FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 85: When will I get to go home?


When the mermaid saw the stat of beautiful summoned golem, she began to get excited.

“Z grade skill?! There’s even two?!”

As if she was not familiar with the surrounding district she went, but by noticing the seemingly important information, such as stats, that can be acknowledged everywhere, she seemed to realize what it was faintly.

How am I sure of this?

The Victoria’s expression was serious.

Her face showed that she needs time to write a will.

“Factoria. Relax.”

“Mr. Kang Han Soo! Do I look like I can calm down?! It’s a transcendent, a transcendent! Ah! You may not know what the Z rating is. Listen. It’s The next step of SSS rating. It’s only an area of fantasy. Only one of the champions of the earth has achieved the ultimate ground! Even if 100 strong people like me can’t win against it.”

“You’re wrong.”


“A million of you.”

The 100-person factory is not enough.

“Harsh! No, now is the time for such thing…. Um, Mr. Kang Han Soo? What are you doing now?”

“I’m conversing with that golem.”

“Anyway,I mean. Sigh! Whatever! Do what you need to do. Now that I think about it, I was the stupid one. We’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s nowhere to run away anyway.”

With her shoulders drooping, Factoria gave into despair.

I ignored her and looked at the golem.

Looking again it, there was no difference.

The old prince that I thought I perfectly eliminated.

But he took refuge in the golem, which was used by a lady in his harem.

Whether it was the prince’s life insurance from a long time ago, or the momentary wit of a mermaid.

The important thing is that the old prince is still alive.

He was only a soul that had lost his body, but he brought two of his most important transcendent skills.

If the old prince had been in the flesh of a person, not a golem, I would not have even searched for him.

As soon as I saw it, I would have gotten rid of him.

However, it was a golem.

“This golem is made for houseware♪”


Golems are tools.

Soul-like things didn’t even matter.

Special golem can be bartered and also be claimed with permanent ownership, like a sword.

Only thing is that only one is allowed.

“Ms.Mermaid. I like this housekeeping Android, but won’t you exchange it with my latest golem? What, it’s a Sage-made golem? Inside this there is an ancient heroic soul!”

“Wait a minute!”

“What is it again now?”

I asked the mermaid lady, but the wrong girl showed interest first.

“Did the Sage of the Tower of the Sage make the golem?”

The Factoria asked for asked for another confirmation.

After gathering much patience, then I answered calmly.


“It’s, it’s amazing. The Sage hated the golems as he viewed them as a pathetic trick of mage.”

Like The Factoria’s monologue, she’s right about that Sage loathing the golems.

However, the harmony of yin and yang are like that of a cosmic providence, meaning that it’s above the mundane human philosophy.

I summoned golem D.


“Master! You’re too much! How could you pass me on to an unidentified evil alien…!”

As soon as Golem D was summoned, it complained.

However, I had nothing to regret. This golem is only a product with set blueprint. If only the materials and manpower are sufficient, mass production is possible.

The heroic spirit inside was a bit of a shame to lose it, but it wasn’t comparable to an old prince with two transcendental skills.

I ignored Golem D’s protest and looked back at Factoria.

I didn’t even have to ask for an answer.

“Wow! This is the golem that the Sage developed! It has an amazing stats! Gasp! This material that makes up the hair, could it really be…? It’s really amazing!
To make it look aesthetically pleasing, to pour in so much mythical gold generously… I’m already looking forward to seeing how awesome the interior is.”

“It’s not really better than that home-welfare Valkyrie?”

If the two fight, the conclusion will come out in 1 second.

“Maybe, but even if we marvel at the incandescent light bulbs invented by Edison, but we disregard the sun’s light. Same can be said about this..
I have tried to extract the Valkyrie, which had been frozen and captured just before the self-destruct, but I couldn’t interpret the structure at all. However, this golem combines magic and science
It’s the real deal. It’s a revolution in human science!”

Factoria’s praises continued without stopping.

She couldn’t stand it anymore, and she approached Golem D, and she began to touch and graze all over the place.

Then she asks.

“Heroic Golem. Do you feel my touch?”

“Ahhh. Yes, so don’t touch me over. Kyah?!”

“It’s amazing!”

… Isn’t that sexual harassment, even among women?

It might be OK because it’s a robot.


“Mermaid. Let’s trade it with my golem.”

“Yes Yes!”

What was the saying again, you’re spitting on smiling face? The mermaid lady who saw my friendly face quickly agreed.


“Wait a minute!”

The old golem, listening from the corner, intervened as if it were disturbing.

“Owners are talking right now. Golem should go out over there.”

“Ensure her safety. Then I will follow you without struggle. No, you really can’t be needing a home-welfare golem, right? No, if you put your hand on her, you’re going to be unable get home-welfare golem.”


I pretended to think as i heard the threat that is not a threat.
I won’t lose anything at all. In the first place, Golem D’s design was thrown out there and created in the Magic Kingdom.

It didn’t cost any money, not even a labor fee.

But if I accept it right away, and prince asks, “Was I too hasty?” then he becomes suspicious, therefore I’m taking my time on answering.

The prince’s face became increasingly anxious that it has become a pretty housekeeper robot. It couldn’t stand it anymore and asked first.

“What will you do?”

It means that the time is ripe.

“… Ok. I promise to not touch the mermaid.”

“Don’t play with words, make sure that she’s safe. What I mean is to not make mistakes or make shameless excuses that others have touched her.”

“Sniff! I lived only in deception.”

“Promise me. I do not believe in you.”

The old golem growled with a scalding look.

But it didn’t look threatening at all because it was in a beautiful Android body. Instead of a threat, I heard it as, “You’re tired tonight, so just go to rest please.” says the seemingly Oriental Maid.

Should I scoff at it?

This time, however, I endured.

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  1. God

    Wow, this is disappointing. Gone from being one of the rare gems with an actually good translation quality to average trash in one fell swoop due to a change in translator. Really shows the difference a good translator makes from an average one. Though the chapter also suffers from sloppier editing, so the Editor isn’t faultless either in this case.

    Too bad about Hunnybuttachips going MIA.

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