FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 86: Why is A-Class Hero…?


“I’ll give you three seconds to think. Three, two… . ”

Bang! Shatter!

Bombs that were set on the door of the room exploded, and those who descended like Tarzan on wire broke through the windows.

It was the special ops with a black dress covered from head to toe.

They dropped a special smoke bomb into the cabin and then fired their rifles without hesitation.


Fire came from the muzzle that had been loaded beforehand. In a very short time hundreds of bullets were shot at me.

A bullet flew from a building far away and targeted between my brows precisely.

All of those bullets were very fast.

So much that…

The following happened almost simultaneously:





Just before the bullet hits the skin, the sacred white light bursts continuously, covering my body like a shield.

▷ Type: Skill
▷ Name: Holy
▷ Rating: Z

▶ ZZ: Exercise divine punishment. (0%)
▶ Z: Anyway, sacred.
SSS: To be worshiped.
SS: Exercise divine reflection
S: Ignore general attribute attacks.
A: Praise
B: Purifies Dark Energy
C: Exercises sacred defenses.
D: Bless.
E: Withstands Dark Energy
F: Exercise sacred attacks.

Skill Divine Z effects was ruthlessly activated. Physical attacks are also included in the general attributes.

Therefore it returned all the attacks.

I do not know the exact principle of my skill.

Only the fact that the firepower, comparable to the bullet’s kinetic energy, was “reflected” and hit the special ops.

The human body is weak.

Even without nuclear weapons humans die easily.

You don’t need a loud rifle with such a large aperture and some infrared scope.

A palm-sized pistol and a 10-won bullet are enough.

If there’s hundreds of those?


Bulletproof vests and bulletproof hats worn by the special ops were meaningless.

You might get lucky and live if you were shot once or twice, but as soon as they pulled the triggers, dozens of shots were scrambled.

All of that kinetic energy is reflected back.

What will happen?

Hududu, hudududuk… .

Debris that had just been human bounced off in the opposite direction, and some fell out of the broken window.

They’re using some good weapons?

It would have been that way if they were shooting on an ordinary human.

As soon as the bombardment disappeared, a special ops stationed in the corridor carried out the next operation.

“The prisoner is in the shower! Charge… ? ”

“Confirm if it’s an anesthetic gun… ? ”

“Unconditional! For my country… ? ”

“Surrender and put your hands up above your head… ? ”

Special ops that were rushing into the doorway of the cabin, destroyed by the bomb stopped, slurring the end of their words.

The smoke screens are thick, but because they can see with the infrared sensors on their bulletproof hats.

“Hi guys. What country are you from? How about your wife and children? What about your parents? Do you not know that you are living on the money you kill? ”

I greeted them in good shape.

“Even if it’s a Hero, how could he ?!”


“C, crazy! Shoot! ”

They all started shooting as commandos wanted more brutal violence than gentleman dialogue.

But it did not penetrate my Divine Z.
Per every shots, death.

Frightened and unable to make a normal judgment, they pulled the triggers and like moths on fire they repeated the death like the friends that left first.

And only one left.

“Huhu! Why don’t you shoot? Will you break the command of your boss? ”

“I, I am the commander…”

In response to the survivor’s rebuttal, I was speechless.

“Hmm. So you are the commander. Ignored my warning about killing your wife and children, I thought my dumb friend here would look stupider. Hiya ~ So young
To think you would be a handsome man! Your wife and daughter would like you. Ah! Are you perhaps single, and that’s why you ignored my warning? ”

“Crazy… . ”

“How could you say I’m crazy. You’re being too harsh. I haven’t done anything yet. Not even self-defense, I stayed still. ”

The terrified commander walked backwards.

Of course, I did not intend to send him back all fine and dandy.


Dark Energy, shoots out from my hand, and wrapped the commander’s whole body.

Dark Energy, that infiltrated the Earth man’s body with little to no resistance, quickly established itself.

And corrupted.

“Ho… . ”

It was only made for demonic followers to quickly extract information from the watch guards, but there was an unexpected harvest.

▷ Race: Arc Human
▷ Level: 1
▷ Occupation: Knight (Loyalty → Indomitable ↑)
Skill: Dark Energy F
▷ Status: Chaos, Corruption, Obedience

A stat that just hadn’t been in the commander was created. Level 1 and only one skill was clear.

Did his job get reinterpreted by standard of fantasia?

Whatever it was, it was an interesting result.

“If so… . ”


I gave it some more magi.

I was thinking of pulling out information from the commander, but I decided to join the experiment to satisfy my curiosity.

The result came out quickly.


Duc, tuk … .

A pair of black wings emerged from the back of screaming commander.

Black horns emerged from the top of the ear.

The commander’s modern battle gear broke the mood, but it was an image of the devil.

“Hmm ~ this is an interesting result.”

The race of dark knights I trained in the second playthrough was changed to Dark Human, but it was a mixed race.

No matter how Dark Energy was granted did not change like this commander.

Is it because he is an Earth human?

Race: Arc Daemon
▷ Level: 1
▷ Occupation: Noble(Family = grace ↑)
▷ Skill: Dark Energy S
▷ status: Joy, Loyalty

The race has turned into a devil. It was not an ordinary devil, but a strong devil lineage called the superior species from birth.

It was an interesting find.

“My king. I swear allegiance to you. ”

The commander, reborn as a high-level demon, knelt his head down on the ground beneath my feet.

It is not acting to beg for his life.

It was a loyalty coming from the heart of the Dark Energy.

“The hell you mean king… . Ah! The occupation is now a Demon King, so king is king. . hm?”

I was embarrassed to respond humbly and inadvertently checked my job.

What is this thing doing again?

As the race turned into alien, the stats often broke down since I came to my beautiful home planet.

▷ Race: Chaos Alien
Level: 999+
Job: Demon King (Brave → Level ↓)
▷ Skill: Holy Z Dark Energy Z Bless Z Fabricating SSS Discard SS …
Status: Holy Sword, Magic Sword, Lady, Golem

Where does one apply for AS? (ED/N : AS stand for After Service, it’s something like Customer Service)

If this doesn’t get fixed soon, this will become very difficult.



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Editor : Fujimaru

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