FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 75: An alien in fantasy? Huh?


I backtracked through the Cave of Training, holding the scimitar left by the demon butler as my weapon. This time for sure, I planned on making that old prince spit out everything he knew after perfectly restraining him with a herniated lumbar disc.

But at this time, I had ended up overlooking the meaning in the words spoken by the demon butler.

The Fantasia dimension. When considering it a dimension that was split for the purpose of nurturing Heroes, even if the creatures and natural environments belonging to this continent repeatedly regressed over and over, the same processes and results would occur. A variable in all this would be a Hero kidnapped from outside the dimension.

And an uninvited trespasser.

“Hey. Why are you here?”

As the old prince was also a “Hero” that could enter the Cave of Training, I had thought him naturally a part of the Fantasia dimension; however, I had just realized that that wasn’t so.

It was because of the Hero who was fighting a wooden puppet in the Beginner’s Room, with crap-inducing effort.

“Gasp-gasp! Kang Han Soo…? It’s you, right?”

The other party immediately recognized me.

Could there ever be another coincidence like this in the world? Nay, this was definitely a machination devised by the teaching staff, as it didn’t make common sense.

“Hey. How come you’re here when you’ve graduated?”

The other side was a graduate who had returned to Earth; there was no way he would have remained behind in this barbaric world. Perhaps, he too had become split as he graduated? The mere imagination of it was appalling, as it didn’t seem unrelated to me.

His appearance was the same as I had last seen him, that of a youth around 19 years of age. It you were to call his red-dyed hair his distinguishing feature, that it would be. After dealing with all of the wooden puppets, the youth lay down splayed out and asked me question instead of answering.

“Kang Han Soo. What’s my name?”

“My dear friend, you can’t trust me?”

“The hell I could! You darned ass! You forgot again!”

High School Classmate A thus cried out suddenly.


The Earthling Heroes kidnapped to the Fantasia dimension… if they defeated Demon King Pedonar by the unfair and unsquare power of love and friendship, they could return to their home planet, Earth. This was a certain fact, as it was something I had confirmed during the Hero Festival. I asked an indirect question to the youth who was living proof of it.

“Why are you here?”

Classmate A replied in a casual tone.

“I participated in a hunt as a mercenary together with my girlfriend. Eventually, we had no choice but to pitch camp as the weather worsened, but it turned out we only had one sleeping bag. We chatted about the hunting in the day until dawn while warming my girlfriend, who said she was cold, but then got scolded by our employer who told us we were being noisy in the middle of the night…”

“Shut your trap and get to the point.”

I had flown into a rage in the midst of quietly listening and almost ended up cutting Classmate A’s throat with my scimitar.

“Kang Han Soo. You, don’t have a lover, do you?”

“Get to the point while I’m talking mean.”

“Tsk-tsk. What a temper. Keep listening since I’m getting to the main point starting now. So I fell asleep at dawn and when I woke up, I was in a fantasy village. I asked around to the villagers, who said I had a little sister… but I haven’t actually seen even a shadow of that little sister.”

According to him, he was extremely bewildered at first. His girlfriend, who had played the role of a hot water bottle, had disappeared, while he was kidnapped to the continents of Fantasia again—just like that, without even a welcome greeting! What’s more, he couldn’t see hide nor hair of the little sister character that was supposed to live with him.

However, Classmate A was a Hero who had graduated this fantasy world, after all. Despite the Hero’s adventure introduction having largely changed in a poor way, it wasn’t his first time being kidnapped to Fantasia’s continents; Classmate A quickly grew familiar with the village and spent several days doing volunteer work for its residents.

“And then one day, after entering the forest to procure medicine by the request of the stable owner, whose daughter was ill, I discovered a new Holy Sword! Heheh. Don’t be surprised at hearing this—it was an Ego Sword! Containing the soul of a noble senior Hero.”

Classmate A had apparently obtained Holy Sword 3 from the pond where that freshwater mermaid lived in.

“So you came to this cave by the Holy Sword’s recommendation.”

I could roughly grasp the flow of events; Classmate A was proceeding along the main storyline I had experienced in the 6th Playthrough.

“Huh? How do you know that, Kang Han Soo?”

“Through experience.”

After giving a perfunctory answer, the inside of my head grew complicated because of Classmate A being dragged back into this barbaric fantasy world, when he had graduated in 3 years after being acknowledged as a Hero.

Was it because his attitude or performance after graduation was bad? But that didn’t seem like the case. As I quietly listened to his story without commenting, I found that he had been diligently practicing the “power of love”. There was no reason for him to be kidnapped again.

How about examining the Status of the resummoned Classmate A?

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 1
▷Job: Jobless(EXP 110%)
▷Skills: Interpretation(A)
▷Condition: Training

I couldn’t tell as of the present due to the influence of the Cave of Training. Things would have been different if Classmate A had a Skill which had reached Z-rank, but if he had possessed such capability, he would have been zooming around when I met him at the Hero Festival. Nevertheless, I could make a rough guess. It was possible to buy a shabby full set of clothes made from boar hide if you listened to each and every request of the shabby village’s residents, but Classmate A’s outfit differed from that.

It was a combat uniform of a modern design. Like how I had always started over wearing my school uniform, Classmate A, who was resummoned in the midst of hunting, was in the combat uniform he wore on Earth. Perhaps his Status was also carried over, as is?

In any case, Classmate A, who had used the same sleeping bag with his girlfriend, was on the extremely fortunate side. He was nearly summoned wearing nothing but his underwear or his birthday suit, after all. Still, being employed as a mercenary, Classmate A had the professional mindset to dress neatly in any situatio… Mm?

“My friend.”

“Call me by name.”

“My friend!”

“You damned ass, what is it?”

“What were you hunting to have been sleeping while wearing a combat uniform?”

The Status of Classmate A I had seen during the Hero Festival was at the level of being unfazed even by the assault of a hundred tigers. He would be able to best those cats, even if he were to wear a hot water bottle made in Korea instead of a combat uniform. What could have been the reason behind him specially wearing it while sleeping when there was no way he didn’t know this?

“Isn’t that obvious?”


Classmate A’s tone was natural, but as I hadn’t managed to return to Earth, I didn’t know what that obvious thing was. When you kept your mouth shut at such times, things would be advantageous for you half the time. And as I had expected, Classmate A proceeded to explain of his own accord.

“The android army, which is the main force of the aliens who began to invade Earth from before June. In contrast to their looks of woman as beautiful as a wax figure, their battle prowess is absurdly high. In particular, they’re more threatening because you can’t tell them apart from us humans before checking their Status.”

Androids, robots that resemble humans. It seemed that these aliens invading Earth possessed numerous trashy, delicate robots like Golem D. If the time and resources spent on creating such trash had been invested into super robots instead, then Earth would long have fallen into the hands of the aliens.

… That would be troublesome. In fact, this went beyond being troublesome, so much so that I felt a chill in my heart, because my parents were on Earth. If the planet became conquered by the aliens, then the wellbeing of my parents would be put in jeopardy. I decided to consider it fortunate that the aliens had no interest in super robots.

“What’s the big deal about such androids?”

For the time being, I threw in some words to keep up the pretense of also having returned to Earth, but then Classmate A shot a dumbfounded look at me.


“Androids. Alias, Valkyries. Even the weakest mass-produced type is stronger than a Hero around Level 700. You’ll be murdered straightaway if you ignore them, yeah? Ah! But I hear they don’t kill beautiful or handsome people and drag them off somewhere instead. Though of course, that won’t apply to you or me.”

“What about me?”

I had an acquired look.

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