FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 67: Dreams★ will come true

I had shown the first page of Golem D’s blueprint to that chief engineer, and that Dwarf must have been unnecessarily influenced at that time. Although these crimson golems possessed slightly superior capabilities compared to the ones I knew of in the 1st Playthrough, our side was far more overwhelming than that.

Crash! Boom!

The three crimson golems were helplessly destroyed by the sweeping spear strike of the Ice Princess’ white golem.

“Save m—Uargh!”


“Requesting supp—Kyah?!”

The three Magicians who had been hiding nearby and controlling the crimson golems were also dealt with, and then the Ice Princess proceeded to calmly speak.

“I’ll continue onwards, Prince. The enemy will gather in even greater numbers than just now, since they must have already been informed of your awakening. They will come at us madly to stop you from reaching the Sage’s Tower however they can. Though if you hadn’t pressed me, Prince, I would have requested reinforcements from the Sage’s Tower…”

“What is up with you calling me prince over and over since a while ago?”

I had already finished making a decision in my heart. The 6th Playthrough was completely ruined along with my falling into hibernation—it would be more beneficial for my mental health to move on to the 7th Playthrough.

The Ice Princess began to reply to my question.

“At present, the crimson golems of the Dark Commernce are conquering the continents of Fantasia. As they had been monopolizing the main materials for golems since long ago, there was no way to oppose them after they tilted the scales of war in their favor.”

Apparently, the Dark Commerce had sold their golems at an affordable price at first; however, this changed after all the small golem making companies and factories shut down, and the true worth of golems was proved on the battlefields. The Dark Commerce raised the price of their golems, and outright cut off golem supply to countries that opposed them. When this happened, the country denied of golems would be miserably trampled over by the golems of some other country and end up in ruins.

This was the kind of vicious cycle that kept repeating.

The countries that began to struggle from debt, one after another, started conceding many things to the Dark Commerce: mines, lands, authority, ports, travel routes, commercial rights… They began to sell their citizens like slaves, while the king of a certain country had actually sent his beautiful daughter to be married off to the officer of the Dark Commerce. But these countries couldn’t stop what they were doing, because they would perish if they did.

“The former leading power of the northern continent, the Magic Kingdom, is already as good as ruined. This is none other than the country that sold its beautiful princess to the Dark Commerce, after all. That was the day the Sage’s Tower declared independence and began to strike back.”

The blue golems produced at the Sage’s Tower were powerful; however, power alone wasn’t enough.

A pivotal figure was necessary.

“But why a prince?”

“That’s the only way to appear impressive, don’t you think? The son of a certain noble bloodline, as well as a chosen Hero. The story goes that the king is missing, so you’re essentially the king himself, Prince. An exclusive golem for you has been prepared for your arrival at the Sage’s Tower as well. According to Lord Sage, it’s capable of even destroying the world.”

“Oh I’ll bet.”

Laughter escaped my lips despite myself.

I had been used for politics in the 6 years I was asleep, while my father who was living just fine on Earth was treated as gone missing without explanation… It was all so outrageous that I couldn’t even muster irritation.

The world had certainly become one big mess. The topography of the lands had greatly changed from what I remembered, while the area formerly occupied by Village Q had turned into ruins. This was how the war of golems was like. Because each and every one of them were large and powerful, regardless of who won or who lost, the nearby terrain would be utterly devastated.

▶Addition: They say when elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.

‘Right you are, Miss Trainee Teacher. Though the problem is that the grass in this case is all the human settlements of the continents.’


We moved towards the Sage’s Tower while being obstructed by the Dark Commerce’s crimson golems all the way. I saw nothing but miserable sights wherever I turned my head to, and yet this northern continent was supposed to be the most peaceful region?

“This Playthrough is all gone wrong…”

Truthfully, this wasn’t my fault. It was a situation brought about because of a wicked cat that ate my pet caused me to sleep for a whole 6 years. Aggrieving though it was, I intended on quickly moving on to the 7th Playthrough.

▶Curious: I see that you’re not going off to defeat the Demon King right away?

‘Don’t misunderstand, Miss Trainee Teacher. I’m only going to take a look at that exclusive golem they’ve apparently prepared for me before setting off.’

Far off in the distance, I saw the Sage and the muppet dressed up in splendid clothes. At their sides were my shabby sister who hadn’t aged a single bit despite the passage of 6 years, Baekgu(dead)’s wife, and Golem D.

The Sage represented the group in greeting me gladly.

“Haha! Sir Hero! It’s relief that you’re saf—Kegh-kegh?!”

I, too, greeted the Sage gladly as I shook him by the throat.

“You, punk ass. I told you to stop the Dark Commerce, but what did you do during this time?”

“Kegh-kegh! I was late in doing so as I was making the golem you ordered, Sir Hero. There were so many things that you ordered that nothing was easy, from procuring the materials to the manufacturing process, but I finally completed it together with that fellow. Now! Have a look!”

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack!

Five golems dashed out from within the Sage’s Tower. Following the design I had ordered, their arms were equipped with a drill and a cannon, while their feet were geared with wheels like roller blades.

But that was all.

“Sage, did you neglect the continent till it ended up a wasteland just to make this? You’ve got a death wish, don’t you? That’s how it is, right?”

“Kegh-kegh! Sir Hero! That’s still not everything! Take another look!”



The five golems flew up into the sky, propelled by the boosters on their backs spitting flames, then began to transform and combine. Torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg—they respectively transformed into five different parts and came together.

Clank, clank, clank-

Five golems as one!

Its weight alone was five times more than the regular golem, and there was something to the imposing figure it struck that overwhelmed my heart.

“A super robot…”

This was my exclusive golem.

“Is it to your liking, Sir Hero?”

“… My clever friend! Leave the rest to this Hero here, yours truly!”

‘I’ll protect the peace of the 6th Playthrough!’

▶Bewildered: Uh, Student Kang Han Soo? What about the 7th Playthrough?

‘Tell it to wait in transit.’



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