FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 62: Mr. Witness! Please help!

Perhaps it was only too natural that the gorgeously dressed young lady, who had entered a prohibited area where only royalty and the likes could go, was a princess. For starters, she wasn’t in my memories. It seemed right to interpret this as that she had died before I travelled over to the northern continent in the 1st Playthrough.

“What a hassle.”

After entrusting the princess, who failed to regain her senses, to Lanuvel, I simultaneously activated all the Skills I had recovered upon finishing the training.


A storm began to brew with me at the center.

The Cave of Training wasn’t simply made for the sole purpose of screwing over the Hero.

It was a training that squeezed everything out of you under unfavorable conditions without the Skills and Job perk that you had taken granted for and relied on until now. Although I had cleared almost all the rooms with ease using Divinity(Z), it was true that it grew slightly difficult as I drew near the Graduate’s Room. Very slightly.


I obtained a large number of Skills which I weren’t able to see after the 1st Playthrough, which was a truly hard experience as I didn’t have a grasp of things. I had developed these Skills in succession in accordance to the extreme situations I was driven into, and my existing Skills had all improved as well.

“I think I could manage if I fought with that prince again?”

I also had two transcendental domain Skills now, and while the prince might also have two, my Skill set granted me a far greater advantage when it came to pure combat ability. Added to this was Holy Sword 2’s amplification.

“I guess I’ll do a light clean up first.”

I cast a divine blessing upon my body. Twice. After Divinity(Z) was amplified through Holy Sword 2, I used Blessing(Z) which was likewise boosted to cast another two divine blessings. It was a five-fold amplification in simple calculation.

A divine aura that was enhanced to the extreme swathed my body.


I lightly flicked a finger, and the divine energy that was sent spreading throughout the entire hunting ground from me eradicated all the monsters. Race, Level, Skills, Condition… ignoring all of that, I equally gifted repose to all of hem.


I frowned upon going to the scene of the Orc attack; everywhere I looked, I saw the corpses of men who had died with torn limbs and heads. There were even signs of some of them having been eaten by the Orcs.

“Sob-sob, sob-sob…”


Two women who I guessed to be the princess’ maids and a female knight were curled up in the middle of a road, their clothing torn apart. There must have been a mob of Orcs here right before I flicked my finger, and they must have been surrounding the three women. The expressions on their faces showed mental collapse from shock and fear.

▶Depressed: I feel sorry for them…

‘Me too, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

From now on, these women would live out their lives carrying not only the injuries of their bodies, but also a sickness of the heart as well. Or that would be the case normally.

These women were in luck, since they had met a professional troubleshooter. To speak of my career record, I had spent over 10 years cleaning up after companions who enjoyed taking reckless action. In the process, I had even counseled many natives who would have been better off dying instead. My performance in this field gradually improved as I accumulated the know-how.

▶Startled: You even did therapy? Just what haven’t you done before, Student Kang Han Soo…?

‘Miss Trainee, don’t ask questions too difficult.’

However, that was the old school method. I intended to do things swift and easy starting from today.

“You ladies over there, frightened by the oily bacon party, look into my eyes. Then those awful memories will disappear, while your injured bodies will be redeemed by my blessing.”

I cleanly erased the bad memories of the women using Black-Box, while I spotlessly tidied up their dirtied bodies using Blessing.

“… Ah!”

“… Oh my!”

The woman who had been curling up while covering their breasts and private parts wore dazed looks, their faces saying they didn’t know why they had been lying down on the earthen ground. Not long after, however, after realizing that they were nude and their surroundings were full of the corpses of men, they began to kick up a fuss shrieking out loud. But their expressions weren’t that of despair like from before.

The case was cleanly solved without psychological counseling!

I waited for the women to change into new clothes, and before long they reunited with the princess who sluggishly made her way over with Lanuvel’s support.

“Princess! Where did you go off to!”


Berated by the female knight, the princess wore an aggrieved look. Although there was a slight confusion that came with their memories being erased, that was nothing but a very minor issue.

“It’s terrible. The prince has passed away.”

“How could something like this happen during the first hunting…”

The women who were saved by me appeared stupefied as they looked at the corpse of a nerdy-looking youth. Apparently, the prince who was next in line to the throne had died, but that had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

It was at that moment that…

Clippity-Clop, Clippity-Clop.

A group of people on horseback came galloping over. They were comprised of elites that gave off a qualitatively different atmosphere to the dead men who were scattered about in the area.

A face that I knew was at the group’s lead.

▷Race: human
▷Level: 285
▷Job: Royalty(Lineage→Dignity↑)
▷Skills: Magic(C) Magic Power(C) Sorcery(D) Evil Spirits(D) Dignity(E)…
▷Condition: Flustered

His swarthy face that resembled a sweet potato and his excellent Status coincided exactly with my memories—he was the Magic Kingdom’s next king to be. His elder brother, the current king, would die at the end of his struggling against illness 3 years later, after which this man would gloriously rise to the throne under the absolute support of the citizens and nobles. I remembered that he did quite good work as well; he was quick at calculations, as becoming of a Magician, and he abided by the rule of equal exchange.

I was glad to see him after so long.

And he greeted me with gladness, too.

“Kill them all.”

‘What did you say, you punk?’



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