FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 82: Soar up, O Hero! ⑰


It was a disturbing thing which resembled a spinal cord, white bones connected by joints covered in a dark membrane.

It seemed like it would span a good 7m if it were spread wide to either side, and from every joint protruded horns like thorns.

There were three pairs of these sets of bones.

Membranes covered the gaps to form a wing.

Wouldn’t they look like an umbrella if seen from afar?

“Looks more like weapons rather than wings…?”

The ends of the wings were sharp and thus looked good for stabbing.

It just so happened that I was lacking a working hand from losing an arm. This should be able to satisfy me.

I decided to test it out immediately.


I used my wing to stab in and out of the belly of Miss A, who had untruthfully called me a “demon king”.


Her neat, pure white dress now dyed red, the cry of a soprano resounded from Miss A’s mouth instead of a magic incantation.

The flesh of her lower belly was violently torn, like the mouth of a fish caught on a hook.

But that wasn’t all.


Miss A’s glossy light-pink innards came out hanging on the wing’s horn.

Miss A’s eyes rolled back in their sockets and she plunged down into the ocean.

As Miss B tried to fly down to save Miss A, I gave her a slight jab in the back, too.

“Hold my han—Kyaagh~?!”

This time my wing gouged out a pancreas. No, is this a kidney? I decided to ask its owner what it was.

Splash! Splash!

But that idea was cancelled due to the two ladies, who refused to converse, and the strange man all jumping into the ocean.

While I became displeased at being so blatantly ignored, I chose to respect the girls’ sense of virtue like the gentleman I was.


“I don’t think this’ll come out again if I stab wrong…”

It seemed caution would be necessary.


The old prince yelled desperately at the sight of the ladies’ deaths and closed in on me at a high speed.

His previous composure and leisurely manner was nowhere to be found.

“Haha! Thatta boy!”

I didn’t dodge and received the old prince’s challenge.

Though of course, I had no intention of just taking it.



I began a delivery service.

Stab! Slash!

I used my wings to stab or Holy Sword 2 to cut down the fleeing ladies, their initial spirit fueled by the power of love lost and their faces filled with fear.

There was even one who gave up resisting and begged for her life.

“Excellent judgement.”


I cleanly cut the throat of Miss E, who had thrown away her weapon.

“How could you do that when she surrendered…?!”

Another one questioned me when she wasn’t even the person concerned.

Her attitude of trying to represent another without permission was rude and offensive, but I gave a full explanation to Miss F whom I’d soon be parting with.

“Isn’t that why I sent her off painlessly?”

“You demon…! Gugh!”

End of consultation!

This time I bashed the girl’s face instead of stabbing with my wings.

I left the blood-covered Miss F to drop down. Her use was to hold back the prince who was chasing after me, roaring like a wounded beast.

It was quite effective.

“Go to your beloved’s embrace… Mm?”

I saw Miss F’s eyeball dangling off my wings like a bell. Its optic nerves were just caught on one of my wings’ horns, on the verge of breaking off.

“You didn’t really have to give me this… You wanna eat this?”

I generously asked this to the very lovely-looking Miss G, who had been looking this way and that.

She answered without much hesitation.


“No need to be reserved since it’s your friend’s!”

My wings slipped as I fed Miss G the eyeball and I ended up raking off her scalp full of hair like grilled thin pork belly.

What should I do about this?

I decided to pretend I didn’t see.

“Stop right there!”

“Woah! You startled me!”

The old prince’s roar caused me to put too much strength into my tense shoulders.

Holy Sword 2 slipped in my hand as a consequence, and ended up cutting the passerby Miss H between her 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae.

Oh! Goodness gracious!

“I didn’t get it between the 4th and 5th!”

It was my first time making this sort of mistake in 7 years.

I grasped hold of Miss H’s intact neck in order to recover my honor. This time I made no blunder in accurately gripping the spot between her 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae and—


“Your Highness, sav—!”


Her neck broken, Miss H went powerlessly limp.

It looked like she had lots to say to her beloved, but private talk like that should have been held in the heat of night beforehand.

What remained now was…


“Don’t cry. It makes your ruined face pretty!”

I caught up to Miss G, who was flying away clutching her scalp that was torn to the point of showing her white skull.

There was a deeply sensual charm to her eyes moist with tears.

She seemed to have been running rather diligently, love and friendship flung out the window, but she was much too slow in comparison to me with my bizarre wings.

Shall I cut her? Stab her? Break her?

I decided to ask for her thoughts.

“How do you want to die?”

“No! No! I don’t want to die! Sob-sob!”

Miss G began to shake her head and throw a tantrum at my question.

Why’s a grown adult acting like a child?

“O Hero! Please spare her alone at least…!”

The prince flying over from afar cried out in a pleading voice.

By looking at Miss G’s Status, I was able to analyze without difficult why he was taking a somewhat overly humble stance.

▷Race: Human
▷Level: 999+
▷Job: Crown Princess(Prince→Ability↑)
▷Skills: Charm(SSS) Coquetry(SS) Glamor(S) Magic(S) Eternal Youth(S)…
▷Condition: Fear

The Jobs of the ladies I’d killed until now were all production types or combat types; they didn’t clearly state the status of a “wife” like Miss G’s.

Jobs didn’t just appear.

While there were quite many Jobs like Robber which could be easily obtained through robbery, Jobs that involved rank and position had extremely strict requirements.

For instance…

The rulers of small countries and vassal states without any recognition, regardless of how much they asserted themselves, would not be able to attain the Job of “King”.

This strict standard applied to marital relationships as well.

Political marriages between influential families or powerful nations were a slight exception, but normally it required something like true love.

In any case.

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    1. llllll

      this mc is my favorite type in fiction story.I was wishing for non cute harem thing just like him. It disgust me to the core whenever I see girl acting cute in fiction stories where mc loves it.

  1. a wanderer

    i don’t understand, th prince’s skill rank was A right, he cannot be destroyed (▷E: Cannot be destroyed.)

    so how the mc managed to kill him?

    1. vytas0210

      Mc thinks that it’s more metaphorical or as in status (condition can’t be destroyed, eg. holy sword). It can also be translation liberty, like D rank effect: ch82 ▷D: Will not fall into chaos, ch61 ▷D: Will not be muddled, ch41 ▷D: Will never become confused, similar but a little different.

    2. CosmicShade

      It might be that Holy Sword 2 enhancement effect could achieve that, as it goes from Cannot be destroyed to Will Never be destroyed if I recall. Doubtful, but who knows? Maybe he just needs to enhance the skill more, possibly by improving Holy Sword 2 or the White Box Job

  2. Titan

    This is the best, most satisfying novel ever. No bs, no useless tag alongs, no useless dialog, friend A, hero B. Pure genius! Thanks for translating it, many many thanks!

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