FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 65: The Ice Princess who was happy


“Take a rational look back on yourself and live the right way. Let’s go, Baekgu.”



After taking a look at his Elf wife with his head tilted, the white dragon then spread wide his three pairs of wings and powerfully took to the sky.

‘I should collect them by color when there’s time later. Hwanggu, Chunggu, Hukgu, Eungu, Nokgu2…’
(T/N: literally means Gold Dog, Blue Dog, Black Dog, Silver Dog, and Green Dog respectively. Baekgu is White Dog)


On the summit of Snowy Mountain M, there were adventurers, frozen solid, covered by the perpetual snow fall. It would be a very big mistake to think that just because the resident was a beautiful princess, only hot-blooded men would make their way here. When you slowly looked around this ‘ice grave’, you would find there were far more women. The frozen women could be largely divided into two groups.

First, the women who had chased after a man who had formed a harem party. The one aiming for the Ice Princess was the man, who was the center of the harem, but when the party became wiped out, the deceased ended up being one man and many women. They died because they had followed after a sex-crazed man.

Second, the women who felt envy and jealousy towards the Ice Princess. If the male who represented the northern continent was the Sage, then the female was the Ice Princess. This was why from the moment women of the northern continent were born, they would be compared to the Ice Princess—in talent, looks, lineage, recognition… and this was also why there were extremely many women who found the Ice Princess an eyesore.

… As for the Sage? He was an Archmage capable of reducing even a country to ashes; thus, there were no idiots who provoked the man. Moreover, because he kept women at a distance without exception, far from envying him, there were an overwhelming number of those who admired his thorough self-management. He was a star of utmost popularity within the northern continent! Although the person in question actually kept himself in check as he didn’t want to die from excessive blood loss, he had risen to the ranks of respected great individuals thanks to the masses misunderstanding as they pleased.

▶Shining Eyes: There’s really nothing that Student Kang Han Soo doesn’t know.

‘This is only standard, Miss Trainee Teacher.’

I was qualitatively different from the fantasy world barbarians. I knew very well the importance of information as I had lived in the information society of the beautiful green planet Earth.

But I didn’t consider myself uniquely special for this. Any Earthling who was abducted to an unfamiliar world dominated by violence would have made the same judgements as I had. They would no doubt thoroughly start from gathering information in order to survive the fantasy world natives, who always tried to solve everything with violence, lording it over them.

There was no way I was the only one who did this.

▶Wince: Th-that’s right. Hoho!

When Baekgu and I arrived at the peak of Snowy Mountain M, I found that an intense war of nerves had already been taking place there.

“Leave if you don’t want to die!”

A beauty, whose body was ideal to be the highest-grade hot water bottle, thus shouted while looking down from the top of a majestic fortress covered by ice and snow. She wore a beautiful outfit that looked like a white wedding dress; however, seeing her wear it in this awful weather where a blizzard was raging, I got the impression that she was more a crazy chick than a pretty one.

And that crazy chick was none other than the Ice Princess.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 486
▷Job: Princess(National Strength=Charm↑)
▷Skills: Madness(S) Chill(S) Glamor(A) Survivability(A) Murder(B)…
▷Condition: Rampage, Sorrow

Her Status was impressive without change like it was in the 1st Playthrough. The combination of S-rank Madness and Chill was a fantastic one, and the amount of EXP she had gathered while killing the adventurers that came over to her was also rather excellent.

I heard a shout in response to the Ice Princess’ warning sounding from below the fortress wall.

“O noble Ice Princess! I ask that you give birth to my child! If you, the supreme beauty of the northern continent, and I, a slayer of Orcs, were to come together, a child amazing enough to even take down a dragon will surely be born!”

A handsome man, who had brought along a line of pretty young ladies, thus proposed to the Ice Princess while making a strange assertion. The theory of evolution? Creationism? Laws of inheritance? Naturalism?

I wondered to myself: what was his confidence based on?

“A dragon, huh… Baekgu?”


The white dragon roared amidst the blizzard, and without giving the fools on the ground the time to even be astonished, blanketed them with a breath of cold air.



The harem party was wiped out in one go. The fate of the man who had taken the dragonbreath head on went without saying, while the young ladies who were in dressed in pretty short skirts in this cold weather had become nicely frozen as well.

The white dragon didn’t even allow a final struggle to the adventurers.

“Land on top of the fortress wall.”



Baekgu landed on top of a snow-covered watchtower, gripping it with his sharp talons, and I jumped down to the side of the Ice Princess.

“How did you tame a drag-… Ah?! Wait a moment! If you come closer, the rampaging chill will-…!”

The Ice Princess uttered a warning in the midst of blankly looking up at Baekgu, but there was no problem at all.


It was because the chill ceaselessly emanating from her body was absorbed into the golden orb at the end of the Sage’s Staff. Although it wasn’t completely absorbed, I felt that the temperature had risen from about minus 50 degrees to minus 10 degrees.

Virgin A’s words had been right—the Ice Princess’ power could be controlled with the Sage’s Staff.

“C-could that staff be…?”

The sky-blue eyes of the Ice Princess, surprised at this absorption phenomenon, were opened wide. It seemed she recognized the staff, and this was only natural; she, too, was an excellent Magician first, and a princess of a country second. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that none among the outstanding Magicians in the northern continent didn’t know of the Sage, including the staff that he always brought with him like it were his lover.

“As long as I have that staff, I can control my rampaging pow—Kyah?!”

“How dare you!”

In response to the Ice Princess presumptuously reaching out towards the Sage’s Staff held in my hand, I gave a hard whack on her head with the staff. An ordinary weapon or magic spell would have become frozen solid before even touching her body, but the Sage’s Staff wasn’t so.


It sucked in the chill surrounding the Ice Princess like a vacuum cleaner.

How very useful to use as a club.


“Princess who thinks herself the most unfortunate person in the world. Starting from now, you’re gonna get a thrashing to the point of shitting blood each time you fail to control your power. Ah! And don’t worry even if you die. I can have you resurrected 40 times. Any questions?”

I was going to teach her what true misfortune was.

Sword King Alex could vouch for that.



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