FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 49: Little Chaooo~!

After the Skill, now even my Job had become mosaicked—just what sort of brutal or obscene R19+ Job could it be to deserve this?

Fortunately though, I was able to tell the Job’s perk right away.


… And so?

While I didn’t sense a clear clear change in myself despite my Job having changed to a mosaic, there was something that I could tell immediately.



The Oblivion Dragon King, which had been gazing at Holy Sword 2, landed on the ground.



The angels pulled on its reins, trying to get it under control somehow, but the gigantic dragon took no notice of them as it moved forwards, eventually stopping before me. The Oblivion Dragon King lowered its head to the ground with the gaggle of bewildered angels still clinging to its back, and drew its head as close as possible to Holy Sword 2, opening staring.

Even I felt slight tension at this moment; the one before me was the ultimate lifeform, a dragon, after all. Although I was overwhelmingly superior in terms of Skills, the advantage granted by the race ‘Dragon’ was so outrageous as to easily scoff at this sort of disadvantage.

▶Perplexed: I wonder what’s about to happen?

‘I don’t know either, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

But the moment I saw Oblivion Dragon King Noebius’ murky eyes, I vaguely understood what it was I had to do. Perhaps it was because I had previously eaten the dragon king’s heart? I didn’t know the clear reason or cause. In addition…



I couldn’t understand the language of dragons as usual. I could clearly perceive what it was trying to say, however, and I moved into action in acknowledgement.

“Why is the sealed Holy Sword here?!”

“S-stop him!”

“Kill that man right this instant…!”

The angels attempted to attack me, but as they already had their hands full with just holding onto the dragon king’s reins, there was nothing they could do.

There was only one hindrance that came my way.

▷Race: Archangel
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Tamer(Taming→EXP↑)
▷Skills: Divinity(SSS) Taming(SS) Animal Training(SS) Empathy(SS) Whip(SS)…
▷Condition: Enraged, Nervous, Disconcerted, Astonished

The haughty angel who had been giving orders to the dragon king stood in my way, a woman whose sensual body was wrapped around with a rope the width of a pinky like a bandage. It was an unconventional fashion style that begged the question upon being sighted: … Can a person still manage their daily life like that?

“I don’t know how you got your hands on that key, but I won’t leave you run amok as you please any—Kyagh?!”

I closed the distance with a pounce forward and landed a punch in the abdomen of the defenseless bandaged angel, following which my fist felt slightly numb—I could tell that the rope wrapped around her body wasn’t ordinary, at least.

But that was all.

“You yap too much.”

The angel seemed intent on releasing the black rope wrapped around her arm to use as a whip, but undoing a rope tightly wound like a compress took work as well; the time needed to prepare was too long, and this was an evidence of inadequate combat experience. All angels were like this, but it seemed it grew worse the higher ranked their cheat-like Skill, Divinity, was.


The angel’s face was twisted in pain, her two eyes that had thick eyelashes and her full, light-pink lips both wide open, while a string of saliva dripped from the end of her tongue which inelegantly hung out of her mouth.

‘Tsk-tsk. What a messy look.’

After tightly grasping hold the slender neck of the angel who had been bent over and setting her upright, I sucked on her hanging tongue like it was a straw.




The surprised angel struck my back with her fists in protest, but that wasn’t enough to fend off or make a dent in my powerful body.


I sucked out the entirety of her Divinity(SSS). The initial violent resistance of the angel quickly died down, until at last she settled down as if in resignation.

“D-Dame Archangel?!”

“Bastard! To do that to her lips…!”

“Oh! My god! How awful!”

Some of the angels who had been holding on to the Oblivion Dragon King’s reins turned outraged and came rushing at me as one, to save the sole woman among their company who was becoming like a dried squid.

But that was a mistake.

As the empathic connection with its tamers was cut, a gleam of clarity flashed in Oblivion Dragon King Noebius’ eyes that had been murky. Even its bridle had become loose due to a number of the angels breaking away from it.


Not letting go of this opportunity, the dragon king shook off the control of the angels and began to act as it pleased.

The first thing it did…


Was to swing its gigantic, jet-black forelimb.

The angels who were still holding on to its leash defended themselves with their Divinity, which emitted flashes of light upon making contact with the forelimb, but the Oblivion Dragon King broke through their barriers with brute force despite not possessing Divinity or Dark Energy.




The dragon’s claws that were much too bulky to be considered sharp raked itself across the group of angels.

Once, twice, thrice. Even with the Oblivion Dragon King’s playful swipes, dozens of angels became a mess of blood and dropped down.

“R-run away!”

“We have to retreat!”

“Hiik?! I don’t want to die!”

The angels who were still holding onto the dragon king’s leash, or had escaped the range of the claws by luck, lost the will to fight and turned their backs to flee, one after another.

The Oblivion Dragon King didn’t allow this to happen, however.


It used its long tail to thrash down the body of an angel about to fly away in escape—the angel was flattened like a fly smacked by a fly swatter.

It was naturally an instant death.

“S-save m-…!”


The body of the pretty angel, who was attempting to flee to the skies while in tears, disappeared whole into the Oblivion Dragon King’s wide open maw.

Crunch, Munch!

The arms of that angel which stuck out from between the dragon’s teeth were severed at once and dropped to the ground.

Thud, Thud.



Falling even deeper into fear, the angels ran about in confusion, yet the woman who was supposed to be leading them had forgotten her duty and was in the middle of a date with a cool guy.

“No more?”


Our hot kiss had finally come to an end.

I admired the appearance of the angel that had turned haggard; hollow eyes, trembling limbs, body soaked in sweat. This pitiable look strangely provoked my instincts and desire to do battle as a man, but I decided to leave it at this for today.


I broke the neck of the angel I was holding, and cleanly took her EXP as well.

“Thanks for pouring everything out for me, Miss Angel. We’ll be together forever from now on.”

Taking eternal responsibility after 30 seconds of dating!

I felt like I only suffered losses, each and every time.

▶Rejection: Student Kang Han Soo! We should be friends only!

‘Miss Trainee Teacher, you took the words out of my mouth.’


The Oblivion Dragon King, having massacred all of the angels without exception, let loose a mighty roar up towards the sky.

I tossed the corpse of the tamer angel towards that jet-black dragon.


The Oblivion Dragon King caught the corpse as if receiving feed, swallowing it in one go, and then came to lightly land before me.


“Well then, shall we finish where we left off?”


I slowly walked beneath the dragon king’s neck. The silver leash and long bridle on its neck was a restraining device that hadn’t been on the old Oblivion Dragon King of Fantasia’s continents.

To start of with, I tried slashing at it using Holy Sword 2.


Holy Sword 2, which had never failed to cut something until now, failed to slice apart the leash and bridle and was deflected. Even I found this result extremely surprising; however, I had vaguely expected this coming too.

“I knew it. This must be the way to use it.”

I inserted the point of Holy Sword 2 like a key into the lock which connected the bridle and leash.


The lock was easily opened, meaning that Holy Sword was the key to this restraint from the start.


The size of the leash and bridle, which had fallen from Noebius’ thick neck, quickly shrank—to the size of an average dog collar.


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  1. Ndois

    “but these two energies that were polar opposites remained separate and achieved a balance”

    Well, before I though of it as a generic greatsword, but now I will always visualize it as Sword of Light and Shadow.

    Eh, protection against white and black checks out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Seregosa

    “Thanks for pouring everything out for me, Miss Angel. We’ll be together forever from now on.”
    Taking eternal responsibility after 30 seconds of dating!
    I felt like I only suffered losses, each and every time.
    ▶Rejection: Student Kang Han Soo! We should be friends only!
    ‘Miss Trainee Teacher, you took the words out of my mouth.’

    Indeed, kinda scary to have a boyfriend that might just kill you for your exp and then claim you’ll be together forever… Or until the teaching staff resets your levels.

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