FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 87: This is ridiculous!


“You most certainly have been caught in a huge scheme.”

The Demon King Fedonar must have launched a campaign to catch me while he was vulnerable and try to get rid of the strongest Hero, Kang Hansoo.

Otherwise, my job as an A-class Hero that is more difficult than going to a prestigious university couldn’t have changed this drastically.

Yes, but…

The job of the Demon King was not bad.

I used the ‘Learn More’ feature.

[Demon King: An absolute being who reigns over all demons. Control over demons below the royalty. Innate Skill, Dark Energy, has reached the extremity in Comprehension. You are innately very vulnerable to Holy-type of skills. Also, when dealing with weaker Heroes, the level will fall equally.
Please be careful.]

“Huh ~ The problem is divinities and Heroes?”

Well, divinity is not a problem.

I have always carried divinity all over my body.

Even if I have been caught in the Vulnerable-operation of Demon Fedonar, the heavens and the earth know that I’m justful A-class Hero.

… a hero?

I guess I can get and start making guesses once I get into it.

But before that,

“It makes no sense to be a king and have only one servant!”

I decided to do a head-count to use as a shield.


An indispensable surveillance camera in modern society.

Where privacy was important, it was not installed, but it was built into some special ops combat suits.

Thanks to this, they noticed that they had failed to abduct prisoners.

From now on it is a fight against time.

I had no intention of defending.

From the Fantasia continent, my combat method was, with 17 years of experience. “You hit me once, I hit you once!”

Avoidance doesn’t suit me.

Attack and smash until you get rid of all the trouble.

That’s how I survived 17 years on the Fantasia continent.

“There are many customers who want to fall.”

Even in the Fantasia continent, the reason for being vigilant of demon followers in all countries is because of their rate of spreading.

Evil power is easily available.

When you have a demon-like body, you have youth, health, strong body, long life, improved beauty, and high memory with a comprehensive set.

Beauty, conglomerates, athletes, scientists, old men, politicians… .

Although not necessarily a specific field, the power of the devil is attractive to everyone. As a result, supply cannot always keep up with demand.

Earth was no different. No, it was more terrible because the earth had no evil power.

It is estimated that demand will explode.

“Sprinkle the Dark Energy.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Starting with the S-class demon, who was the commander, I focused solely on special ops surrounding the hotel.

Like the elites that they are, they trained the body and spirit with special training to the limit that ordinary people can reach, the special ops had nothing to reach beyond.

What they’re lacking is level.

This was a problem I could not do anything about it.

“Ah! That isn’t so true I guess?

I decided to experiment straight away.

There were not only special ops around here. There were also many Heroes that belonged to places such as nations and secret organizations.

If you die, they probably won’t complain?

“This guy! Do you know where we belong to-? Kuek ?! ”

“Jo, your job is the Demon King? *Gag-?!”

“I am a therapist. I’m very useful- kyak ?! ”

I gave some thrashing for the Heroes.

The ones who resisted with tremendous vigor and I who overwhelmed them with just as much force I was given, but even then the level change was not visible.

After all, the Demon King’s penalty did not play.

“Huh ~ A retired Hero is not a Hero?”

If the job is not a ‘Hero’, the penalty does not seem to apply.

What if this guess is true?


“The Demon King is not bad at all!”

There is no “Hero” on earth.

Graduates get new jobs as they return to Earth.

On the Fantasia continent, each of them was in the position of “protagonist.” It was not an exaggeration to say that the world rolls for that one person.

That’s why each dimension was a duplicated world to foster one Hero.

But Earth is different.

The truth is that students who grew up like plants in a greenhouse came out ‘Fantasia’ and learned the bitterness of society in earnest.

Network, kinship, embroidery, appearance, political quality, relative evaluation… .

They learn the fear of this and realize that more geniuses have come and settled in the world while they thought they were the best.

This is the reality.


“Kyak ?!”

The power of love and friendship is dust in front of a real A-class Hero, it was only a dust.

Let’s teach the fear of society to those fake Heroes who graduated before me and were enjoying their cultural life.

With the fist of 17 years of experience and tears!

Drop, Puk, Flop.

The fake Heroes fell in front of me.

“Let’s start the experiment. Kill. ”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Demon Commander removed the Military Dagger from his arms. Then, after putting the S-grade Dark Energy on the tip of the knife, he pierced the soldier’s Adam’s apple without hesitation.

“Kuek ?!”

The Hero who was beaten by me was stretched out could not resist and let his life go on.

From now on it was important.


Race: Arc Daemon
▷ Level: 71
▷ Occupation: Aristocrat
▷ Skill: Dark Energy S, Murder F
▷ Status: Growth

As expected, the level of Commander Devil has risen. But his job was not a Hero, so his experience was poor.

Still, I was satisfied.

The important thing is that the level has risen.

“It’s just good as a bargaining material.”

I did not intend to be satisfied here.

If you make a move, you should see it to the end. If you stop halfway along the way, you’ll see a lot of cases that lead to bad results, either retaliation or remorse.

What did I learn from that?

If you kill today, tomorrow will be safe!



I have increased the amount of S-class demons. If I infuse the Dark Energy some more, even SS grades would be possible. It was encouraging for fierce competition and improvement to work efficiently that ignored labor law, such a plan was introduced.

“Listen, fallen things. If you want to reach SS level, increase your useful followers even more!”

The demons that received my orders scattered.

Their ideas were similar.

They moved quickly to corrupt the old boss who gave them orders.

“Huh. Boss.”

“Team Leader. It will be different now. ”

“I want her to… . Huh. ”

This is another attraction of Dark Energy.

It doesn’t matter if your opponent is the president, gold spoon-fed or a senior citizen. If only Dark Energy’s rating is relatively high, then anyone can be called a slave.

Anyone would have dreamed of it at least once.

Dominating your own superiors!

On the Fantasia continent, there were many idiots who had hidden this desire and got exposed to it before.

Such as a sneaky commoner who tried to enslave a noble princess as a demon follower?

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