FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 82: Soar up, O Hero! ⑰


I didn’t give a damn for the family affairs of others.


“The only good killer is a dead killer.”

I jeered in response to the prince’s howling.

I had no interest in what kind of person Miss G was.

She was no more than a bloodthirsty murderer from the moment she joined the group trying to kill me. There couldn’t be any compromise or understanding in this.

Miss G’s severed head and torso dropped into the ocean.

But before it could be swept away by the waves, the old prince nimbly caught her corpse.

He then yelled up looking towards me.

“Just what did you learn in the dimension of Fantasia?! What were they thinking to raise and let loose a monster like you into the world! To think they created an even fouler monstrosity to defeat us! Have they truly gone mad?!”

“I agree with you on that!”

How could they have captured a good-natured Earthling like me for 17 years! The teaching staff are definitely out of their minds.

“You scumbag Hero! I swear I will kill you…!”

“That again at this point?”

We tried to kill each other from the start.

Was there really a need to reconfirm that?


I descended towards the prince, who was howling in a voice filled with hatred.

It was for this very moment that I dealt with his harem first.

“Ahh, that’s the stuff.”

Endorphins unceasingly drove my body and mind to ecstasy.

It’s fine if my left arm’s cut off, if I lose my abilities, if I kill people, if I destroy the world.

Fear, pain, worldly desires, worries and the like all disappeared.

Although I felt as if I had even lost slight control of myself, how many powers with no side-effects were there in the world?

It was a hundred times better than an uninsured exclusive contract, fantasy powers, which could end up a “shit dream” at any moment depending on a certain transcendental being’s whimsy.


I vertically swung down Holy Sword 2.

I didn’t waste any seconds showily gathering strength this time, but merely aimed for Miss G’s corpse that was retrieved by the prince with prompt swiftness.

Blatantly at that!


The old prince retreated.

I chased after him and allowed no distance.



Our gazes met.

The old prince’s eyes were full of conflict and anguish.

He would surely be able to fight properly if he were to let go of his beloved woman’s corpse, which heavily hung in both his hands like a pair of handcuffs. But the prince who had lost his composure and turned emotionally couldn’t easily do so.

He possessed a whole two transcendental domain Skills yet he was unable to make use of them at all.

It was all he could do to mourn in his grief.

Whether it be physically or mentally, he was no opponent of mine.

That was all there was to this fight.

“Wake up from your love and friendship, foolish prince.”

“What on earth are you…?”


Even until the moment his body was split apart, the old prince was unable to let go of his lingering attachment and hung onto Miss G’s corpse.

“How idiotic.”

You can’t protect anything if you die.

Though of course, he wouldn’t have lost so simply if he had the leisure to make that level of rational judgement.

I didn’t allow the prince’s body that was split in two to fall into the Pacific Ocean.

The last thing I wanted was to go through a possible round two, after all.

I shredded his corpse with a whirlwind blended with the powers of Divinity(Z) and Dark Energy(Z), so thoroughly that there couldn’t even be a smidgen of possibility for resurrection or revenge.

A neat cleanup that left no uneasy foreshadowing or future trouble.

The virtue of an excellent Hero.

“Who cares if my abilities are false or borrowed.”

While there was the variable called fantasy ability neutralization, it was within the acceptable ranges when compared to the dismal intelligence of my 1st Playthrough companions who were companions in name only.

It was all actually a shit dream!

Isn’t this the kind of development I’ve always been wary of?

I wouldn’t be surprised even if all my abilities were taken away.

The corpses of the harem ladies were swallowed by the Pacific Ocean waves.

While it was possible there were survivors in the waters feigning death and waiting for me to leave, I didn’t want to be concerned with that.

My time was precious, after all!

Time didn’t flow 10 times as slow right now as it did in the dimension of Fantasia. In other worlds, wasting a second here meant losing a second of my cultured life.

Just the mere thought of it was horrible.

“Master, here.”

Saintess H drew near, elegantly flapping her pure-white angel wings, and brought me my left arm that was cut off.

And she brought the old prince’s lightsaber as a throw-in as well.

It just so happened that I was feeling the need for a new sword, as even Holy Sword 2 was on the verge of becoming destroyed like Holy Sword 3 before it.

“Well done, Rice Cake. As for the lightsaber… huh? Is it just registered?”

The moment I received the lightsaber from Saintess H after sticking my left arm back on like an assembly robot, I naturally realized the trick to store it.

That wasn’t the only trophy from the battle, however.

▷Type: Skill
▷Name: ■■
▷Rank: A
▷S: □□□□.
▷A: Confuse target.
▷B: Ruin target.
▷C: Induce oblivion in target.
▷D: Will not fall into chaos.
▷E: Cannot be destroyed.
▷F: Will not forget.

As I obtained EXP from the old prince whose Job was marked with “■■A”, my previously B-rank Black-Box became promoted to A-rank.

But I simply couldn’t get a feel for it.

“Geez! I gotta know how to use it, don’t I?”

The old prince caused an explosion of purple light from his eyes, yet I didn’t know how to use the Skill aside from activating it.

There was another problem as well.


I had to do something about the wings that had sprouted from my back.

It was admittedly good to be able to fly freely, but I couldn’t meet my parents with such a disturbing appearance.

You’re my son, regardless of how you appear!

… I had no expectations for this sort of movie-esque touching reunion.

It would be a relief if they didn’t grab a tennis racket screaming and whack their son who had returned after 17 years in the chin.

“Is this Master’s home planet?”

“It is. It is, but…”

I took a look around me.

Submarine volcano, tsunami, typhoon, whirlpool, heavy rain, shipwreck…

The Pacific Ocean had become the very picture of chaos and destruction.

This was all that wicked alien’s fault. What would an innocent and naive Hero who hadn’t even come back to Earth for a day know?

In any case, it was the alien’s fault.

“I think the planet will be annihilated if you fought a second time…”

“… This is my speculation. About an hour before we came to Earth, a bunch of aliens had an intense marital quarrel here. Definitely.”

“Yes… yes?”

I unsummoned Saintess H who just couldn’t keep in tune with me.

“The Pacific Ocean problem is over with this and… what’s left are these wings.”

It was difficult trying to figure out a way to hide my wings in a state of maintaining flight.

I needed to land somewhere and have some time to calmly think.

As luck would have it, I discovered a fine location for that.


“Mr. Kang Han Soo! I knew you were alive!”

There was already a passenger before me on the shipwreck.

“Huh? Factoria died in a plane crash. Who are you? Ah! Are you her clone aiming for her assets and boyfriend? What an obvious development.”

“You’re totally off the mark?! And my name is Victoria, Victoria! Please remember it will you!”

I reunited with the munitions factory lady whom I had thought dead.


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