FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 66: This Hero’s career record is already…

▶Pointing Out: Then you should have worked on them a little on a regular basis. There’s even the saying that someone who’s prepared enters the fight half victorious, right?

‘Miss Trainee Teacher. If I prepared myself, the continent would have gone up in flames already.’

Even if I were to only carefully flick a finger, all the citizens of a city would be massacred. EXP could be found in all directions around me, yet I wearily let them go. It felt like turning away from bankrolls that had fallen on the ground.

▶Compromise: Please keep on preparing leisurely like now and enjoy life!

Miss Trainee Teacher caught onto things quickly, as I had thought. If it were Professor Morals…

▷Warning: Even walls have ears—please be prudent whenever you speak. And Student Kang Han Soo, it is said that a cornered rat will bite the cat. It is possible that you will suffer as well if you become careless.

‘Oh! Professor Morals, you came out of nowhere again. By the way, what’s being careless? Is it edible?’

Careless, a word that didn’t suit me. The cat giant was already dragging its feet, but I didn’t give it any openings to rest or counter-attack with unnecessary conversation—I was only carrying out optimal attacks aimed to end the cat giant’s life. I wouldn’t do something like let my guard down.

And my opponent wasn’t so weak as to make me careless either.


Avalanches and landslides occurred everywhere in the surroundings, but the cat giant wasn’t so easy to deal with that I could consider such things. Although its Skill ranks were lower than mine, its Level was outrageously high. Moreover, I was too much at a disadvantage in terms of Job.

Snow King—this severely cold weather helped the Snow King. Unlike the catfish giant, a Water King who received divine protection in water, this cat giant didn’t make the mistake of weakening itself by leaving its own domain.

As for me on the other hand?

“I knew Hero is trash.”

While the quick growth it granted was good, a fivefold EXP bonus was utterly useless when it came to battle. Nevertheless, the fact that victory was mine remained unchanged.

I overpowered the giant with pure power.


Holy Sword 2 cut through the cat giant’s thick neck.

▷Smile: I have warned you.

Professor Morals left after leaving words full of meaning. He truly did as he pleased, coming and going.

“What a riot. I’ve got 11 years of experience in this fantasy world.”

I had come too far to be careless.

Purk! Purk! Purk!

I continued to stab the cat giant using Holy Sword 2.


As I had predicted, the giant didn’t die even with its head cut off. I had realized it from the point when I didn’t gain EXP right away, that there was going to be a round two for the loser in some way. Of course, I had no intention of quietly waiting for it to revive.


The cat giant formed a new head as snow amassed at the severed part of its neck, and…


I immediately cut off its new head again.

It was a typical mistake made by villains, revealing their hard-prepared trap cards with their own mouths, and Professor Morals was no exception to this either.

“They say a cat has seven lives. No, was it nine? In any case, I’m sure it’ll die sometime if I keep killing it.”


And eventually, the cat giant died as it let out a death throe. It was certain this time for sure as I had obtained EXP.



My body began to freeze over solid.


Heavy rain had fallen on a national-scale the moment I killed the Water King giant, which was why I had predicted that there would be heavy snowfall for ten days after killing the Snow King giant.

But that wasn’t the case.

“To think that I’m the Careless King…! What a shitty-”

I blacked out.



I realized that I was imprisoned within ice. I couldn’t twitch a singer finger, but there would be no problems since my consciousness had returned to me like this. In retrospect, cats didn’t only have a lot of lives.

‘And they say you’ll be cursed if you kill a cat…’

It was outrageous even when I thought about it again.

However, that was that…


The curse cast on me as the cat giant died was definitely strong, but the power of a being that had died would weaken as time passed, while in contrast, my power would always remain as it was. Now it was just a matter of time; however, even that didn’t take long.


The ice surrounding my body was destroyed.

“Damned cat.”

Careless or not, it was an inescapable checkmate move, but the silver lining was that I had broken free in no time. If I were weak, I could have been imprisoned forever like the perpetually falling snow…

“Oh my! You’ve finally awoken, Prince.”

I heard the Ice Princess’ voice come from behind me. While it was questionable as to how I had transformed into a prince, seeing as my father was merely the honorary president of a tennis club, it was important to return to Village Q first. The Dark Commerce had to be eagerly awaiting me.

I had to rush if I wanted to reach the village without a mount.

“Let’s go down quickly, Princess.”

“R-right this instant? I need a moment to prepare…”

“Why prepare agai-”

I was struck speechless upon turning my head around to argue—the pitiful-acting princess was gone, and in her place was a thrifty-looking auntie who seemed like she would never let go of a supermarket coupon or sales event.

Even her outfit had become as plain as an auntie’s.

▶Reproach: Calling a maiden an auntie…

‘But Miss Trainee Teacher, look I tell you. To treat her as a lovely princess now, she’s too ol-… Mm? Hang on.’

“How long was I frozen for?”

“6 years.”


Sleeping prince within the mountain, Kang Han Soo…

Woken up after 6 years.



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