FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 48: Chaos! Chaos! More chaos!

‘Huhu! Miss Trainee Teacher, lay back and enjoy it. A festival’s just a festival, right?’

▷Fretful: Please enjoy a festival like one should! It is said that trying to satisfy your desire through possessions is like trying to put out flame with a straw! Student Kang Han Soo, it is not too late to stop this horrible slaughterfest now!

‘Oh! It’s been a while, Professor Morals.’

▷Skip: Save the greetings for later! One who covets everything is said to lose everything. This is not the right way. Ruin lies ahead of arrogance, and destruction lies ahead of a proud mind. There is no benefit to be had for you by wrecking everyone’s festival.

‘Your lecturing is very awesome like Saintess H’s ass!’

Just hearing it caused my stress to build up.

I couldn’t agree with his claim of my wrecking the festival, however; I was merely enjoying it like the other graduates. The fault lay in that weak bunch.

“I can’t play with them since they’re not on the same level~𝅘𝅥𝅮”

While I went on a leisurely stroll humming to myself, the demon worshipers who had dealt away with all the graduates present in Start City dispersed in every direction—to kill even more Heroes!

Of course, even they weren’t invincible. The number of demon worshipers who were vanquished under the graduates’ cowardly power of friendship wasn’t few, and some of them had picked fights with powerful event heroes, ending up defeated.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t concerned by this. The great temple’s demon worshipers… my relationship with them was a trivial one where I called them by the numbers 1 to 514. It wouldn’t matter to me even if they were to be entirely wiped out. I would only feel gratitude if they took care of one more graduate to lessen my work.

▷Despair: The festival I poured my heart and soul into…

Professor Morals’ preaching gradually died down; he seemed to have become exhausted by himself.

Had he gone away?

▶Peek: Yes, he’s gone. Whew! Senior’s always strict no matter when. Student Kang Han Soo, while it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I think my assignment as your teacher in charge will be extended. If that happens, then I hope for your cooperation in the 6th Playthrough as well!

6th Playthrough, huh…

I sighed first thing upon hearing Miss Trainee Teacher’s words.

▶Encourage: Cheer up! You’ll be able to easily complete your education if you steadily go through it all with me. I do feel uneasy due to the rumors saying the education process will be revised, but I’m sure I’m just imagining it!

‘I really hope that’s how it is!’

“Sir Hero! Sir Hero! Take a look at the sky!”

Having involuntarily looked upwards at Elf K making a fuss as she pulled at my sleeve, I was able to witness a rare scene.

“Could that possibly be…?”

It was a gigantic flying lizard of jet-black scales. There was something like a bridle and a silver leash being worn on its long neck, the end of which was being tightly held onto by dozens of angels.

The likes of angels didn’t matter at all—the problem was the dragon they had dragged over.


A yearning melody reverberated in the world, as the earth shook and sky fell silent at the supreme aura and majesty of a dragon.

I knew well the owner of this roar.

“Oblivion Dragon King Noebius…!”

It seemed that a Five Disaster was also mobilized for the festival.

▷Race: Chaos Dragon
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Supreme Ruler(Conquest→Battle Spirit↑)
▷Skills: Chaos(SS) Destruction(SS) Oblivion(SS) Battle Spirit(S) Deadly Venom(S)…
▷Condition: Bridled

But it wasn’t the ‘bus driver’ that I knew. The one before me was far smaller in size compared to the Oblivion Dragon King that was dying back then, and its Skill ranks were on the lower side overall. Perhaps it should be called a young Oblivion Dragon King? Nevertheless, there wasn’t much difference between the time in the aspect of danger, as the young dragon king wasn’t farsighted due to old age and had an extremely high accuracy.

“Noebius, let the iron hammer of punishment fall upon the filthy earth!”

Having received the order of the angel that looked haughty like a commander-in-chief, the Oblivion Dragon King opened its maw wide, and spewed out pitch-black air.


The young dragon king’s venomous breath descended upon the earth.


The venom didn’t discriminate demon worshiper, graduate nor native. After pouring down from the sky like a waterfall onto the ground, it became a great black flood and washed away everything in the area.


“Deadly venom…!”

“I, I can’t brea-…!”

The entire place was turned into a land of death within an instant. Horrifying corpses that were either turned coal-black from being poisoned or melted down lay everywhere.

“Are the two of you alright?’


“I give you my thanks.”

Saintess H was fine as she possessed Immortal(SSS), and the K father and daughter who were protected by her divine protection were also able to come out of it safe.

The rest, however, were completely eliminated.


“How regrettable…”

The demon worshipers who I had gone to such lengths to reform were also wiped out. As the state of their poisoned corpses was too bad, they couldn’t be recycled even with Saintess H’s Resurrection. The early exit of the muppets who were supposed to help me in the massacre event was a bone-aching loss.

“Really now…”

The timing was simply too marvelous. Was a teaching staff the one behind the angels who had lead over the young Oblivion Dragon King?

▶Firm: No.

‘Uh, Miss Trainee Teacher? Don’t you usually hear people saying that you can’t take a hint?’

That sinister Professor Morals had to be the one behind this!


I summoned forth Holy Sword 2.

But it was then that…


The movements of the Oblivion Dragon King, pitch-black venomous breath held in its wide-open maw, unbelievably came to a pause.

The dragon’s eyes were fixed on Holy Sword 2.

“Noebius, what is the matter? Quickly serve them punishment!”


The jet-black dragon didn’t budge even at the command of the angel tugging at its leash and making noise—its murky eyes only continued to gaze at Holy Sword 2.


I abruptly recalled then the plot bait Demon King Pedonar had thrown at me. Show Holy Sword 2 to the Oblivion Dragon King, was it?

An unexpected event suddenly occurred.



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    “Rice Cake”?
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    While I find this antihero protag much more competent then your average isekai idiot, he seems to be dense to the polar opposite degree. He knowns the conditions that would get him home, yet he refuses to cater to their prejudices out of some sense of moral outrage.
    It would honestly be simple for him to collect 3 or 4 of the less annoying harem targets, put the world in order, then kill the demon lord inside a couple months. Instead he goes from one outrageous scheme to another that does little other then waste his time..

    Oh well, least it’s somewhat different then the usual harem trope of a gaggle of vultures circling a op dense zombie like hero.

  3. asahi 5-1

    Saintess Hentai illustration is pretty disappointing. Same can be said too for Lanuvel and Aqua. Sylvia, Ayles and that little girl is OK though. But the illustrator can really do male characters well, Elf King K and Pedonar designs are excellent.

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    Ok i was wrong with my comment in the earlier chapter, but also right at the same time. They still ransacked the treasury, tho mc personally got nothing from it. I get it, author didn’t want to devise hundreds of random junk items and hundreds of random skills just for this event. And maybe it is better that way, as it would be pointless in the end. The only skills we care about are the ones that get frequently used in the story after all and the junk items would just be thrown away as they have no use. So it doesn’t change much in the bigger picture…

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