FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 58: No! You darned golem!

▶Perplexed: It feels like something’s gotten mixed up…?

‘Miss Trainee Teacher worries too much. I resurrected a fellow concerned for the future of this barbaric fantasy world’s humanity, free of charge, so what could be the prob-… Ah! I see.’

What I had done wasn’t fair. If the great Hero, who had to be fair and just, were to disregard some Person 2 he came across who was in trouble after having resurrected Person 1 for free, that could be considered a serious inequality in treatment. As such, I had to receive the price for having resurrected him.

“Muppet. From today onwards, work hard for my sake to the bone—to the extent of regretting coming back to life.”

Person 2 would have no complaints either this way.

“I, I understand! O divine sir!”

Struck with admiration at my fair and just decision, the muppet thus replied in a loud, strong voice.


I collected all of the important research materials, which the muppet had hidden in a secret place, into my Storage and moved them to the Sage’s Tower. I couldn’t afford to be leisurely, as the muppet, having sensed his imminent death, had revealed the location of that secret place to Magician Number 16. Thankfully, we were one step faster than Number 16. According to the muppet…

“Unless his Path of Magic is above A-rank, it’ll take him some time to decipher the code I gave him.”

Magician Number 16 was an amateur with a C-rank in Path of Magic, let alone A-rank. He would no doubt end up bewildered at being welcomed by the completely empty secret place after deciphering the muppet’s code with difficulty and going there in anticipation. Puhihihi.

“Master, why on earth did you bring this oil-smelling person…?”

The Sage, whose complexion was wan from anemia, thus asked me this question. After collapsing at the magic arena, he was discharged from the hospital when not half a day had passed. It seemed that his changed race and Dark Energy(S) had improved his survivability and recovery ability.

The Sage’s gaze towards the muppet wasn’t good. His reaction was befitting of the conservative type who believed that Magicians should be capable of solving all their problems with a magic staff alone without relying on anyone else.

“I see that Sir Sage is the same as ever.”

Put-down the moment they met, the muppet’s expression turned rotten.

To sum up their relationship, it was like that of a dog and cat. Ah! Not a cat, but a tiger.

I proceeded to settle the situation.

“If you don’t want your heads rammed down a slime toilet bowl and get dunked in ooze, then stop the war of nerves. Listen carefully. From now on, we’ll commence development on a blue golem that’ll oppose the Dark Commerce’s crimson golems!”

Since early times, super robots were the dream of men. You weren’t a man if you couldn’t empathize.

How my painful my heart had felt, like it was being shattered, when my companions destroyed the War God’s golden golem with a joint attack using the cowardly power of friendship in the 1st Playthrough.

The opportunity had come to resolve the grudge I had borne at that time.

▶Perplexed: Uh, Student Kang Han Soo? It’ll be troublesome if you confuse the genre. We’re in the middle of a Hero’s adventure to defeat the Demon King.

‘Oh! Miss Trainee Teacher is sharp.’

But what she had pointed out was wrong—after all, I could slay Demon King Pedonar whenever, even without going on something like an adventure with a shabby little sister.

▶Troubled: That shouldn’t be possible normally, I tell you…

‘Miss Trainee Teacher, don’t worry. I’m going to properly follow the main plotline, you know?’

“Within several years, war will break out in the northern continent as the Dark Commerce’s crimson golems hits great popularity. We’ll take the initiative before that happens and subjugate the Dark Commerce and the northern continent using our blue golem.”



And thus, we channeled that vigor into creating a prototype. The Sage’s Tower was bursting with golem materials, and a truly absurd golem came to be born under the cooperation of the two geniuses who didn’t want their heads shoved down a slime toilet bowl. And that wasn’t all—the golem was garnished with my holiness as the finishing touch.

▷Race: Arch-Golem
▷Level: 900
▷Job: Shrine Maiden(Beauty→Physical Strength↑)
▷Skills: Divinity(SS) Physical Strength(A) Indestructible Body(A) Massacre(A) Glamor(A)…
▷Condition: Socket, Standby

Although its Status had abruptly risen with the addition of Divinity, as becoming of a hand-crafted test product, its size wasn’t much different from that of a person.

But that wasn’t the problem.

The golem’s oval-shaped face that was coated in a milky white color inspired no sense of awe, and its four limbs were very slender as well. Its protruding breasts were soft and delicate, utterly unhelpful when it came to combat, and its unnecessary blue, straight hair was long enough to reach its unnecessarily firm buttocks.

… This wasn’t the super robot I had always dreamed of.

“Bastards! What the hell did you to do my dream…!”



Turning around, I saw the Sage and the muppet wearing identical smiles on their faces.



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  1. N0xiety

    Maybe if mc had a bit of brain he would actually learn magic so he can bypass the system. Or atleast try to even if it is impossible(tho i don’t think it is). And ofc, he also complains so much about the state of the world and how it isn’t modern and how he is sick of using buckets for toilet etc., but still doesn’t learn magic even with all that complaning. With magic he could solve all his daily living problems. Hell, he could probably make everything more comfortable than modern life conveniences using magic. But nope, he won’t because he doesn’t have a brain right? Or maybe author just wants to keep him complaining about everything while thinking it is good comedy. To me it just seems like mc doesn’t have a brain because not searching for solutions to your problems and only complaining about them is moronic. Adding magic to his skills could solve so many of his problems. It would also open a whole new array of skills he could sacrifice to limit break his chosen skills. I mean seriously, restarting the test was fine for a few times, but now it got really boring. Mc doesn’t even progress much. All he does is fck around while saying ‘i’m just following the story’. Learn something new ffs! Do something new other than going around doing things that don’t matter and start all over again because you just continue repeating the same things you have before. Seriously…

    1. vytas0210

      Mc once mentioned that magic is 99% talent and sorcery 49% funds, 49 % effort, 1% innovation. So maybe he has no talent in magic and motivation/time for sorcery? After all since skill effects can overlap for synergistic application, you should be able to train them with same action, especially “basis” body skill he seem to favor but magic/sorcery can at best overlap with chaos or destruction. As for not training skills for offering, I think that after ten years he may be sick of grinding and trying to get by with minimum amount of work.

    2. Seregosa

      Who the f*ck says he’s even able to learn magic? It might be something that requires talent, he has thus far shown no magic power-type abilities whatsoever, unless we count the divinity and dark energy which seems to be something else entirely.

      Honestly, what the hell are you reading this for? To complain? Why do you care so much about a gag novel that couldn’t be any less serious? It’s not as if the things happening are impossible. Shit, just drop this novel if you don’t like it.

  2. Seregosa

    Since early times, super robots were the dream of men. You weren’t a man if you couldn’t empathize.

    Hmm… I never liked super robots that much, they’re nice and all, but if I had to say what I truly like in a sci-fi setting, it would be super power suits, ridiculously overpowered mecha armor, preferably slimmer types that fits like a kind of fully-body armored suit. That’s just way cooler than robots and you can actually fight while wearing them instead of just sitting inside a cockpit or controlling them from afar or having them move with A.I.s

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