FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 71: Triple


Because the king of the Magic Kingdom had long been struggling against his illness, his resting area was under a guard stricter than that of any other kingdom. During my 1st Playthrough when I had moved around the most actively, I had taken a very long time before visiting the northern continent. That was why the king had already died by the time I arrived at the Magic Kingdom, its crown already passed on to another, so this was my first time actually meeting him.

“Welcome, O Hero. Cough-cough!”

There wasn’t anything special to him just because he was a king. Having the appearance of an ill rooster, he was in such bad shape that he seemed on the verge of passing away at any moment. As for his Status?

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 264
▷Job: King(National Strength→Rule↑)
▷Skills: Magic Power(B) Magic(B) Sociability(C) Politics(C) Governance(C)…
▷Condition: Curse, Illness, Frail

It was considerably excellent, a Status with just the right balance for living long and healthy, and yet the king of the Magic Kingdom was slowly dying. This was no speculation but a matter of fact. According to what I had previously heard, while the kingdom had failed in calling over Saintess B, who resided in the northern continent, they had called over a high rank priest to cast a blessing of healing, yet still the king’s illness couldn’t be cured.

“Please rest, Royal Father.”

“Sniff-sniff! Royal Father…”

The prince and princess who were fretting by side would die in the near future, and 3 years later their sweet potato lookalike uncle would be crowned as king.

“Your Majesty, the weather is chilly. This younger brother of yours will take care of the summoned Hero from now on, so please rest now.”

—forever. I knew that he had omitted this word, as I knew what had happened before.

“I entrust this matter to you, Duke. Cough-cough!”

The king of the Magic Kingdom thus replied as he gazed at his younger brother with sunken eyes. He seemed considerably trusting towards his one and only sibling.

Helped up by two maids, the king carefully rose from his throne.


His slowly retreating figure was extremely frustrating.

I set about working the cogs in my head, and came to a solution for this matter before long.

“Your Majesty, please look into my eyes. You will become happy by doing so.”

“Mm? What are you… Ohh!”


The combined powers of my Z-rank Divinity and Blessing surrounded the king. Although I didn’t know what manner of power was causing him difficulty, but it was no different to dust before the transcendental domain.

I examined his Status in order to confirm whether he had properly become better or not.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 238
▷Job: King(National Strength→Rule↑)
▷Skills: Magic Power(A) Magic(B) Sociability(C) Politics(C) Governance(C)…
▷Condition: Healing, Blessed, Healthy, Vigorous

His Level had fallen somewhat in the process of healing, but the king of the Magic Kingdom had completely recovered. Going by his extremely positive condition, he would likely be bursting with energy for the time being. Nevertheless, I decided to ask him how he felt out of etiquette.

“Your Majesty, how do you feel?”

“Ooh! I feel as if I have been reborn!”

He wasn’t speaking empty words. The king’s coughing, which had been persisting until now, had ceased, and his voice had become loud and strong enough to reverberate throughout the palace. Furthermore, he was now standing on his feet by his own strength without the support of the maids. It was a surprising change considering that he was all skin and bones due to his recent illness.

“H-how can this…”

His dream of usurping the throne suddenly becoming distant, the duke trembled with unknown emotion.

‘I’ve had my eye on you since the 6th Playthrough, punk.’

The king’s face had become sunny, like a patient who had been discharged from a suffocating hospital ward.

He spoke to me in an energetic tone.

“O divine Hero! Is there something you wish for? If there is anything that I am capable of… Ah! Have you married yet? It may sound a little like I am boasting, but I have a lovely daugh-…”

“I have something I wish for.”

“Yes, my daugh-… Mm?”

I retrieved the blueprint for ‘Captain Fantasy’ from my fourth-dimensional pocket, the Skill Storage, and showed it to the king.

“Please make this for me.”

“W-what manner of golem is this exactly?”

The king, who was also a Magician, was able to recognize the value of the blueprint at a glance.

I replied with a content smile.

“It is the ultimate dream that half of humanity hopes to realize.”

The dream had to continue.

▷Greeting: Hello? They say time and tide wait for no man. I did expect that a day like this would arrive at some point, but I feel so moved to see you have grown so brilliantly by the dedication and effort of the teaching staff, Student Kang Han Soo. I hope that you will continue to make wonderful progress like now and graduate for sure!

‘What did the teaching staff do for me again, Professor Morals? Stop with the nonsensical lies and bring out the trainee teacher instead!’

▷Troubled: But a trainee teacher is merely a trainee teacher…

‘Are you asking for a serving of triple F’s?’



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