FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 84: Could this golem be…?

So I decided to give him a slight pat.

“Stay out of it, extra.”

“Whose an extr—Guegh?!”

My side kick landed on the Hero’s lower back.

Exactly between his 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae!

It was a blow that had perfectly calculated the Hero’s body structure and accelerated motion.

He must have gotten a herniated lumbar disc without any aftereffects.

“Crew Member A. Clear him away instead of just watching.”

“Yes? Yes!”

Crew Member A, who had entered a step late, attempted to help up the Hero who was lying limp on the ground, but the Hero stubbornly shook off the crew member’s hand.

“Let go! I can stand on my ow—Kuarrgh~?!”

The Hero clutched at his lower back as he was standing up gallantly and fell down again.

While I didn’t openly show my delight, I was greatly satisfied at having confirmed that he had properly gotten a herniated disc.

I had been slightly worried as I had failed last time against a certain young lady, but my skills hadn’t rusted yet.

The Hero was carried out on a stretcher, unable to move in the slightest.

Thus only three were left in the captain’s cabin, again.


The young mermaid was trembling violently, covered with the bed blanket up to her head.

She didn’t scream again.

It was thanks to Victoria comforting her by the side like a big sister.

“Yes, calmly take a deep breath. You’re doing well. And you, Mr. Kang Han Soo, please put away your weapon already! Haah! Really… But how did you summon a Holy Sword when there’s no Holy Sword in your Condition?”

I clicked my tongue at Victoria’s inquiry.

And activated Black-Box.

Although I didn’t want to go this far, I had no choice in order to quietly settle the situation.

“Victoria. Look into my eyes.”

“Yes, Look me in the eyes and tell me. Just where did you get that unusual-looking Holy Sword?”

Snap. (Eyes snapping open.)

I erased Victoria’s memory instead of answering, got rid of everything that happened after she met me.

The plane was destroyed in the air due to the old prince’s surprise attack, and the only survivors were her and me.

The plan was to erase Victoria’s memories and pass it off as amnesia, and claim that the culprit behind it is the young mermaid lady.

By doing so, I would be able to deal with the young mermaid in a legal way.

Furthermore, the truth behind the incident in the Pacific Ocean would forever be buried in the dark.

“Victoria. Do you know who I am?”

I should check if Victoria’s memory is cleanly erased.

“Mr. Kang Han Soo. What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“… Mm?”

“Uh, your face is too close! Too close I’m telling you?! I’ll turn a blind eye to the matter of the Holy Sword, so please give me space! Quickly!”

Victoria thus pleaded with a bright-red face as she backed up.

… Just what was going on here?

Victoria, whose memory should have been wiped, was just fine. I made a second attempt, but she didn’t forget me.

In exchange…

An incomprehensible phenomenon occurred.

▷Race: Arch-Human

▷Level: 1

▷Job: Sorcerer(Willpower=Sorcery↑)

▷Skills: Willpower(SS) Sorcery(SS) Swordsmanship(S) Immunity(S) Survivability(A)…

▷Condition: Agitated, Demon Sword, Confused, Oblivion

Victoria’s Level had dropped as low as it could go.

It wasn’t just her either.

▷Race: Chaos Human

▷Level: 1

▷Job: Playboy(Woman→Allure↑)

▷Skills: Divinity(Z) Dark Energy(Z) Blessing(Z) Fabrication(SSS) Battle Spirit(SS)…

▷Condition: Holy Sword, Saintess, Golem, Oblivion

My Level had also fallen.

Although my Skills weren’t sealed along with my Level like when the old prince used that purple eye-beam some time ago, my Level was fixed at 1 like that time.

And my Job had changed to Playboy.

“Never have I seen such a crazy Status…!”

Treating me like a playboy when I lived 17 years decently and with great integrity on Earth!

As if it wasn’t outrageously unfair enough that I was held captive for 17 years in a barbaric fantasy world, I thought it was too much.

How had this happened?

“Status? Uh… Huh?! My Level?!”

Victoria tilted her head at overhearing me muttering to myself, following which she was shocked out of her wits herself after confirming her own Status.

I was still better off than her, however. While it was somewhat shocking that my Job had changed to “Playboy”, I was able to take it calmly as I knew it would be restored to normal with the passage of time.

… Really, how come I’m classified as a playboy when I haven’t even dated someone once properly?!

Something was up with this.

“Power of a Hero…”

The young mermaid lady, who had peeked her nose out from underneath the bed blanket, murmured to herself.

She seemed to know something.

It wasn’t that this young mermaid lady was special. It was highly likely that she had information which was universally known by the aliens I had killed in the Pacific Ocean.

Common knowledge to them.

But unknown information to us.

That being the case, I decided to put killing her on hold for the time being.

“Miss mermaid. Shut your gills and listen carefully. If you answer what I’m going to ask quick and smart, I’ll kill you swiftly without pain.”

Of course, I had no mind to spare her life.

It had to be made known that the natural disaster that occurred in Earth’s Pacific Ocean was caused by the marital quarrel of aliens.

Victoria complained from the side.

“Mr. Kang Han Soo! Who would answer if you threaten them like that!”


“You’re okay with that?! Look here! Don’t be giving up on your precious life so easily! I’ll look strange if you agree so readily!”

“If I’m going to die anyway, I want to die comfortably…”

The young mermaid lady made a sensible judgement as she trembled. She’s quite good for an idiotic fish head, huh?

“I won’t kill you so don’t worry.”

Victoria began to sell nonsense.

As a righteous Hero, I didn’t tell lies even if I were to suffer losses, but it seemed that Victoria was intending to reassure the young mermaid by saying she would be spared, then deal with her after extracting all the information she had.

What a truly frightening woman.

“R-really? That scary male as well?”

“Of course. So long as you completely disarm yourself and cooperate. First, please summon your golem and move it to that corner.”

She even requested for disarmament for an easy kill.


The foolish young mermaid believed in the cunning Victoria’s words and obediently summoned her golem.

She had willingly given up the best weapon and shield she could use in her exhausted state.


A beautiful female-type golem that wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing was summoned.

It was a Valkyrie, which was the main force of the aliens, but as much as it was for personal use, its performance was superior to that of mass-production models.

Its Status was a bit strange, however.

▷Race: Old Golem

▷Level: 1

▷Job: Prince(National Power=Willpower↑)

▷Skills: Willpower(Z) Infiltration(Z) Charm(S) Laundry(A) Massage(A)…

▷Condition: Possessed, Exhausted, Oblivion, Despair, Resignment

Anyone could see that it was an attractive-looking female type, yet its Job was “Prince”, and its set of Skills was extremely suspicious as well.

I plainly stared at the golem that was moving to the corner.

The golem surreptitiously avoided my gaze.

“You, could you be…?”

“… I am a household golem. I do not know anything.”

It wasn’t a repechage, but in any case, we had met again.


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Translator : Hunnybuttachips

Editor : Fujimaru

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    > The Heroes that had returned after defeating Demon King Pedonar on Fantasia’s continents were more dangerous than armed robbers.
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    The only who didn’t manage to pass their personality test is him though.

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