true Demon King’s castle?

“I, I entrust this to you! Venerable Saint!”

Saintess H broke down in tears in the end as she pleaded me.

“Before that, Venerable Saintess, may I see the list of treasures that can be exchanged for with points? I feel that only after doing so will I become motivated to work.”

“Ah! Of course. Come this way!”

We entered further deeper into the great temple.

Coming across golems at every turn of a path was a given. The Demon King’s castle was a playground for kids compared to here. I wondered: what nerve did I have to try and break through all this? The saying, the ignorant are brave, automatically popped into my mind.

Clank-clank, creaak-

The locks on the huge sliding door at the end of the corridor were opened in succession, and two golems pushed opened those thick doors from both sides.

Thump, thump.

Her complexion having recovered its color, Saintess H said, “It’s here. Almost all of the large event rewards of the Hero Festival are stored in this place.”

“Even the reward of the main event?”

‘The exciting event where I kill all the Heroes aside from me, that is. Just the mere thought of it is thrilling!’

▶Close to Tears: Student Kang Han Soo! Three are supposed to remain, not one! And that doesn’t mean it’s an event where you kill everyone while leaving only two alive! The entire meaning of the event is the collaboration of love and friendship! Just what on earth do you think the festival is for?!

‘Miss Trainee Teacher’s asking a deep question, huh. A festival’s just a festival, isn’t it?’

“Unfortunately, the main event reward is stored in another location. Be that as it may, the rewards piled up in this treasure storehouse can be considered outstanding as well, and since the better a reward the more points it requires, it does not matter much. Venerable Saint, will you take a look at this sword?”

Saintess H pointed towards a certain sword on display.

“Holy Demon Sword, Swordmaster…?”

“Yes, you saw correctly. It’s the replica of a sword that was favored by the man called Sword God. While its power amounts to half of the original, that alone makes it adequately valuable. Please look at the price tag hung on its hilt.”

[Demon Sword of a certain Sword God: 15 points]

“15 points?”

“yes. If Venerable Saint succeeds in reforming 15 demon worshipers in the great temple, you will be able to possess this sword.”

I understood the principle.

I swiftly scanned through the rewards inside the treasure storehouse. I was seeing the majority of these items for the first time, but there were also some I found familiar, having seen them somewhere, scattered about here and there.

[A certain mermaid’s broomstick: 12 points]
[A certain queen’s necklace: 3 points]
[A certain Elf King’s bow: 15 points]
[A certain imperial princess’ garter belt: 34 points]
[A certain archaeologist’s telescope: 7 points]
[A certain Sage’s staff: 17 points]

After circling the inside of the treasure storehouse 3 times, I licked my lips.

“There’s nothing to my liking.”

Apart from the consumable potions that raised Skill proficiency, nothing caught my fancy. The equipments were all replicas, and there was no weapon comparable with Holy Sword 2. But if there was something that relatively stood a chance?

[A certain Hero’s sword: 100 points]

It was the replica of Holy Sword 1. However, as I had passed the period of playing with a beginner-use automatic training tool, it was no more than an utterly useless hunk of metal to me.

Saintess H made a troubled face at my discontent.

“I’m sorry, Venerable Saint. Even if there’s nothing you are drawn to, please make a choice among the treasures currently in this storehouse.”

My interest was piqued by her words—choose among the treasures currently in this storehouse?

If so…

“How much are you, Venerable Saintess?”

“What? Huhu! You sure know how to joke. I’m not a reward.”

“But you’re currently inside the treasure storehouse, aren’t you?”

I decided to force reason all the way.


“Even though you hope for the demon worshipers to be reformed, you actually leave yourself out of it? Don’t you disqualify as a Saintess who must devote herself for the peace of humanity?”


“Are my words wrong?”

“No. What you have pointed out is correct, Venerable Saint.”

Saintess H became enlightened.

▶Horror: Just what is going on?! How was the Saintess persuaded by Student Kang Han Soo’s illogical fabrications… It can’t be?!

‘Miss Trainee Teacher, don’t get agitated. I’ll fight fair and square as a Saint.’

“So how much are you, Venerable Saintess?”

“I am…”

From this day onwards, Saintess H went around hanging a price tag by her neck.

[A certain Saintess’ everything: 500 points]

And as for me?

“You’re S-rank? I’m SSS-rank.”


This was the difference in Dark Energy between the demon worshipers and me.


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