FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 85: When will I get to go home?

It was called the Far-sighted plan. It’s easy to catch a fish here, but you don’t get the useful golem.

“Alright, I will do what I can do within my limits to keep her safe!”

Let’s paint the big picture for the distant future.
“Haa. How could my position come to be like this…..”

The old golem sighed, even if he asked me to do what it wanted.

Don’t worry, I will slave you away?


The process of exchanging golems was very simple, even when the sage was given ownership of the superbot Captain Fantasy.



Just like slave documents exchange, you lay your hands on the core of the Golem and share the promised spells and passwords.

At this point, it’s possible to buy and run off with the orders and passwords, but the Golems aren’t able to break free from contract, so it would be pointless to do so.

Anyway, the contract was over quickly.

Rather, it took longer to say goodbye in pointless dramatic emotional way.

“Prince. I’m so sorry…”

“No, you did your best. I’m satisfied with just that.”

The mermaid and the housekeeper golem exchanged bitter smiles.

… Should I input my blessing as well?

“Tin Can. You’ve heard the contract? Keep that mermaid safe. If you can’t keep her safe, I’ll soak you in the maggi sauce and decorate you.”


Golem D nodded furiously with the momentum that could break its neck. It seemed to understand.
I changed my password as soon as the old golem was transferred to me.

With that, contract and the deal ends.

Golem D?

“Hello, beautiful new owner! I’m very happy to hear that the mermaid, that used to keep me company, came to be my owner. I’m very happy to server under you. Now, even though it is the body of the golem, I was a Hero. I swear here that I will protect you until the day when this body has broken down and stops working.”

Golem D, who summoned The Sword 3 just before it was broken, knelt in front of the mermaid like a knight.

The mermaid looked a little surprised.

“The hero is in the golem…?”

“Yes, it’s unbelievable, but it’s true.”

“That’s right. It’s not like we have a relationship that can be pitched away, thank you very much for the future. What happens to be your name? Oh noble Hero.”


Suddenly, Golem D cried.

“Why, why do you do that?! What did I say?!”

“Finally…. I finally meet the owner who will call me my name. No matter how much you teach that person, it’s Tin Can every day…. Wah! Thank you, new owner. With all my heart
I’m going to take care of you.”

“… the pain of your heart seems deep.”

It was very uncomfortable for me to hear it from so close-by.

Why do you need a good name for a measly golem that’s not even a superbot? You should be thankful that I didn’t disassemble you.

Then, a lovely voice could be heard from the side.

The tone was the opposite however.

“My name is Boris. Boris. I will never cooperate if you do not call me by my name.”

“This scammer Tin can! That wasn’t in the contract!”

I complained to old prince.

“You’re going to complain about contract which is only basic courtesy!”

“You’re calling the master ‘you’. I don’t care about the title-like and such.”

“… I will call you Kang Han Soo from now on.”

“You can just call me ‘you’.”

It doesn’t mean that the main contract will be lifted.

“Names are important! You- Ku! Name gives the power of divinity that of inviolability that makes the existence of what Kang Han Soo is. It is in a higher concept than a false force, a Hero’s power.
So far, you’ve only noticed your level and skill, but if you want to be stronger than you are now, look no further into your race and profession.”

“Race huh… .”

It was an interesting story.

Is it because I was classified as ‘chaos’?

I think it was good in exchanging golems.
Golem D with set blueprint can be crafted as much as possible, but Boris had useful information and power for me.


I’m the type of person who don’t memorize a man’s name.

“Hey. Boris is a man’s name.”

“My soul is a man.”

“Now you’re a pretty Android, no matter how you look. How about accepting reality and changing it to a feminine name?”

“I would rather perish. That is my last bit of ego.”

… So Boris became Boris.

However, this was not enough.

Although the housekeeper golem was strengthened by a powerful soul, it did not change its unfortunate body.

So I decided to upgrade.

The divinity and the magi were pushed in turn.

However is this because it was born like Sword 3? The devil and the devil worshippers’ favorite Magi could not be intermixed.


◦Race: Old Golem

Level: 999+

≤Occupation: Maid (owner → job)↑

≤Skill: Vitality Z, Penetration Z, Holy SSS, Charm SS, Massage S…

State: Transcendence, reluctance, embarrassment

The affinity to divinity was terrifying.

If I had not been able to pour out divinity indefinitely with the skill “infinite”, I would have been sucked out quick.

The job is the ‘Hanyeo’(下女).

In English, maid.

The maid excels at doing more odd chores as master becomes stronger.

The one in question still call itself a man, but now I have been recognized as a transcendent being who is a woman to the bone.

“Boris. There’s a lot I want to hear.”

“Hngt! Don’t expect information that will do harm to the country.”

“Let’s start with that then, that country. Hu hu, relax. This is not a betrayal. It’s like a pre-tour before you go sightseeing.”

“You’re a fabricator once you open your mouth.”

“It’s SSS class!”

“I’m not complimenting you!”

Factoria, who was listening to our conversation, smiled and asked.

“It may sound a little strange, but did you know each other for a long time?”


“I don’t know him.”

We met for the first time today.

Knock knock.

I could hear the knocking on the door of that violent hero tattered and the captain’s room.

When I looked at the clock, it was about time of arrival.

Outside the door, the captain said.

” Victoria Boss. A salvage ship and a rescue ship arrived, and there’s a rush of requests to guide captured alien recruits, because of the aviation accident
I know you’re struggling with distress, but I think you’ll have to hurry up.”

…guide the mermaid’s recruits?

“Mr. Kang Han Soo, you know it in your heart that you want to go back home, but now you’re not an outsider, so could come with me. Hiik?! Your expression ! It’s scary! It’s really scary!”

“This girl is really too much! Which country’s law is to spit on smiling face? Is that what your country’s moral book say?”

We were transferred to the rescue ship, and we moved to the Pacific’s third maritime city, which Factoria operates.

Unintentionally, your hands may slip.
By the way.

“When do I go home?”

When I arrive at the maritime city, I’ll have to call home. Then my mother’s tennis racket might slip less.


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Translator : ParaGod

Editor : Fujimaru

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