FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 81: I even have a graduation cert!

“Huhuhu! Why you little shy bo—Woah now!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The old prince attempted to thrash my face with both hands, so I responded in kind.

I lowered my right hand holding his thick neck and raised my left knee.


A clear sound of a skull being bashed reverberated.

I thought: that’s beautiful so let’s hear it again.



The old prince had lost all his front teeth like a scruffy snot-nosed kid and his eyes were slightly out of focus.


His arms frantically beat at my body, not having given up despite all this, but there wasn’t much strength behind them.

We continued to fall down in this state, and finally…


We dropped into the middle of the Pacific Ocean where violent waves crashed about. Even so, I didn’t let go of the prince’s neck.

“You and me, let’s end this!”


The prince regained his senses after gulping down a bellyful of Earth’s polluted ocean water, but the fact that I held the upper hand remained unchanged. But of course, the prince was no easy customer himself.


He retaliated by poking his fingers into the severed part of my left shoulder and widening the wound, making use of Infiltration(Z)’s effect! Vicious move though it was, it was significantly effective—no matter how superior my physical abilities, I wouldn’t be able to avoid symptoms of anemia if I lacked blood which was absolutely necessary for biological activity.

Science was weak against science.

This was because science was a study faithful to cause and effect. It couldn’t transcend limits with tenacity and passion like fantasy magic. Therefore…

“My victory is only a natural result.”

The reason being that we were in the ocean. Contained in the ocean water, which could be drunk by merely opening my mouth, were plenty of salt and minerals; I could quickly deal with the missing blood. As for the old prince, on the other hand?


Even the veins on his neck were bulging now as it was about to be snapped, while his breathing had been long cut off.

We were swept away by the ocean current and became submerged. Although the option of swimming to the surface of the waters was ever present, we didn’t allow it to each other.

Having belatedly realized that there wasn’t much hope of winning by digging at my shoulder wound, the prince aimed for my neck as well.


He squeezed down with both hands, yet even so his grip was weaker than that of one of my hands.



Our gazes meeting within the ocean showed mingled feelings of joy and sorrow. While conversing was impossible due to Interpretation(A) being lost, having communed to the extent of even sharing a thumb, we reached the realm of being able to understand the other’s thoughts. Going through this with another man… wasn’t exactly a good experience.

‘Old princey boy, giving up will make it easy.’

‘What in blazes is with this strength of yours!’

‘You probably won’t understand even if I tell?’

Have you ever heard of Master Mollang?

‘This sort of death, sort of defeat. I cannot accept it…’

‘So what if you can’t? Mm?’

Just when we had conversed up to that point with our eyes, I could instinctively tell that my stripped-bare Status was gradually returning to how it was before. Was it a temporary effect, not permanent? I got the thought that it was similar to an EMP, which disabled all electronic devices. But this meant that…


The prince, who was on the verge of death with his neck dangling, quickly regained his complexion, but still I held the upper hand.

‘I’ll end you here and now.’

At that moment, an attack shot down into the waters of the ocean we were submerged in. Although I wanted to ignore it, it posed a considerable threat to me as I was barely in the middle of recovering my Status. I couldn’t afford to lose even my right arm.



Before the incoming blue swordforce reached me, slicing through the ocean itself as if to split us apart, I kicked the prince’s belly with all my might.


And the swordforce grazed past my very nose. I turned narrowed eyes towards to sky where I guessed the culprit of the attack to be.

There was no need to even search.

“My Prince! We’ll help too!”

“I shall also aid you, Master.”

“My sword is yours.”

A noisy group of women came rushing over.

“Don’t come! This one’s the real deal!”

The old prince yelled towards them, but there was no strength in his voice due to his throat having been clutched all this while.

And he was too late.

“What? The real deal…?”

“Why hello there, miss?”

I leaped into the sky and re-summoned Holy Sword 2, which had returned along with my recovered Status. As for why I summoned it, well…



I made a pretty cut through the waist of the girl that was openly showing her belly button—perhaps it was because she always kept her figure maintained, but her severed torso was pretty as well—and kicked her lower half which was about to plunge into the ocean along with the pink intestines that had poured out…
“Here, a present.”

… towards one of the other young ladies.

“Holy shit?!”

“What a thing to say at a comrade’s lower half, you’re too much. This is punishment for that.”


The woman trembled violently, her throat impaled by Holy Sword 2. She was probably dead, but I still gave another blow.


I chopped at her vertically, from her dolled up head to her crotch that was covered with a crude piece of clothing. I had wanted to make a pretty symmetrical cut, but I failed due to my center of gravity unstable with my left arm lost.

‘Sorry! I’ll do better next time!’


“You, you bastard!”


The girls who were still alive and kicking were petrified. Ah! Were they a bunch of aunties, not young ladies? But that didn’t matter, I thought. Soon there wasn’t going to be a point in making distinctions.

The price for getting in my way is extremely high.

I heard the prince cry out as he fiercely approached me, though he was late to act. What came out of his mouth was almost incoherent.

“Retreat! Run away quick…! Everyone hurry! He’s the real deal! He’s nothing like a Hero drunk on fantasy…!”

Not a Hero?

He was being too harsh, even if we were enemies.

“I’m an A-rank Hero! I even have a graduation cert! You there, the miss that looks good at hula-hooping. Tell me. What do I look like?”

“A d-demon king…?”

“I’ll stab your butt if you lie to… Mm? Who stuck this here?”


On my back were a pair of wings I was seeing for the first time.


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    Never underestimate the power of science… A power that can singlehandedly beat the power of friendship, power of fantasy and the power of a harem.

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