FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 65: The Ice Princess who was happy

*TN: Skill Breeding revised to Rearing

All kinds of EXP lived hidden on Snowy Mountain M, and this wasn’t only referring to monsters. A Magician full of dreams researching diligently for the sake of obtaining eternal life, a lily* knight bent on kidnapping her blood-related elder sister who had married into the wealthy family next door, a romanticist who set fire to the royal palace the moment he was dumped by his girlfriend… People also gave EXP.
(* T/N : Lily also means Yuri / lesbian)

However, today’s objective was to climb to the summit of Snowy Mountain M the quickest I could and make the Ice Princess submit—If possible, before the sun rose tomorrow.

There was no time idle.

▶Peek: Are you going to run up the mountain?

‘I don’t use such ignorant methods, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

My 1st Playthrough experience was vastly extensive. Among those who lived in seclusion with their identities hidden around Snowy Mountain M and its nearby villages, I knew of a fellow I could make use of as a means to fly.

There was a solitary log cabin built a slight distance away from Village Q. In the lawn before it was a flowerbed and a small pond, while in the back garden there were several fruit trees. A hunter youth, who had taken one of those frail Elves as a wife, lived in this shabby home. He never went hunting, however, with the reason being that…

▷Race: Dragon
▷Level: 505
▷Job: Hunter(Wildlife→Hunt↑)
▷Skills: Chill(S) Hunt(A) Tolerance(A) Physical Strength(A) Massacre(B)…
▷Condition: Mimicry, Sleep

… he was a lazy dragon by nature. But this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing—if all dragons diligently pursued the path of the mighty, as Oblivion King Noebius had, then the continents of Fantasia would have long fallen to ruin.

The same went for the Elf, who was sharing the bed with the human-transformed dragon—if the average breast size of an Elf wasn’t that of the Sahara, but of the Rockies, then the leading race of Fantasia’s continents would have been the Elves and not the humans.

And that wasn’t simply a hypothesis. The Elves, who had a basic lifespan of 5000 years and anti-aging as a passive ability, would have wet dreams and menstruations almost until the day they died. Imagine them being able to pop out babies one after another on top of all that.

Humans wouldn’t even be a match when it came to reproductive ability.

“Hmm… maybe this isn’t just a breast problem?”

During the past 11 years, I had seen a great many Elf women who had settled down with members of other races like this dragon’s wife here. Undaunted by their disadvantaged physique which had nothing going it apart from prolonged youth, they were on the considerably proactive side when it came to marriage, childbirth and so on.

In short, the problem lay in the feeble male side of the Elves. Perhaps it was premature ejaculation, or impotence. But whatever the case, they weren’t a normal race of people.

“Gasp! Who are—Gueh?!”

Feeling the cold wind that entered through the wide open door, the dragon awoke from his sleep, and my hand moved as well; I grabbed hold of his throat without giving him time to even return to his original form.


The Elf, who had woken up a beat late, let out an adorable scream. As evident from that manner of address, these two weren’t in a normal marital relationship—the dragon was a pervert who worked his wife like a slave. There wouldn’t be the slightest problem even if I attacked him.

“Lizard. Transform into your original form already.”

“O-O human! What have I done to—Kegh-kegh?!”

“Listening to me while I’m talking foul will be better for your wife as well. I’ve given you a clear warning now, you hear?”

“… Very well.”

Dragged outside the log cabin by the throat, the dragon returned to how he originally appeared.


From a small human to a huge flying lizard.

His hide was on the thick side so that he could live in cold alpine regions, and his scales were a fine white color that were good for camouflaging into the environment. Furthermore, in exchange for his wings being short so as to better resist heavy snowfall and blizzards, he had three pairs of them.

His body wasn’t of a large size, however; compared to my dear companion, Oblivion Dragon King Noebius, he was extremely small like a iguana lying flat before a tyrannosaur.

“It’s a dragon!”

“Gasp! A dragon appeared!”

“Could that white dragon be…!”

“Quickly wake up the heroes!”

Nevertheless, I mused that a dragon was a dragon, after all, as the residents of Village Q began to kick up a big fuss upon sighting the tiny dragon that had suddenly appeared nearby. But I could understand their feelings a little, at least, because dragons were known as the strongest creatures from a fantasy world perspective—even if it were a mere Level of 505.

This was because when it came to the race of dragons, the way Level calculation worked would become different. Although the margin of error was quite large depending on Skill set and rank, multiplying their Level by 3 would equal that of a human. In other words, whether it be a Hero or brave warrior, you would have to be Level 1515 in order to defeat a Level 505 dragon all by yourself.

‘Real easy isn’t it, Miss Trainee Teacher?’

▶Suggestion: Student Kang Han Soo, it would be even easier to achieve victory by working together with trustworthy companions.

Far from being of help, those bastards from back then were nothing but hindrances, dreams who uttered rubbish about protecting dragons just because they were few in number. And what was even funnier than this? They abided by a shocking law of equal exchange, killing one dragon to save one woman when they felt like it.

There had been no consistency to their actions and arguments.


The white dragon stretched his maw open and let loose a roar, and then began to gather cold air between his jaws—it was dragonbreath. If unleashed, this entire area would be frozen over. In terms of pure strength, he was far superior whether it be in power or scope compared to the Ice Princess going out of control.

Before the dragonbreath came bursting forth, however, I exploded with laughter first.

“Hahah! That repertoire of yours is no different from the 1st Playthrough.”

Although I had no intention of just letting him escape to the sky, if I were the white dragon, I would have used the time he spent opening his mouth to take air supremacy first.

I was already in front of his face.


A Z-rank divine fist that contained Z-rank blessing landed on the dragon’s lower jaw.

The likes of a dragon’s racial advantage was easily ignored.



Failing to spit out the breath of cold air held in his mouth, it exploded inside him! And with his tongue hanging out his mouth in an unsightly manner, the white dragon’s eyes rolled back in his head—a temporary loss of consciousness and concussion.

But my attack had yet to end.


I erased the dragon’s memories to the point where he could be easily tamed. Although I could have induced oblivion in him when I had him under control in human form, I had waited as it wouldn’t do for him to even forget the way to return to his original form.

And now?

“Look into my eyes.”


Flap! Boom! Crunch!

The white dragon flailed about his wings, tails and so on; however, as he was already completely under my spell whether it be physically or mentally, his defiant resistance died down in no time.

“Lower your head.”

“… Quuu.”

The white dragon, who was only left with his instincts and fear towards me, obeyed my order.


The proficiency of my Skills had greatly increased, a growth that was becoming of a Hero with a bonus of 500% EXP. Since what I had done was no different than having tamed 5 dragons by ordinary Job standards, I even felt that this degree of growth was lacking; however, it was self-evident that my Skills would naturally improve as time went.

“I wonder if they’ll count this as an achievement, too?”


My eyes fell on the Elf, the dragon’s wife, who had rushed out of the log cabin in a fluster with nothing but a blanket over her lingeries. She stared at me sitting on top of the white dragon’s head like I was a monster.

As greatly irksome though it was…

“Look, Elf.”

“I’ll do anything so please spare me!”

The Elf had become inured to being servile. If left the way she was, then she would no doubt be kidnapped by the Dark Commerce with no one the wiser and go up on auction as merchandise.

Putting things right was my specialty.

“Go to the biggest pub in the village and you’ll find a shabby-looking girl going by the name of Lanuvel. I’ll make it so that you can have a steady job at the Sage’s Tower, not as a slave like you are now.”

“I wasn’t forced to become his slave!”

The Elf thus uttered frustratingly.

“And you’re not a normal wife either.”


“Any certainty in that you weren’t brainwashed through magic? Do you feel no feel nothing out of place from feeling happy at the life of a slave? What do your family and parents say about you being like this? When’s the last time you met them?”

I could tell from personal experience.

Because Saintess H was 100% brainwashed.

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  1. N0xiety

    So, what is the point of all this? I feel like author got lost. Mc with all his skills can’t even learn how to fly? Is he that stupid? In 11 years he gets so powerful he could probably cut a mountain in two but can’t even fly? You kidding me? Hell, even if he can’t fly he can probably just jump a few km high with his OP power no? Why does he even need a damn dragon that fills half a chapter of bs? Spouts shit like ”36 hours of time I could use to live as a cultured person of the Republic of Korea would be wasted for nothing. There was no way something like this could be tolerated, no?” and then wastes time doing irrelevant shit like this! WTH!??? Why does he even need this princess to begin with? Seriously, so much backstory and word filler for what exactly? She will be dumped just like other girls anyways no? People inside Fantasia isn’t even real anyways. It is practically a game! So nothing inside the game matters! NOTHING MATTERS! How is this helping him reach his goal of returning to his lovely Korea? Spouts bs like ‘i’m trying to follow the hero curriculum to the word’ but kills irrelevant bystanders like those harem adventurers for literally nothing other than acting retarded infront of him or erases memories right and left just because he can’t be bothered. Does he have a hole in his brain? Yes, i couldn’t be bothered with it either knowing this is all just a stupid game with ultra realistic NPC’s, but that doesn’t mean i can’t pretend for the goal i want to achieve. The repeats are getting tiring and mc doing random shit like this just for the fk of it isn’t helping. Yeah yeah we get it, it is the evaluation staffs fault right? NO, it is the brainless mc’s fault! He may be right in his way of thinking but that doesn’t change the fact that author is using mc as a brainless tool to elongate this pointless adventure for as long as he can!

    1. Seregosa

      The most brainless shithead of them all is actually you. You’re a freaking moron. What the f*ck are you expecting from a gag novel? You want everything to follow your sense of logic? You want it to be serious? You want him to not mess around? Why are you even reading this? You’ve been complaining chapter after chapter, are you f*cking braindead? This is meant to be stupid, it’s cheap comedy, at least things are still within the scope of being BELIEVABLE and POSSIBLE even if unlikely. If you can’t even understand this, I don’t think you can be saved, you’re just too retarded.

      Seriously, if you don’t enjoy a novel and actually hate what’s happening, you don’t keep on reading it only to complain. Especially not when you’re complaining in such an inane fashion. Just disappear, stop littering the comment section with your cancer.

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