FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 75: An alien in fantasy? Huh?

“You can’t cover the sun with a palm. Go out with some down to Earth girls instead of fantasy, haha!”


“By the way, Kang Han Soo, I’ve been the only one talking for a while now. You should talk about how you’ve been doing until now, too.”


I was put at a crossroads—to completely ignore him, or to adequately play along. While there was the third option of extracting information out of him through torture, I didn’t want to go so far against a high school classmate. That being the case, only two options remained. In truth, though, it was a problem that needed no consideration.

Earth was under the invasion of aliens.

How could I just sit still after hearing about something so absurd? In order to get more information out of Classmate A, who had crossed over here from Earth again, it was necessary to strike up a friendly relationship with him instead of giving the cold shoulder. However…

“Sir Kang Han Soo. I was wondering where you’d gone after lighting a fire in my heart…”

A voice of reproach mixed with high-pitched coquetry sounded from behind me; it was the priestess who had chased me here after I disappeared from the bed. She only had a thin blanket barely covering her nude body.

Classmate A too had just spotted her, following which he gaped widely.

“Kang Han Soo, you bloody bastard! You played ignorant when you’ve been having a lovey-dovey time with such an amazing beauty…!”

I felt as if I had greatly lost favorability with Classmate A, but nevertheless, it wasn’t a bad thing when considering I managed to evade his question thanks to him misunderstanding of his own accord again.

However, what could be a good excuse to explain the priestess, who had appeared looking outrageously unbecoming of her occupation? At the end of my contemplation, an ingenious idea occurred to me. While pointing at her, I spoke.

“Let me introduce her. She’s Cave Resident A, who I coincidentally met in the Cave of Training. As you can see, she’s a very capable talent.”

The priestess possessed the Skill, Z-rank Blessing. As Classmate A was also a Hero who could see Statuses, he had to have confirmed this overpowered Skill of hers.

“Ha! Are you bragging about your girlfriend being matchless right now?!”

“She’s a cave resident, I’m telling you.”

I didn’t even know her name yet.

“Gah, this punk. Being relaxed and deceitful until the end, even when you have such a beauty. I’m gonna expose everything at the high school class reunion, you traitor!”

“It’s really nothing much.”

“Even feigning modesty…!”

It no longer seemed like we could continue a normal conversation, which was why I decided to get out of the Cave of Training for starters. Although it was possible to reach the last room as long as the administrator, the priestess, was present, I didn’t feel the need to accompany Classmate A that far. It was enough to go to the “Challenger’s Room”, which was far from the last room, as the exit to the outside also opened starting from there.

“I’ll be going first, so come after me the best you can.”


I chose to provoke Classmate A’s competitive spirit. Seeing as how he had previously boasted about winning over the Ice Princess, he would definitely grit his teeth and chase after me the fastest he could. Nothing good would come out of going so far as to show him my current ability, and there was no need for me to safely escort him by his side since this was the Cave of Training. He would never die here.

I returned to the Transcendent’s Room with the priestess in tow.

In truth, I was in a slightly anxious state.

“Aliens, all of a sudden…?”

I ruminated the things Classmate A had said and found a strange similarity to the timing of the aliens’ appearance; it was 7 months(6 years) ago that I defeated the old prince by smashing his jaw, and the timing of the aliens’ invasion on Earth strangely overlapped.

What’s more was the First Hero the demon butler had talked about. Although the appearance of androids, which might belong in a science fiction novel, was somewhat abrupt, there was Golem D who passed as a beautiful goddess in the 6th Playthrough, and I had even witnessed the Demon King’s daughter swinging around a lightsaber. It was a situation that could indeed take place in a fantasy world, though the problem was that fantasy element had moved over onto Earth.

“This isn’t the time to relax.”

It was no situation to be reusing an old hot water bottle, as there was no knowing when those aliens would murder my parents.

On one hand, I didn’t worry too much, as my grades in the 6th Playthrough was a triple A, a three of a kind. It would be a won game if I smoothly dealt with the Demon King this time. Upon achieving straight A’s in all four subjects, even the petty Fantasy God wouldn’t be able to not let me graduate.

I leisurely waited for Classmate A to make his way to the “Challenger’s Room”… and becoming bored, I reached out for the hot water bottle again.

“Isn’t the punk being too slow?”

He had neither died nor given up. The reason behind his delay was that you couldn’t receive the 500% EXP bonus of a Hero in this Cave of Training, and thus revealed was his pure ability, which was at a truly miserable level. What if Earth was teeming with such fellows?

“This is bad news bears…”

I prayed with all my heart until Classmate A, who had been added as a comrade in a natural way, arrived at the cave’s exit—prayed for Earth to hold up until my return.


“Finally out…!”

A cry of joy left the mouth of Classmate A, whose combat uniform from Earth had been reduced to rags. He hadn’t so much as even glanced towards the entrance to a more difficult stage, but immediately ran to the cave’s exit instead. Apparently, that was how much of a hard time he had. He must have died a huge number of times along the way.

I patted the shoulder of the fellow, who was shedding tears of emotion, and responded to his outburst.

“Yeah. Now that the tedious training’s at an end, let’s go kill the Demon King right away.”

“… Demon King? Pedonar?”

“My friend. Do you have any problems with that?”

Now was the best time to act, as we had good Level for taking down the Demon King; however, Classmate A didn’t seem to agree.

“Problems? A bunch! What kind of Hero’s adventure ends when not a month has passed since his summoning? In the first place, how am I supposed to defeat the Demon King with this Level?!”


I chose to keep my mouth shut this time as well.

I didn’t want to be noticed as a fantasy world old-timer.

▶Correction: Cadet Kang Han Soo is a 17 years old fermented wine.

‘Ssh, Miss Trainee Teacher! That’s a secret to be taken to the grave.’

“Hansoo, do you remember what I told you before?”

At that moment, Classmate A asked a strange question and so I asked back.


“The story about me winning over the northern continent’s aloof Ice Princess. I’ll take this chance to give you a demonstration. She’s a princess who’s just as beautiful as that priestess you claim to be a resident you have no ties with! Heheh.”

Classmate A, who had escaped the Cave of Training, thus yelled at me in a challenging manner. He was apparently envious of the hot water bottle I had discarded at the cave.

“By the way, that Ice Princess is…”


Even before I could finish speaking, a pure-white and gigantic being landed beside me, causing a gust of wind, and let loose a powerful roar.


“A d-dragon?!”

After calming down the deathly pale Classmate A, I introduced my pet.

“This silly dragon is called Baekgu.”


It was slightly regrettable to say, but the princess who Classmate A was intending on winning over had already been traveling together with us since several days back—if she wasn’t digested yet.

“Taming a dragon of all things… s-still, my Ice Princess is more…”

“How about giving up?”

That princess’ personality wasn’t much to speak of and her Status was poor as well.

“Grr! Kang Han Soo! Let’s compete! To see whose companion is more amazing…!”

“As you wish.”

I didn’t go so far as to dissuade him.

Dreams and hopes were important, after all.


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