FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 51: Festival closing ceremony


“Since we have clashed with chaos, this must also be inevitable fate. We will give all we have to the victor. So please, at least spare the women and children behind me. They truly do not know anything.”

Rep A pleaded on his knees, and I replied along with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Me, well, I’m a sucker of a Hero with a damn serious tendency to care for the business of others, so I am inclined to forgive so long as the reward is enough! Only, because my companion is of an entirely different race, I don’t think it’ll let them off for being women and children…”


Noebius looked down at the angels with fear-inspiring eyes, and Rep A hastened to speak while trembling all over.

“G-give me just a moment! Time to convince…!”

“Alright. Go on then.”

“The residential areas of the angels are decided by their roles. Among those, we were entrusted with the safekeeping of treasures. That is why we have various other treasures aside from the last reward of the festival.

The angels took out all sorts of things from inside the bomb shelter; weapons, shields, potions, clothing, tools, books, accessories… the type and uses were of great diversity, and their quality weren’t any inferior either. Even the final equipment I had created by gathering materials and making requests of those fellows called legendary blacksmiths and tailors weren’t as splendid as these.

However, I could only be unenthusiastic as I was right now—my own body that was covered all over with good Skills was far sturdier than what was presented.

While my defensive ability would rise slightly if I were to wear armor on top of my Skills, these things were no different than one-use items to me as I pursued the combat style of equally exchanging blows with the opponent. In short, they lacked in quality.

For armors or shields to be worthy of me, they had to be of far better quality than what were brought before me; at the very least, they had to be on the standard of Holy Sword 2. As such, my interest quickly switched over to the massacre event.

“What about the main event reward?”

“This is it.”

Rep A held out three antique-looking boxes the size of baseballs to me. There were nameplates generously placed on the boxes.

[Top-grade Summoning Ring Type A: Devious Angel]
[Top-grade Summoning Ring Type B: Adorable Angel]
[Top-grade Summoning Ring Type C: Cheerful Angel]

I could feel my eyes fall in disappointment the moment I saw them.

What exactly had I been expecting…?

“These are the rewards given to the final remaining three of the festival. Sealed in each of the rings are troublemaking children who are awaiting punishment. They will doubtless have no complaints, as they are children who admired the life on earth. You can be assured of their capability.”

Rep A proudly explained about the rings, and the other angels nearby nodded in agreement as well.

▶Affirmation: Student Kang Han Soo! Isn’t it truly amazing? Omnipotent angels who can help out with everything, from combat to housework! And this is a trade secret, but… it’s possible to use a powerful fusion technique when these three angels who were always on good terms with each other assemble!

Miss Trainee Teacher helped promote the rings as if in support.

“Omnipotent, huh…”

I quietly put on the Type A ring and tried summoning the angel.

Light enveloped the ring and—


“Master’s devious guardian angel, Sexy Riel, taking the stage~☆”

Along with a flashy performance showing off a rainbow-colored power of Divinity, a pretty angel looking to be in her early twenties appeared.

Shake, Shake, Shake, Swaying~

She even shook her limbs, waist and hips to go with it. I could tell at a glance that this was a choreography prepared for a long time with her heart and soul.

She was outfitted in a crudely made iron plate armor that barely covered her important parts. As for her neck, shoulders, waist, buttocks, thighs, chest… her bare skin was completely out in the open making for easy targets to cut or stab at. If the spear held in her right hand wasn’t an ornament, then that would mean she was a combat type, but I felt she needed protection instead of her protecting her master.

▷Race: Angel
▷Level: 800
▷Job: Lancer(Horsemanship=Spearmanship↑)
▷Skills: Spearmanship(S) Divinity(S) Horsemanship(A) Interpretation(B) Chores(B)…
▷Condition: Anticipant, Excited

Setting aside her attire and mental state, her Status as an angel itself was on the excellent side. Of course, this appraisal was based on the graduates and not me. To them, who had miserable Statuses, the addition of this angel would definitely be encouraging.

I gave my overall rating.

“Have I ever seen such trash…!”

Was I to view it as all three of the summoning rings being like this?

I had just thought up to that point when I felt Holy Sword 2 shaking—it had reacted to the disappointing main event reward.

And the vibrations coming from Holy Sword 2 reached the three rings.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

It seemed like the rings had been about to fracture, but they ended up being directly destroyed.

“Wh-what the heck?!”

The Devious Angel who was summoned from the Type A ring let out an adorable scream. Without even a chance to do anything, she disappeared into specks of light like the destroyed rings and vanished into thin air.



Although they hadn’t gotten the chance to even make their appearances, the fates of the angels sealed inside the Type B and Type C rings were likely no different.

The main event rewards disappeared in a ridiculous manner; however, it didn’t simply end at the rings being destroyed.


The black and white whirlwind enveloping Holy Sword 2 greedily absorbed the broken remains of the three destroyed rings, as well as the specks of light that were formerly the Type A angel.


The summoning capabilities that had been contained inside the rings were wholly passed over to me. Thanks to that, my Skill ‘Summon’ suddenly rose up to S-rank in one go!

But the chance didn’t end at that.

“Uh, uhh-?! Master?!”

Saintess H, who was still wearing the collar as ever, called out to me as if screaming.


The silver leash of the collar stuck tightly to the hilt of Holy Sword 2—then began to pull at Saintess H like she was a bluefin tuna caught on a fishhook.

Pop! Pop!

Saintess H disappeared like she was sucked into a vacuum cleaner, along with her collar and leash.

“… Just what is all this?”

It had truly happened in the blink of an eye. In all my 11 years spent in this fantasy world, it was my first time experiencing such a bewildering development.

However, this was but the beginning.


The form of Holy Sword 2 changed: a snow-white pair of wings was added to its crimson heart-shaped hilt. I couldn’t suppress a shudder upon seeing this.

“A feminine touch on top of being boorish…?”

Just what on earth was being done to a man’s claymore! It was a preposterous design, which almost suggested that being stabbed with the sword would turn you into a slave of hot love instead of a cold corpse, like being shot by the arrow of a cupid.

▶Startled: Student Kang Han Soo! Look up! Up! Up!

Miss Trainee Teacher began to make a fuss all of a sudden. Could there be something even more surprising than Holy Sword 2’s changed design?

I took a furtive look above me and…

▷Race: Chaos Angel
▷Level: 1
▷Job: Saintess(Faith→Resurrection↑)
▷Skills: Interpretation(S) Festival(F) Infinite(F)
▷Condition: Summon

An angel who looked exactly the same as Saintess H was floating in mid air. On her back were three pairs of snowy-white wings, and for some reason she was wearing the garter belt which I had exchanged for using points. And a collar. A collar that was connected to Holy Sword 2 by a half-transparent chain. Putting aside this immoral style of hers, she boasted a figure that could very well be likened to the advent of a goddess.

“Rice Cake?”

While ignoring Miss Trainee Teacher’s nagging of telling me not to call the festival mascot in that manner, I examined Saintess H’s reaction.

“Yes, Master.”

Judging by her tone and the way she smartly addressed me, it seemed her mind and memories remained as they were despite the change in her race. That being the case…

“Go in.”


The gracefully flying Saintess H disappeared like a mirage.

I took a glance at my Status.

▷Race: Chaos Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: ◻◻◻(Chaos=◼◼↑)
▷Skills: Battle Spirit(SSS) Divinity(SSS) Dark Energy(SSS) Massacre(SS) Fabrication(SS) Chaos(SS) Destruction(SS) Tolerance(SS) Deadly Venom(SS) Physical Strength(SS) Endurance(SS) Agility(SS) Fighting Skill(SS) Five Senses(SS) Swordsmanship(SS) Majesty(SS) Oblivion(SS) Governance(SS) Swimming(SS) Boxing(SS) Sword Ki (SS) Slaughter(SS) Judgement(SS) Summon(S)… Festival(F) Infinite(F)
▷Condition: Holy Sword, Saintess

There was a change to my Skills: two skills that weren’t there until just now had been added.


The Skills possessed by the angel version Saintess H. They were treated as separate while she was summoned, but it seemed I would completely inherit her Skills when we became as one like EXP. To start off with, I decided to examine them one by one.

▷Type: Skill
▷Name: Festival
▷Rank: F
▷E: Move an event forward.
▷F: Be acknowledged as an official of the festival.

It was obvious with one look that this Skill was exclusive to the Hero Festival. The Skill had apparently been hidden from the time I first met Saintess H back at the great temple until its appearance now. Perhaps its rank had been higher while it was hidden? Its usage was unclear as of the present. However…

▷Type: Skill
▷Name: Infinite
▷Rank: F
▷E: Level will not decrease.
▷F: Rank will not fall.

… this one was different.


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