FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 58: No! You darned golem!


The Sage, who had started bleeding out from his nose and hovering between life and death again, was carried away on a stretcher by the security workers assigned throughout the magic arena. Even if he did supplement his blood through transfusion, his body wouldn’t hold up if he lost so much blood in succession. He would have long died already if he were a pure human.

“Nose bleeding from recalling Rice Cake…”

Just how severe was his imagination? That symptom wasn’t an issue that couldn’t be solved by covering his eyes. As such, perhaps it was best to free the Sage of his virginity, by force if need be. If that happened, however, his Job ‘Sage’ would either disappear or be rendered useless. It was necessary to approach this issue in a serious manner.

Lanuvel and I continued to watch the arena competitions.

“Magician Number 5, victory!”


“Blast it!”

“Oh Yeah!”

Our betting numbers went as follows:

[Kang Han Soo: Number 5, 9, 11, 16, 23]
[Lanuvel: Number 5, 8, 11, 22]

Number 5, whom I had casually picked randomly believing in nothing but my Skill Fortune, effortlessly grabbed hold of victory. In the following contest between Number 7 and 8, Number 8 won, and between the contest between Number 9 and 10, Number 9 came out on top. Number 11 easily wrested victory in the contest after that as well. As of the present, the bets Lanuvel and I made had yet to turn out wrong.

“I don’t like it!”


But this was but the beginning, as the magic competitions didn’t end with one victory. In order to get your hands on a considerable sum of money, the competitor you bet on had to at least win two times in a row, regardless of the dividend rate. We continued to watch the ongoing fights.

“Magician Number 15, victory!”

“I love you!”

“She’s too pretty!”

“Marry me!”

Unfortunate though it was, the idiot Number 16, whom I had picked, suffered defeat. He had truly struggled hard, but his opponent was too bad a match up.

I looked at Magician Number 15, who had won against Number 16. She was a great beauty.

“Found it.”

“What, Brother?”

“It’s a thing.”

Magician Number 15, whose charming looks were dazzling to the eye, was a special agent sent in to this Sage’s Tower’s magic arena from the Dark Commerce, which had set down its roots throughout the continents. Her goal wasn’t to gain some money by coming off as the champion. The crimson golem controlled by Magician Number 15 was no toy for entertainment, but a mass produced weapon meant for war. Its capability was extremely superior in contrast to its cheap production cost.

The Dark Commerce was aiming for the final victory of the magic arena through Magician Number 15, with the purpose of advertising the crimson golem to the key figures of the various countries within the northern continent. But achieving the final win once couldn’t prove the golem’s worth, which was why that woman would constantly participate in the magic arena to win the championship dozens of times.

“It’s becoming interesting.”

However, the Dark Commerce wouldn’t be able to achieve its ambition early, and that was because of that Magician Number 16 over on the other side, who was trembling hard after being defeated.

▶Peek: Do you know that gentleman?

‘An excellent question, Miss Trainee Teacher! You see, that pathetic youth Magician, weeping like a baby at losing the match he bet his entire fortune on, will later come to be called the ‘War God’.’

▶Startled: Really?

Thinking back on his personal history in my 1st Playthrough memories…

The War God was the War God. His current name was Magician Number 16! He was the genius Magician who had tossed down the gauntlet before the peerless Sage, who was an absolute deterrence against war himself within the northern continent, and ultimately even brought down the Sage’s Tower. The golden golem the War God had created at the time was invincible.

Although even his golem ended up destroyed by the cowardly power of friendship, it was the starting point of the paradigm of war in Fantasia’s continents changing—from human soldiers to golems. It was from that time onwards that the Dark Commerce’s crimson golems had begun to sell like hot cakes, and the existing public order had broken down.

It was chaos in its entirety! Destruction!

“Lanuvel. I’ve got an urgent business to attend to, so let’s meet here again tomorrow. I’ll abandon you forever if you complain that a cute little sister shouldn’t be left alone, understand? Take this chance to grow some independence.”


Lanuvel expressed her discontent by pouting her lips; however, she submitted to my threat of forever abandoning her and didn’t say she would follow.

I began to move straight afterwards.

The Magicians who won their matches in the magic arena were busy as they had to set about repairing their golems starting now for their second match tomorrow. But not the losers—after deciding on whether to send their miserably busted golems to the scrap metal disposal site, or to recycle it, they would immediately head to the temporary storage located beside the magic arena.

“There he is.”

Magician Number 16 was plodding along his way. That idiotic looking guy was the maker of the golden golem that would later cause even the Sage to run away in disgust. As such, I had to either win him over or dispose of him. Only, there was one question that caught my mind.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 113
▷Job: Scholar(Knowledge=Sorcery↑)
▷Skills: Sorcery(B) Path of Magic(C) Magic(D) Magic Power(E)
▷Condition: Depressed, Despairing

And that question was: how had he created that powerful golden golem with a Status this trashy? Of course, there was no doubt that he was a great talent who surpassed the common folk. He had likely graduated with excellent grades after competing for the overall 3rd or 4th place in some prestigious academy. This level of Magician could be found everywhere in the magic arena, however; he wasn’t a genius who could stand toe to toe with the Sage.

Now here came the problem—what had made Magician Number 16 into the War God?

For starters, I decided to quietly tail Magician Number 16. Although it was possible my efforts would end in vain, there definitely had to be a reason that I had subconsciously chosen Number 16 in the magic arena.

I put my faith in the energy of the universe.

“You there, the young Magician! Cough-cough!”

A man who had been knifed in his back and shoulder urgently called out to Magician Number 16.

“Wh-what’s the matter?”

“I’m being chased by pawns of the Dark Commerce! They want their hands on my knowledge of golems, and that’s the one thing that must be prevented. The whole world will end up tramped over by golems! So please, help me!”

“But how…”

“Listen carefully to what I’m about to say.”

The man began to quietly whisper into Magician Number 16’s ear. Although I was able to listen in on his words, concentrating my hearing, I couldn’t understand the contents as part of it was full of the incoherent analogy and slang of nasty Magicians. I could understand only one thing—that the man was hinting at a certain location.

I examined the man’s Status.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 12
▷Job: Engineer(Knowledge=Path of Magic↑)
▷Skills: Path of Magic(SS) Sorcery(S) Mental Capacity(C) Stamina(F)
▷Condition: Bleeding, Critically Injured, Anemic

Now this was a bona fide scholar type. Although he was a half-assed user of Sorcery with a low Level and no Magic Power, his Skill set was specialized in the development of golems, which was called the essence of Magic Engineering. The minus was that he was on the verge of breathing his last, though.

“Just what is this place…?”

“I entrust the peace of humanit—Kurgh!”


His life all but burned out, the man thus died.


The surprised Magician Number 16 ran away from the scene, the look on his face saying that he didn’t want to become involved with the fearsome Dark Commerce, nor be pinned as a murderer. To think that kind of coward would later be called the War God…

“Boss! He’s not breathing.”

“Ha! You crazy ass! You should have stabbed him in moderation! Argh.”

“I, I’m sorry.”

“Damn. Might as well at least take the blueprint in his house.”

“Understood, Boss. Guys, let’s go.”

After the group of men, whose Levels were far too high for them to be called thugs, examined the man’s corpse, they quietly left. This was the temporary storage place behind the magic arena. Although it wasn’t a prohibited area, not many people would find their way here, which was why the man’s corpse was left as is on the cold earth until everyone left. This being the case…

“You called, Master?”

I summoned Saintess H. She seemed keen on turning on the high quality hot-water bottle feature, but I hadn’t called her for that right now.

“Resurrect this man.”

“Yes. Ahh~♫”

Saintess H sang a sweet song, and then spoke as follows:

“Rise, my slave.”

With a sudden jerk, the man who had died even before his blood cooled got up normally. His stab wounds had already been cleanly healed, and his ceased breathing resumed properly as well.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 2
▷Job: Engineer(Knowledge=Path of Magic↑)
▷Skills: Path of Magic(SS) Sorcery(S) Mental Capacity(C) Stamina(F)
▷Condition: Good, Resurrected

Although his Level had decreased to a dangerous point, his Skills remained just as they were thanks to being resurrected right after he died. Wasn’t it fine then?

“Wh-what on earth is… I definitely died…?”


As low as his Level was, someone with a SS-rank Skill would be considered at the standard of a hero, but I was uncertain as to whether give him a name. As such, I decided to address him in a cursory manner.

“Who are yo—Gasp! O simply divine sir! I am ashamed at not having recognized you right away. Thank you for saving my humble self!”

A muppet who was as perceptive as he was smart. He had read the situation by himself without my having to give a long explanation, that “the divine sir definitely must have saved me!”. Thanks to that, I was able to skip telling a lame story.

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  1. N0xiety

    Maybe if mc had a bit of brain he would actually learn magic so he can bypass the system. Or atleast try to even if it is impossible(tho i don’t think it is). And ofc, he also complains so much about the state of the world and how it isn’t modern and how he is sick of using buckets for toilet etc., but still doesn’t learn magic even with all that complaning. With magic he could solve all his daily living problems. Hell, he could probably make everything more comfortable than modern life conveniences using magic. But nope, he won’t because he doesn’t have a brain right? Or maybe author just wants to keep him complaining about everything while thinking it is good comedy. To me it just seems like mc doesn’t have a brain because not searching for solutions to your problems and only complaining about them is moronic. Adding magic to his skills could solve so many of his problems. It would also open a whole new array of skills he could sacrifice to limit break his chosen skills. I mean seriously, restarting the test was fine for a few times, but now it got really boring. Mc doesn’t even progress much. All he does is fck around while saying ‘i’m just following the story’. Learn something new ffs! Do something new other than going around doing things that don’t matter and start all over again because you just continue repeating the same things you have before. Seriously…

    1. vytas0210

      Mc once mentioned that magic is 99% talent and sorcery 49% funds, 49 % effort, 1% innovation. So maybe he has no talent in magic and motivation/time for sorcery? After all since skill effects can overlap for synergistic application, you should be able to train them with same action, especially “basis” body skill he seem to favor but magic/sorcery can at best overlap with chaos or destruction. As for not training skills for offering, I think that after ten years he may be sick of grinding and trying to get by with minimum amount of work.

    2. Seregosa

      Who the f*ck says he’s even able to learn magic? It might be something that requires talent, he has thus far shown no magic power-type abilities whatsoever, unless we count the divinity and dark energy which seems to be something else entirely.

      Honestly, what the hell are you reading this for? To complain? Why do you care so much about a gag novel that couldn’t be any less serious? It’s not as if the things happening are impossible. Shit, just drop this novel if you don’t like it.

  2. Seregosa

    Since early times, super robots were the dream of men. You weren’t a man if you couldn’t empathize.

    Hmm… I never liked super robots that much, they’re nice and all, but if I had to say what I truly like in a sci-fi setting, it would be super power suits, ridiculously overpowered mecha armor, preferably slimmer types that fits like a kind of fully-body armored suit. That’s just way cooler than robots and you can actually fight while wearing them instead of just sitting inside a cockpit or controlling them from afar or having them move with A.I.s

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