FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 86: Why is A-Class Hero…?


From foreign couple’s fight, to getting directly getting messed up in marine city, it was a mess.

If Factoria hadn’t brought the mermaid, they would have sent the salvage and rescue boats much later. It was that hectic.

Then Factoria had also lost her mind.

“Ah, my factory… . ”

She looked devastated as she looked over the wrecked military warehouse, and containers.

There were many lost materials floating in the endless waves .

Recovery aside, if the same situation is repeated, the operation itself may be impossible and the business itself may have to be shut-down.

This however, has nothing to do with me.

So I led the mermaid lady to the hotel.

Originally, as soon as one got off the rescue boat, one had to go through a complicated process, such as identification and such, but now that the city is in turmoil, so everything was glanced over.

Afterwards, I called home right away.

I was worried if my new phone number has changed or my memory was wrong, but fortunately it didn’t happen.

There was a different problem however.

Beep beep beep beep….

My parents did not answer the phone at all and ended the call instantly. It must have been mistaken for voice phishing by seeing the foreign number.

“This is driving me crazy…”

So I used different means.

First by texting, ‘I’m the son who left home. Please answer the phone! ”And then called again.

This time it was successful.


“What’s wrong with you? Huhu. Kid who called ‘Mom, mom’ but now what ‘mother’? Your tone became sophisticated. Why? Ran out of money, arrogance!
Did your parents’ faces just come to mind? If you’re independent, you should have ended it as such. What? Ho Ho! This son of mine who went out from home knows how to joke now. That so called high school friend of yours reported you went missing. You talk good for the position you were in! When I listened to that friend, you dragged around pretty girls like slaves.
And flirting? Are you insane now? When I first heard it, I thought it was about someone else of ugly little son of different house from ours. Whenever such things happened in the news,
I clicked my tongue and scolded about such thing every time, but my son was in the middle of. . Did you know that I was so surprised that I ate heart medicine that I hadn’t touched for the last 20 years? Sigh… .
No matter how jobs of heroes have become during these strange times, you should protect what’s right. Kang Hansoo. This mother never raised you like that. Don’t play around with other families dear daughters. How upset would they be if their parents knew? What? Do you have permission from their parents? You’re big and independent?
Hoo! Can you say that in front of your father? He is saying. To get my love, when I was so popular at the university, he sang a shameful bit of his own song to me. Hmm? I told him to do that? Ho Ho! what do you mean? Does your father say that? Honey- hmm? He was just here by my side… .
Anyway, don’t sneak around the house until you’ve tidied up and brought your true lady and grandson. If you continue to screw around in delusional-like a harem, I will commit suicide while you’re watching me. And wait. I will get your dad… . Where did this person go? Hanging up for now. Let’s talk later. Honey ~
I’d like to talk to you about the old times.


My mother’s phone hung up.

I lay down on the couch that was nearby.

“I, I’m tired… . ”

I couldn’t get home.

Aside from my parents being upset, Alumni A has made a very big misunderstanding because he said something strange.

What do you mean harem?

That doesn’t suit me at all.

What should I do?

“You have a wonderful mother. She’s deeply hurt by her child’s passing in the fantasy world. ”

“Shut up.”

“Closing your eyes does not change the truth-”

I dismissed sarcastic Boris’ summon.

“Well, it’s okay. I can get rid of the misunderstandings anytime.”

Anyways, there is a lot of time ahead.

The final goal is to return to being ordinary and cultured citizen. I also learned how to hide the most annoying stats from the short lecture from Boris.

Black box.

I heard the name of the skill, but did not remember it.

Boris said the cause was “I wasn’t qualified to hear the name because I was too weak.”

The guy who was defeated by that incompetent man. Ah! Should I say woman now?


Influential players are gathering at this maritime city.

Their purpose is to recruit the mermaid.

After dealing with this problem, I had planned to go home. It didn’t seem like it would take that long.


I heard footsteps of people coming this way.

In addition to footsteps, the heart beats and breaths from the tension just before the battle is mixed within.

“This type of situation has been awhile.”

This is because I have always been like this after 2nd playthrough of Fantasia. Knowing the future that will happen in the future I coped with whatever and moved on first.

Did I get used to that place?

I didn’t think my opponent would attack first. Or was he ignorant because of earth’s gentlemanliness?

Whatever it is, only a laugh came out.

“Sir A Class Hero. There are a lot of people outside.”

The mermaid who was showering without being tired of water, the water-loving race came out and gave me a glimpse of nakedness and told me so.

My face, which was slightly wrinkled, was released. Not because of the fantastic cola bottle shape of the mermaid who was the lover of the old prince.

That was due to the race characteristics of the mermaid.

A-class Hero!

Mermaids instinctively capture the names of males they like. It is the wisdom of life that stupid fish have been able to sustain themselves without extinction.

“I will deal with it. Go back.”

I was misunderstood by my mother because of Alumni A.

But if it is known that I was in a hotel with a naked woman, excuses will not work.

The most frightening development was to say that I was responsible for her and I marryied this stupid fish.

It was terrible just imagining that alone.

“Please release the captive prisoner.”

A polite voice came from the door of the room.

In fact, it is the last ultimatum.

All the rooms above, below, left and right were seized. I was perfectly surrounded, except for the thick concrete walls.

“Threatening the Sacred Hero… ? ”

They were not as favorable as the barbarian Fantasia people. Is it because of lack of faith? Or is it… .

I calmly closed my eyes and thought.

There are parents on Earth.

I had to keep in mind the possibility that someone who had a grudge against me would hurt my parents.

It is harder to defend than to save.

Let’s say, if one shoots with a pistol or stabs a person with a knife, that person is just dead.

If this was a Fantasia continent, it would have already been annihilated.

I would grab hold of everything, teach them who they were messing with, clean up the person who gave out the order and as well as the families and relatives, so that he would not have to repent.

“This is the last warning. Release the prisoner in captivity. ”

I opened my eyes to the hurried voice.

The decision was over.

“If you don’t want to see your children and wife die in front of you, screw off.”

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  1. Seregosa

    Can’t say I like the mother, so stupid and incredibly annoying. Perfectly portrays the stereotype asian mother, the retarded pieces of shit that care more about themselves than their kids even when the thing is about their child’s own life decisions.

    Also, I don’t like the mc’s attitude about it either. Just let trash like that die.

    By the way, the grammar dropped way too much in recent chapters, didn’t it? It’s readable, but just barely. No offense, I appreciate the effort, it’s just always somewhat hard to accept when the translation quality suddenly drops.

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