FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 88: Natural Enemy

While doing so, I thought.

Boris says he’s a respected swordsman instructor.

It wasn’t a staff sent by the grudgeful fantasy god, but an assassin sent to deal with the Demon King by the First Hero.

Is the First Hero guarding against the resurrection of Demon King Pedonar?

Whatever it was, it’s absurd.


“Come! My friend! ”

The fairy Hero took off the distorted helmet and shouted loudly.

And a fairy woman of 2 meter in height appeared.

With twin-sword in both hands, she possesses a physical figure that has a crooked and uneven chest.

The problem was not that.

“A Golem for golem? It’s thorough! ”

This woman was a Fairy Hero’s golem.

He prepared very firmly to break the Demon King. Golem stats were also well expressed.

Race: Old Golem
Level: 999+
Job: Exorcist (Demon → Damage ↑)
▷ Skill: Twin-Sword MAX Anti-Mage MAX Holy SS Adamant S Purification S…
▷ Status: Sword, Blessing, Enhance, Amplify, Overheat

It was dangerous, and it’s very much so.

Boris said in a nervous tone.

“It’s not the time to relax. Give me my sword back. Then I will buy you some time somehow. The opponent is an old lover of the Sword instructor. She’s the daughter of Demon King Pedonar,
a historical person that was killed. It’s not an easy opponent. And… . Let’s stop talking. ”

He was to face the golem as a battle golem, even though it was for home-use.

I kind of want to say that.

I returned the light-saber to the previous owner without asking or anything. For now I know that Boris is better than me.

But I did not return it to buy me some time to run away.

“Boris. Keep that golem nice and tight. ”

“Foolish… . ”

I charged in while ignoring Boris’s rant.

Activated Pure Dark Energy without Divinity.

By becoming a Demon King, the skills and comprehension and utilizing Dark Energy has increased. When it was the sixth time battling the Demon King, I who was misunderstood as his “daughter’s boyfriend” was able to gain some experience from it, it helped.

I created a pure spear of Dark Energy.

I changed my approach to knowing that I couldn’t beat the Hero in sword fight that has ZZ rating in sword.

“You think it will be better this way!”



“Even I know that.”

Dark Energy that touched the Nucleon was easily destroyed.

But I expected this though.

I discharged the Dark Energy without disappointing or giving up. Thanks to the skill Infinite, Dark Energy became infinite, so I squeezed it without stopping.


And I just scattered it in the air.

Soon, the surroundings were full of Dark Energy. But I was not satisfied and continued to pour the Dark Energy.

While that happened, my body was not safe in the meantime.

I was full of cuts and punctures from the Holy Sword.

Slide… .

However, as the Dark Energy sprayed into the air, it was reabsorbed into my body, and it constantly supplied me with new blood and flesh.

From nothing to creation.

The Demon King, the pinnacle of all Demons, was thus annoying.

That is why you need a Holy Sword.

“So that’s why Demon King is called a Demon King?”

Fairy Hero grinds his teeth and mutter as he talked.

I was not so simple as sticking my neck and be cut.

The curse of the Demon.

Whenever a fatal wound occurred to me, it cursed the Fairy Hero. If I succeed in planting the Dark Energy, it’s guaranteed to be my win.

But this was also blocked by the Holy Sword.

“That Holy Sword. It’s really annoying! ”

When I think about it, I was as well.

I’ve knocked out Demon Pedonar without the Holy Sword in the first round.

As a result, Dark Energy penetrated the body.

But no graduate, except me, fell to Dark Energy. For they fell the demon with the Holy Sword.

In other words,

Holy Sword Nucleon.

The Sword that-I-somehow-memorized-the-name-of was the only thing that needed to be dealt with.

“You, the Demon King, who deals with divinity, is the one that’s annoying. There is no hope for you. She will break your golem and soon come to support me. Then it’s all over. ”

Fairy Hero who kindly teaches me my terrible future.

“Thank you for the comment.”

I returned my thanks with Dark Energy in return.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

“Hmph! Then struggle until the end, Demon King.”

“Did your girlfriend die like that too?”

“You… ! ”

Infuriated Fairy Hero’s Holy Sword destroyed my Dark Energy Spear. But I dealt with that by making a new spear, like it’s nothing significant.

I can’t win with a simple approach.

So I used a shortcut.

The scattered Dark Energy all around me became my attack.

Dark Energy Arrow, Dark Energy Chain, Dark Energy Hook, Dark Energy Tack, Dark Energy Fog, Dark Energy Lash, Dark Energy Bomb, Dark Energy Shield, Dark Energy Barrier … .

Dark Energy turned into anything.

I dealt with the right means according to the situation.

As a result, the more I got used to dealing with Dark Energy, the more I was able to utilize it. It was a long battle, thanks to my being immune to divine attacks.



The hateful fate did not give me time to learn.

“Kek! Damn… . If it were not being from my country…”

Boris was not in good condition, because he was at the point of being discarded, and the summons was released.

What about the enemy?

“Demon King. Kill… ! ”

A Fairy Hero’s golem rushed to me after defeating the houseware golem. Like an exorcist, she rejected all the Dark Energy and ran wild.

It’s a Demon’s natural enemy!

In addition, the skill and the level exceeding level 999 . With Demon Lord’s Penalty in effect, I can not deal with her and try to be a strong man.

The probability that I survive here converges to 0%. . wait a minute!


I summoned Holy Sword 2.

And stabbed my heart without hesitation.

The broken blade dug deep. Originally, it had to be accompanied by tremendous pain, but it had nothing to do with me.

“Suicide… ? ”

“Why… ? ”

Fairy Hero and golem jumped a little and stopped.

It was the face face of incomprehension.

That can only be so.

I also did not notice when my Dark Energy’s understanding was low, but now I finally realize the truth after I faced the 6th Demon King Pedonar.

That is… .

Shoot Ah!

Dark Energy soared like a waterfall from my body, which was separated by Holy Sword 2, and it instantly covered the world.

As the purple eyes of the old prince did.

▷ Race: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 1
▷ Occupation: ■■ A
Skill: Dark Energy Z Divinity Z Blessed Z
▷ Status: Oblivion

All stats were sealed nicely.

“My lads. Should we play the second round fair and square?

From now on, we will put down unfair stats for a moment, and fight until our guts pop out with naked stat.

I, the organizer, was no exception.


The Just A-class Hero’s Wings were created on my back. The visual is a bit… but not it’s cheating.


PR/N : There is an illustration page for some of the characters, be sure to take a look !


Translator : ParaGod

Editor : Fujimaru

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