FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 49: Little Chaooo~!

I put that collar away into the ‘storage’ which I had exchanged for using points from the event.

It was a restraining device that couldn’t be cut even with my Holy Sword 2 that was empowered with SS-rank Skills. It wouldn’t do to leave it carelessly lying around.

“It’s important to manage such a goo-… dangerous item!”

I was going to use it for a good cause someday.

▶Troubled: It’s said that a rat never bets its fate on a single hole, but why is it that I feel Student Kang Han Soo has blocked all those available holes? I also feel like an important individual that mustn’t be killed disappeared as a dragon’s snack…

‘Miss Trainee Teacher, it’s all in your head!’

The teaching staff would get things under control even if matters went awry.

“Noebius. You’re super thankful to me, right?”


A majestic air surrounded the Oblivion Dragon King, Noebius, who had recovered its freedom, and its two eyes were burning with the light of vengeance.

This dragon’s Job was Supreme Ruler. It was a king who had walked the path of the mighty until the very last moment of its life. It wasn’t a creature to be dominated by some trifling tamer.

“Then let’s see through things to the end!”

I leaped up and got on the Oblivion Dragon King’s head.

‘Now! Let’s go flying with spirit, shall we!’


At that moment, the K father and daughter and Saintess H, who had all been watching the scene of the many angels being trampled under the dragon king’s fury, came over in all a fluster, shouting.

“Gasp! Are you going somewhere?”

“Sir Hero! We’ll follow you as well!”

“Master! Please take me as well…!”

Dear me! Carried away in the fun, I had briefly forgotten about the muppets.

Judging by their words, they seemed intent on following me to the end. I did find these muppets’ will to repay my kindness commendable; however, I had no mind to allow him to accompany me.

To Boss K, I said, “I’ll come again 40 years later when the next festival begins. Build up a huge force until then and receive me upon my return. And you! Straighten out your parenting. Your descendants are all nothing but retards full of loathing for humans.”

He was the Third Elf King, making him a very remote ancestor of Sylvia.

Boss K was astonished upon hearing me speak of the future.

“Loathing for humans?! You’re saying the likes of skinny Elves loathe the fruitful humans? I can’t believe it—to think that such awful descendants are of my lineage!”

Following that, I gave Elf K some well-wishing words as well.

“Drink your milk diligently. No matter how barren your genes, you’ll have become a lady I’d have the hots for if you develop for about ten thousand years like a sedimentary layer.”

“Th-that’s going too far…”

I wouldn’t take no for an answer, even if she complained. I was a decisive man, after all!

And finally, I turned to look at Saintess H.

“Hm. Your Immortal Skill is SSS-ranked, so you probably won’t die even if you came along. Assist me and the Oblivion Dragon King, while hanging onto life like a sticky rice cake.”

“Yes, Master!”



I didn’t expect to have used this item so quickly.

“Uh, Master? This is…?”

After putting the collar, which I took out from the storage Skill, around Saintess H’s neck, I tied the leash around the horn protruding from the Oblivion Dragon King’s head.

“Don’t fall off.”

I predicted that fierce battles awaited us. The chances of Saintess H, who had poor physical abilities, falling off from the dragon king’s head was extremely high. Of course, while she wouldn’t die from falling thanks to Immortal(SSS), but I had no time to waste in searching for her if that happened.

“My… being held in Master’s embrace…”

“Don’t bother me and hug the horn instead.”

And thus, a party of two people and one dragon was formed.


Noebius spread wide its three pairs of jet-black wings and took to the sky.

All the creatures below on the ground trembled hard at the sight upon seeing the dragon. The graduates who had been enjoying the festival dazedly admired the majestic appearance of the ‘Last Five Disaster’, which they had thought only existed as a legend.


“Oblivion Dragon King Noebius…?”

“What kind of Status…”

The great majority of graduates hadn’t actually seen ‘Oblivion Dragon King Noebius’ before, as the jet-black dragon that was nearing the end of its life would pass away before the Hero even properly began adventuring. I too had only known information about the dragon.

“Huhu! Good info should be shared. Isn’t that right?”


“Noebius, burn your fearsomeness into the heads of those Heroes. They’ll realize it soon enough if you shower down a bit of venom.”


It seemed that my dear companion had accurately understood the meaning of my words—it sprayed out a breath of venom on top of the humans.


The dragon king’s breath, unhindered by eyes gone with age, boasted an accuracy of 99.9%. The insignificant bunch below that hadn’t even managed to achieve Level 999 had no hope of surviving.

“Now this is what you call friendship!”

I didn’t feel regret for the 514 demon worshipers who were wiped out.

I would carry out the massacre event with this wonderful companion of mine!

▶Resigned: I suppose this can indeed also be called friendship, but…

I had no thoughts of idling roaming about the festival continent. While I would be able to poison all the graduates to death within a fortnight with my dear companion by my side, that would be troublesome and annoying, which was why I decided to take a shortcut this time as well.

Saintess H explained, “Angels are guarding the Hero Festival’s main event rewards; however, as even the location of the palace where the angels live in is uncertain, robbing the rewards is a very distant prospect.”

So she said.

But my lips turned up into a grin at that.

“Noebius. You heard that, right? Let’s go take revenge on the angels starting now.”


Oblivion Dragon King Noebius had been held captive by the angels; it would naturally know the location of where the angels lived. It was as I had guessed.

Beyond the cotton-shaped clouds covering the sky like a labyrinth…

“It’s a dragon! A dragon is invading!”

“Gasp! The Oblivion Dragon King?!”

“Where is its bridle and Dame Archangel…!”

… a world teeming with angels, who were harder to find than a movie actor back in Fantasia’s continents, came into view. It felt as if I had come to Hollywood.

After suffusing Holy Sword 2 with Dark Energy(SSS), I coated it over with Divinity(SSS), but these two energies that were polar opposites remained separate and achieved a balance.


A black and white whirlwind began to blow around the blade of the sword.

“Noebius. You’re ready, right?”


‘Let’s show the true power of friendship to these white fools!’



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    “but these two energies that were polar opposites remained separate and achieved a balance”

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    “Thanks for pouring everything out for me, Miss Angel. We’ll be together forever from now on.”
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    ▶Rejection: Student Kang Han Soo! We should be friends only!
    ‘Miss Trainee Teacher, you took the words out of my mouth.’

    Indeed, kinda scary to have a boyfriend that might just kill you for your exp and then claim you’ll be together forever… Or until the teaching staff resets your levels.

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