FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 73: Speed! More speed!

The nearby Orcs fled, frightened out of their wits at the sight of the roaring dragon. The disparity in Level was extreme as well, but what drove them to run was a primitive fear born from the difference in race.

I climbed down the dragon in front of the Cave of Training.

“Wait here obediently.”


It wouldn’t take long to go through the cave, as it was a place I had already experienced once, and I had something to fall back on as well.

“Now then…”

The time had come to sacrifice the Skills that weren’t valuable, the Skills I had raised over 6 years that felt like half a month—I decisively gave them up.

▶Z: Become royalty of demons. (7%)

The progress towards opening the transcendental domain began to rise. For the limit break of Dark Energy(MAX) which had reached the maximum limit, I offered up every Skill apart from the ones that were hard to raise again. There was no need to think on it as I had already decided on which to use while raising Divinity(Z).

▶Z: Become royalty of demons. (35%)
▶Z: Become royalty of demons. (59%)

I went up at in frustratingly small increments, but there were no unforeseen circumstances as I had already calculated how many Skills were required as sacrifices.

Now all the Skills that remained were SS-rank and SSS-rank.

▷Race: Chaos Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Hero(EXP 500%)
▷Skills: Divinity(Z) Blessing(Z) Dark Energy(MAX) Massacre(SSS) Fortitude(SSS) Fabrication(SSS) Magic Power(SS) Slaughter(SS) Chill(SS) Pursuit(SS) Physical Strength(SS) Endurance(SS) Five Senses(SS) Swordforce(SS) Body Technique(SS) Trade(SS) Eloquence(SS) Inspiration(SS) Indestructible Body(SS) Immunity(SS) Taunt(SS) Harass(SS) Animal Training(SS) Taboo(SS) Vitality(SS) Accuracy(SS) Resistance(SS) Rebellion(SS) Tolerance(SS) Survivability(SS) Incitement(SS) Close Quarters Combat(SS) Composure(SS) Melee(SS) Stamina(SS) Overpower(SS) Taming(SS) Madness(SS) Evasion(SS) Defense(SS) Governance(SS) Fighting Skill(SS) Summon(S) Fortune(A) Interpretation(A) Storage(C) ◼◼(C) Festival(E) Infinite(E)
▷Condition: Holy Sword, Saintess

Extremely many of my Skills had risen to SS-rank in the midst of my fight against the Demon King’s sneaky daughter, Ssosia. While I somewhat couldn’t understand why several of those Skills had increased in rank, it was a minor concern seeing as they would be sacrificed soon anyhow.

And at last…

Dark Energy(MAX)→Dark Energy(Z)

My status had officially ascended to that of “demon royalty”, and I became able to vaguely understand the effect of Z-rank Dark Energy. Like Demon King Pedonar and Queen Ssosia, I had risen to the stage of being able to call myself a “king” due to the Skill effect. I felt no sense of achievement, though.

“One hurdle after another…”

What I felt in its place was a sense of dismay, as if I were gazing out into the vast universe. Along with my understanding of Dark Energy naturally increasing, I realized ever more deeply as to just how strong the 6th Playthrough Demon King Pedonar was.

The First Demon.

This title didn’t simply mean he was born first. No, it was because he was the very first that he possessed the most experience and wisdom. There were many fools like the Elf King who had nothing to show for their age except for the number of times they shat, but Demon King Pedonar was different from them despite doing nothing but sitting on his throne all day long… and seeing as how he enjoyed outdoor play with the Elf King’s wife, it didn’t seem like he was fixed to his throne either.

▶Peek: Please be prudent when undergoing a limit breakthrough.

‘Mm? What do you mean, Miss Tranee Teacher?’

▶Explanation: An interconnecting property exists between transcendental domain Skills, which is why the variety of offerings required in limit breakthroughs increase in proportion to the number of transcendental domain Skills you have. You might not yet feel it as it’s your second time now, Student Kang Han Soo, but it won’t be as easy from the third time. Furthermore, it’s because they’re interconnected that taking the harmony of Skills into consideration before undergoing limit breakthroughs is better for an easy retirement.

‘Damned Miss Trainee Teacher! You should have told me about such an important thing early!’

▶Whisper: It’s originally supposed to be a secret.

‘Oops! My pretty secret friend! I trusted you, I’m telling you! You know my unchanging heart, don’t you?’

▷Race: Chaos Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Hero(EXP 500%
▷Skills: Divinity(Z) Blessing(Z) Dark Energy(Z) Fabrication(SSS) Taming(SS) Summon(S) Fortune(A) Interpretation(A) Storage(C) ◼◼(C) Festival(E) Infinite(E)
▷Condition: Holy Sword, Saintess

No big change had occurred in the Skills that remained after sacrificing the rest. As I could leave one SS-rank Skill, I had almost hesitated in choosing which to spare, but I went with “Taming” as it was apparently capable of taming those of the same race upon achieving SSS-rank. It was a choice I made purely out of intellectual curiosity.

There was nothing more to it than that.


I entered the Cave of Training while humming a song to myself.

My Status became different from the previous 6th Playthrough.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 1
▷Job: Jobless(EXP 110%)
▷Skills: Divinity(Z) Blessing(Z) Dark Energy(Z) ◼◼(C)
▷Condition: Training

Although my Level had temporarily fallen to 1, the same as before, the number of transcendental domain Skills I had had increased to three. The difference between one and three was threefold in simple calculation alone, but this difference would become even wider if these Skills achieved harmony.

And that wasn’t all.


Freed from the Job of “Hero” upon entering the Cave of Training, I had become a “Pope” due to the combination of the Skills Divinity and Blessing. And a Pope’s Job perk was an increase in Evangelism! It would undergo an equal rise in rank to the Skill Divinity.

I swiftly read through Evangelism(Z)’s Skill effects and found that, even though I had ignored it as an inferior version of Fabrication in the 6th Playthrough, it made for an extremely good combination together with the Skill effects of Dark Energy(Z).


Indeed, Hero was trash after all. It was a Job that couldn’t even amount to that of a vulgar thief.

▶At a Loss: You must be the only one who feels that way, Student Kang Han Soo…

With this, I had four transcendental domain Skills, enough for me to land a good hit on the chin of that old prince I met in the previous Playthrough, fair and square.

“Bring it on, prince boy, bring it on. I won’t harm ya!”

I decided to wait in the last room guarded by that lecherous female priest, to sit back and relax while teaching that hussy how to serve a divine pope…

▶Advice: Please think of your character grades!

‘Hey now! Do you know who I am, Miss Trainee Teacher? I’m a Triple A Hero!’


Still AAA even when reversed…!

It had a nice ring to it no matter how many times I yelled it out.



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Editor : Fujimaru

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