FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 46: Follow me, plz

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▷Race: Dark Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Hero(EXP 200%)
▷Skills: Magic(SS) Sorcery(SS) Fighting Spirit(S) Dark Energy(S) Tolerance(S)…
▷Condition: Captured, Sealed, Astonished, Overwhelmed

The demon worshipers imprisoned in the great temple were strong. Each and every one of them came close to or exceeded the power of a top-class demon, and their Race, Job and Skills varied as well; this was enough to know why the Saintess hadn’t disposed of these individuals, a fighting force too regretful to simply kill. It was only natural to want to recycle them whatever the means.

I was of the same thought.


“I heed, O King of Evil!”

The demon worshiper had behaved frivolously untoward like a ruffian when I came to his cell alone; however, the moment he saw the Dark Energy emanating from my body, he hastily knocked his forehead against the ground as he fell prostrate.

My Dark Energy was SSS-rank, the same level as Demon King Pedonar. In demon society, the one with greater Dark Energy was unconditionally the superior and senior, and this pecking order applied as is to demon worshipers as well. There was no need for the likes of feeble preaching or persuasion.


When I showed a glimpse of my Dark Energy like it was an ID card, even those demon worshipers with the worst of attitudes would turn into meek sheep.

It was so easy that I was even on the verge of yawning.

▶Perplexed: I don’t think this was supposed to be the purpose behind the Saint event…

‘Hey now! Miss Trainee Teacher. It’s fine as long as the end result is the same!’

This was a method would be directly made use of in role-playing games as well. By first becoming familiar with the contents of a mission through a game walkthrough site, you would bring whatever Knight Captain Q needed to him—be it the subordinate he wanted you to find, the items and spoils and so on—all at once to receive the rewards in succession.

I didn’t rush, however, as this was no game but reality. If the speed at which I reformed the demon worshipers was too fast, then I would inevitably draw Saintess H’s suspicion. That wouldn’t be a favorable direction of events.

In addition…

“Number 3.”

“Please speak, O master of mine.”

“Pass over the unnecessary power in your body.”

“I hear and obey.”

I was in the middle of earning some profit on the side as well.

Some among the demon worshipers possessed ‘Divinity’ in their body. Despite losing themselves in the allure of Dark Energy and falling to corruption, they had been holding on to this thread of hope.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Monk(Faith→Divinity↑)
▷Skills: Close Quarters Combat(SS) Endurance(S) Faith(S) Divinity(S) Dark Energy(A)…
▷Condition: Captured, Sealed, Anguish, Worship

I decided to grant salvation to these creatures who were suffering from their wavering and worldly desires.

I drew near the demon worshiper Monk, who wasn’t able to move freely even inside the cell, and stuck in a straw made of Divinity(C).


▷Race: Dark Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Fanatic(Faith→Madness↑)
▷Skills: Close Quarters Combat(SS) Dark Energy(SS) Endurance(S) Faith(S) Madness(S)…
▷Condition: Captured, Sealed, Tranquil, Worship

The conflict disappeared from the demon worshiper’s previously indecisive expression, and the combat potential of his formerly ambiguous hybrid set of Skills drastically rose as it became specialized in the element of Dark Energy.

I had also experienced growth as well.


Although the efficiency of my proficiency level increasing was hopeless, as I currently didn’t have the Job Hero, there were many in this great temple who were suffering due to being unable to put down their Divinity.

I was going to save them all!

And for free at that too.

‘What a hopeless busybody I am…!’

“Oh my! Three people in a single day…!”

Saintess H was astonished at seeing the ‘result’ of three demon worshipers having become well-behaved.

“It wasn’t easy as they were vicious savages.”

I had broken some hard sweat absorbing their high-rank Divinity, which had acted up awfully.

“You’ve worked very hard indeed. I can tell how difficult it must have been even without having been there, Venerable Saint. I’m a crybaby who couldn’t even dare to reform these people, after all. I give you my sincere thanks.”

Saintess H courteously bowed towards me.

I lightly waved a hand as I responded in humble fashion.

“It’s only the beginning. Ah! And I have a small request to make.”

“Please speak.”

“There are muppe-… trusted companions of mine outside the great temple. I would like for you to make it so they can stay in the great temple.”

“It’s only a given that I do that much.”

Saintess H smiled warmly as she replied in a refreshing manner.

And thus the K father and daughter also entered the great temple. These two were the precious bait to entice the angels. It would be troublesome if they ended up dying at the hands of angels out of my sight.


“You are…!”

Boss K was frightened out of his wits upon sighting Saintess H who had permitted their entry.

“Have we… met somewhere before?”

Saintess H so asked with a tilted head.

“… How could that be. Haha! I was merely marveling at how divine you are, Venerable Saintess, easily deserving of being appointed as a natural treasure. Hahaha!”

“Huhu! You overpraise me.”

Having finished her business, Saintess H gave a gentle smile before turning around to leave.

While gazing at the rhythmic movements of Saintess H’s divine buttocks, the comparison of which with that of a skinny Elf itself would be blasphemy, Boss K whispered to me under his breath, “Sir Hero. Please be wary of that Saintess.”

He warned me with an utterly serious face.

That being the case, it was necessary for me to also respond with equal gravity.

“Top or bottom?”

“Both are fatally dangerou-… Hm-hm! I am not talking about the Saintess’ body. She is very closely related to the teaching staff.”

“I know that much as well.”

“Eh? How did you…?”

Boss K asked with a disbelieving look on his face.

“Simple. Because all the graduates summoned to the Hero Festival, without exception, start off by meeting Saintess H.”

There was no way for the one leading the prologue to be an ordinary native, and that was why I was trying to obtain her.

Having secured the safety of the K father and daughter, I directed my focus onto the Saint event.


The Saint event. It definitely began with ‘reforming the demon worshipers’. A selection reward event that granted 1 point each time the Saint persuaded a demon worshiper into becoming an ally.

Like how all business were like, however, additional expenses occurring due to unforeseen circumstances or variables couldn’t be helped.

The Saint event was like that as well.

“I can’t trust anybody aside from the Venerable Saint!”

“Don’t ask me, but ask the Venerable Saint.”

“As only the Venerable Saint is my truth and belief…”

The reformed demon worshipers didn’t follow the orders of Saintess H and the members of the great temple, because their becoming well-behaved wasn’t out of love for mankind.

It was out of absolute loyalty towards me!

They could be called true demon worshipers.

Saintess H spoke to me with a worried face.

“It’s terrible—I’m failing to obtain the trust of the heroes. There is no meaning to their reforming like this…”

I replied in a natural manner.

“This can’t be helped. Even if reformed, it isn’t as if the fact they were imprisoned in the great temple for long will disappear; the feelings that have built up over that time won’t be easily resolved. However, this might also be solved if I persuade them, but…”

I formed a circle with my thumb and forefinger.

Quick to catch on, Saintess H understood its meaning immediately.

“Great Venerable Saint, if you aid me in gaining the trust of the heroes, I will award you an extra 1 point for each person.”

“I will lend my help with my everything.”

And thus it became 2 points for each person!

Since there were 514 demon worshipers, I would be able to obtain 1028 points at the maximum. With that, I would likely be able to procure nearly all of the decent rewards in the treasure storehouse.

▶Impressed: Student Kang Han Soo, you’re good at scamming.

‘It ain’t scamming, but doing business, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

I had accumulated 4 points so far since two days had passed from the event’s beginning. I had controlled my speed in order to avoid suspicious and throw Saintess H into suspense; however, I planned on gradually raising the pace from now on.

For now, I would start with the fourth reformed demon worshiper.

“Hear me, Numbers 1 to 4.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Give the command, O King.”

“Curry favor with Saintess H and act as she desires you to. That is the way to drawing closer to our dearest wish.”


“I hear and obey!”

The demon worshipers who received my order amicably approached Saintess H. They obediently responded to her conversations, and followed her directions well as well. Although they still wore cuffs and fetters, as the great temple couldn’t completely lower their guards yet, they became able to go outside of their stifling cells.

It was simple work for me, having already experienced handling demon worshipers back at the Dumpling Kingdom. The demon worshipers hid their boiling aggression and animosity, and slowly melded into life at the great temple with smiling faces.

Thanks to that, my point accumulation was going smoothly as well.

4 points→8 points

The system of 2 points per reformed person was complete.

I also raised my speed of work from this point on.

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    I was going to save them all!

    And for free at that too.’

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