FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 84: Could this golem be…?


Whatever the vile alien woman might say, I was innocent, but still it was possible there might be a foolish Earthling incited into doing something.

The natural disaster that had shaken the entire Pacific Ocean this time was secondary damage caused by the aliens’ marital quarrel.

It was in no way connected to me.

“… I really can’t tell what you’re thinking, Mr. Kang Han Soo.”

“Can’t tell what? I’m a 100% pure incarnation of justice.”

It had nothing to do with me, but I could smell the stench of a conspiracy.

How could I overlook it as an A-rank hero with a strong sense of justice?

I decided to solve this problem for them.

“Hmm~ Suspicious…”

“Now! Let’s go already!”

I moved to the captain’s cabin together with Victoria, who gazed at me with suspicion.


The alien woman, whom I had expected to have been stripped naked while being frisked and put on a torture chair with all four of her limbs restrained, was…

Lying comfortably on top of a clean bed under a blanket.

My brows involuntarily furrowed at that indolent and shoddy way of dealing with the woman, but I quietly passed over it as the general mood seemed approving.

First, I checked her face.

… It was Miss D.

No, looking closely, she did look like Miss C, too.

Since I had stabbed them off the bat instead of carefully checking their faces, I couldn’t remember exactly who she was.

In any case, she wasn’t Miss G. That was certain.

Well, shall I have a look at her Status?

▷Race: Mermaid

▷Level: 857

▷Job: Black Magician(Blessing=Dead Soul↑)

▷Skills: Song(S) Dead Soul(S) Immortal(A) Blessing(A) Interpretation(A)…

▷Condition: Resurrected, Anxious, Heroic Soul, Exhausted, Golem

I had thought I had thoroughly gotten rid of the old prince’s harem, but this young miss had the right conditions for coming back to life.

For starters her race was mermaid.

She had no worries of drowning to death even if she fell into the Pacific Ocean in a powerless state.

Her Job was Black Magician, which was specialized in manipulating corpses and the dead. On top of this was A-rank Immortal. It was a setup that was outright planned to defy death.

Had I seen her Status at the start, I would have killed her twice for certainty, but…

“This person’s condition is complicated…”

Victoria so muttered upon seeing the alien woman’s Status like I did.

The man who had arrived here before her replied.

“We’re speculating that she died once during a big fight near this area, then barely resurrected through a Skill. As you can see, we’re taking good care of her, but she’s not speaking due to being wary of us.”

The speaker wasn’t the captain of this cruise ship.

He was a Hero tasked with guarding the ship.

As of the present, he was more like a “mercenary with supernatural powers” than a Hero. This was similar with the Heroes on Fantasia’s continents.

Heroes are unnecessary in a world without a Demon King, after all.

No matter how great a power you had, if there was nowhere to use it, then you could only be a criminal or a security guard that stopped crimes.

“I see. Good work.”

“It’s nothing. I am being paid to do this.”

The Hero responded idly.

He was on the rather better side of things, though.

He was a full-time worker employed by the wealthy Victoria, and not a temporary mercenary who used a day’s earnings within that day.

There was quite the order around here.

There were groups who rejected this proper social life, however.


Heroes with nothing to do gathered to found armed groups called “guilds”.

Their purpose for banding together?

To protect their rights as those socially ostracized.

This was because the politicians and individuals originally in power were wary of their unregulated powers.

The Heroes that had returned after defeating Demon King Pedonar on Fantasia’s continents were more dangerous than armed robbers.

If these Heroes became bent on displaying their power, they could kill every last person alive, whether it be a conglomerate or the president.

If the Heroes had decided to take a cold and harsh stance, Earth would long have become the second Fantasia.

Or perhaps it might have become something even worse?

“Come to think of it, I wonder if that classmate of mine’s doing fine…?”

While I did gather some information myself after coming to Earth, the most of what I knew was taught to me by Classmate A, whom I coincidentally met in Fantasia’s continents.

I found it hard to believe his words back then, but upon actually seeing Heroes ordering Heroes about, I truly felt that Earth had changed a great deal.

Victoria was issuing orders.

“Everyone please step aside and leave it to me from here on.”

“Chief Director. This person is…?”

The Hero questioned my identity as I stood beside her.

Just when I was about to give a reply, Victoria began to fabricate a story without blinking a single eye.

“A trustworthy comrade. I’ll vouch for his identity, so don’t worry too much.”

“I’m the one to worry…”

A comrade by whose will? Where’s your conscience?

I had no mind to have a weak comrade like Victoria.

But if I were to deny it here, it was possible I would have to start from the beginning by checking for my identity. Since that would be very much wearisome, I decided to pass over it for the time being.

Victoria smiled again, appearing to be in a good mood.

In contrast, I grew extremely uncomfortable.

“Well if you say so, Chief Director…”

All the crew members including the Hero exited the captain’s cabin, following which only me, Victoria and the alien woman were left.

Victoria spoke as she cautiously approached the bed.

“Hello? I’m Victoria, the one in charge here. I understand that you’re uneasy, but can we talk for a moment? I promise that I will never harm you.”

The alien woman cautiously opened her eyes.

And discovered me.

“… Hi? Miss mermaid.”


The young mermaid responded to my greeting with a scream.

Crack- Shatter!

As the mermaid, whose race was famed for their strong vocal cords, screamed, all the glass windows in the captain’s cabin shattered.


I summoned forth Holy Sword 2 without hesitation.

I had been continuously pondering upon how to kill this living witness in a natural manner without drawing suspicion, yet to think she would cause a commotion like this. I could only be thankful.

This time, I’ll definitely deal with you so that you can’t resurrect.

“It’s okay! Calm down!”


I stopped my arm that was about to swing Holy Sword 2 due to Victoria stepping in and shielding the young mermaid.


The door to the captain’s cabin opened and the Hero from before entered. He seemed surprised upon hearing the noise made by the mermaid as he was waiting outside.

“Director! Are you—Gasp! You bastard!”

The Hero charged towards me like an angry bull.

It was because I had been pointing Holy Sword 2 at Victoria, which made for just the right picture for a third party to misunderstand me as trying to attack her.

Although the reason for this was Victoria interfering in the middle of her own accord, there was no time to be kindly explaining that.

Killing him was a bit too much…

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  1. Fireh

    > The Heroes that had returned after defeating Demon King Pedonar on Fantasia’s continents were more dangerous than armed robbers.
    > If these Heroes became bent on displaying their power, they could kill every last person alive, whether it be a conglomerate or the president.

    The only who didn’t manage to pass their personality test is him though.

  2. Redzeth

    Man it’s saddening that TL’s still do this, when they just go away without a word. Either give a firm statement that you are stopping or taking a break, don’t leave the people who look forward to their work hanging. Even if he were to show up now and say that he won’t be doing it anymore, for personal reasons or simply because of a burnout, would totally be fine with me, just don’t tease us like this, hoping that a new chapter could be popping up anyday now.

    1. Seregosa

      Definitely better to find a new translator. This is a novel that deserves a steady update of a few chapters each week, no chapters for this long truly makes me depressed. All too often the good novels get issues like this while the shitty ones somehow get steady and fast updates.

      What wouldn’t I give to know chinese and korean… I already know japanese but I just can’t put in the will or effort to study two other languages that doesn’t even use the alphabet or any other hieroglyphic system I’m familiar with. I mean, chinese has kanji but it feels like that’ll only make things more confusing. Nah, it’s a waste of time that I can spend on other things, I’d rather wait for updates or a future where we’ll get intelligent machine translations. Things like lnmtl are fine too, where the users provide things like a dictionary of what this or that word means in this particular novel, but that shit’s only available for chinese novels right now… and honestly, it’s only readable when the novel puts no weight on details and everything is simple, otherwise it’s hard to understand what’s going on.

  3. Rest In Piece

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