FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 89: Justice always wins!

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“Thi, This is the strength of Him…!”

“How could a mere Demon King…!”

The Elf Hero and the golem seemed to have noticed.

But their guess was only half right.

I didn’t seal everyone’s stats with the power of “The First Hero.”

This is the specialty of the Job called “Demon King”.

The Fantasia dimension, the birthplace of fantasy-like stats, flows around in a giant scenario called “The Hero vs. the Demon King”.

Just as a school without students can’t be maintained, the world is not stable if one of the main actors, the Hero or the Demon King, is missing.

Now here comes the problem.

What if the fantasy world is not established?

There will be no such thing as ‘status’ anymore.

That’s why if the Hero defeats the Demon King, he graduates without saying goodbye to his companions.

Even if only one of them is missing, the fantasy collapses.

And currently my job was the Demon King.

“Reality patch came out beautifully ♪”

Of course, I did not die.

It was because of the demonstration of the Demon King Pedonar on the 6th playthrough who gave me the secret.

The skill that confuses the fantasy world that the Demon King is dead!

But there are some conditions.


▷ Type: Skill

▷ Name: Dark Energy

▷ Rating: Z (The raw said MAX but it seems to be a mistake)

▶ ZZ: The One Who Can Make Angels Fall.

▶ Z: Become Demon Royalty. (0%)

▷ SSS: Resist Divinity.

▷SS: Employ false magic power.

▷ S: Become a noble of demons.

▷A: Employ sinister defense.

▷B: Curse target.

▷C: Employ sinister attack.

▷D: Corrupt target.

▷E: Employ false life.

▷ F: Become a slave to demons.


Dark Energy must reach the minimum of Z rank.

There is one interesting fact about this.

With the exception of the sixth round where my level was extremely high, universally the Demon King Pedonar had a fixed SSS-rank on Dark Energy.

The transcendental area could not be reached.

Thus, Demon KIng Pedonar could not become a real ‘King’. His Job is definitely a Demon King, but it was not recognized as a skill.

Except for the sixth round…

But I have met this condition.

My occupation is the Demon King, and my Dark Energy skill is also Z rank.

This is the end of fantasy.

“First of all, you.”


With my wings wide open, I shot straight into the golem.

It was unknown how long the sealed stats would last. At this point, it’s about how long the fantasy system will be left in a confused state.

When the seal is released, it’s logical to get rid of the most threatening object first.

What is the golem’s current ability?


▷ Race: Old Golem

▷ Level: 1

▷ Job: ■■ E

▷ Skills:-

▷ Condition: Oblivion


It was only a pretty well made Android.

There is no skill in the transcendental area because all skills are sealed.

The race’s original solid body remains intact, but this time the level caught it’s ankle.

I literally caught it’s ankle.

“Wha, What…”

Let’s not even talk about avoiding, the golem could not even move its body.

It would have been different if it were a product of pure science, but the output of the golem with fantasy technology is proportional to its level.

What’s level 1?

It is like a thin woman wearing 100kg armor.

This was the case for the golem.

“No ~!”

The Elf Hero yelled and ran to save the golem, but compared to my wings, his steps were infinitely slower.

Swordsmanship (ZZ) did not help either.

The Elf Hero, like the last outbreak, slashed out with Holy SwordNucleon vertically into the air where I was.

Originally, Sword Energy would have at least shot out and flew.

But now, nothing happened until a tiny breeze came forth.

Fook! Pooh! Cwazik!

My righteous Hero’s wings penetrated the body of the wicked golem.

Immediately after, I pulled back without hesitation.

Tu, tuk, tududuk…

The wires that make up the golem were torn out.

Originally the golem wouldn’t have been so easily destroyed, but now it was destroyed so simply.

“I should bring this back as a souvenir!”

The head of the golem was gathered on my left hand.

Of course, I didn’t pack the things down below the neck of the pretty head.


The red-eyed Elf Hero came dashing towards me. Even if he fell to level 1, his movement was impressive.


▷ Race: Old Elf

▷ Level: 1

▷ Job: ■■ D

▷ Skill: Swordsmanship (ZZ), Endurance (Z)

▷ Condition: Oblivion


The Swordsmanship’s rank is the thing that shows the pure ability of this Elf Hero.

His ability could not be ignored by even me.

Let’s see the clash of Swordsmanship that appears to be from pure skill and magic that appears as pure skill from skill. I diligently polished my skills and increased my skill level.

It could be seen as a byproduct given as a bonus.

Real skills are not marked as skills.

The Elf Hero holding up the Holy Sword Nucleon comes down vigorously.


A shout came out of my mouth unconsciously.

Even though the skill was not used, the blade of the Elf Hero seemed to be split in five. There must have been something going on.


It doesn’t matter if it’s slow.

Hooked, whiing-

The pointed awl on the edge of the wing hits the asphalt floor, and the body twists as its central axis of support from the wing.

A movement that cannot be done by the average human body.

The Holy Sword Nucleon’s blade only scratched the air. But the Elf Hero shouts happily without any disappointment.

“As I said before, I’m dealing with the Demon King-!”

Now that I hear it again, he’s right.

The Demon King is the Devil/a demon, so he had wings from the beginning.

If so, this hunter who exclusively trained for demon kings, would have assumed and practiced aerial combat.

As expected.

Thelatinum cloak, which was attached to the back of the elf warrior’s armor, changed its shape like a shape memory alloy.


The cloak divided bilaterally and spread widely.

And it flutters.

Without a doubt, it was wings.

“As well as a lightsaber, your technological level is crazy!”

Shouldn’t we just send a super robot or bomb to space?

I don’t know why we still use cumbersome manpower.

… is what I thought.

“Oh my god… ! ”

“Puhahahaha! Right. That’s also fantasy? ”

The elf warrior’s artificial wings wobbled like a golem.

Like how hard it is to discuss science without the ‘electricity’ on Earth, and their original technology was directly or indirectly connected to fantasy.

Core fuel is also a fantasy resource.

So it does not completely abandon the classic fantasy style.

I don’t know why they didn’t pursue pure science, even with the glaring mistakes they were making.


The Elf Hero, like seaweed that was wiggling, gave up half-winged artificial wings and assaulted wildly towards me.

To the point it seemed reckless.

But I did not ease up.

The Elf Hero seemed to be bogged down with his lost golem and stats, but because of his horrible acting skill, it was telling me otherwise.

The elf warrior’s eyes were calm.

The face of someone who seemed ready to sacrifice.

It was similar to the “Luggage Boy” I had in my second fantasy run.

It’s a different kind of human than me.

“I respect that attitude, but…”

It is meaningless unless the body follows the heart.

Even if we’re at the same level, me and the Elf Hero’s physical performance was not similar.

Even if he pushed the limit of his race as an Elf, he still couldn’t compare to me who transcended the human race.


The right wing that was hit by the Holy Sword Nucleon was torn. His intention to stop me from flying was showing.

But it was in vain.

I didn’t intend to fly away from the beginning, or run away.

It will certainly be decided here.

The two bones of the torn right wing moved like tentacles.


Horns rising from the wings scratched the fairy warrior’s armor. It would have been nice to be able to penetrate for once, but it’s not so easy to destroy an armor that was made to deal with the Demon King.

The Elf Hero shouts in content.

“It’s futile even with that strange wing!”


Suddenly, the right wing was cut by the sword.

“Okay? Let’s see till the end.”

I grabbed my wings, which were cut off, as I fell towards the floor. The small horns pierced my palm, but I didn’t care at all.

No, I was aiming for it from the beginning.

A wing that fell from my body weakened like a stick, but when I connected it back, it returned to its former state.

I whipped my wings in this state.

The Elf Hero that did not expect such an attack allowed the attack. Towards the head of the Boris-like head that lost his chance in the first attack.


This time it touched the skin directly.

“Ahhh- ?!”

The fabulous face of the Elf Hero quickly became a mess.

There was no serious damage, except the sharp ear was torn and some patches of his hair.


Boo Woong-

The left hand that was grasping the head of the golem, swung wildly.

Headbutt with your beloved woman!


The Elf Hero’s eyes turned back from happiness.

“Huh, hung ~ ♪”

I hummed and kept swinging.

Each time the golem’s pretty face is crushed like a can, but torn jeans are cooler than the original neat ones.

That’s the fashion right?

I scratched the Hero’s armor with my perfectly fine left wing.

It was made to withstand a Demon King’s attack, but in the end it’s only enough to use against level 100.

It was not enough to stop my righteous wings.


Pook! Pook!

The left wing penetrated into the body of the Elf Hero. I couldn’t poke deeply because of his Endurance (Z) still working.

But if I pull it out roughly, secondary damage will occur.


However the Elf Hero is not a fool either. The left wing was cut in time with the Holy Sword Nucleon.

I was denied to be drawn.

“So tenacious.”

I clicked my tongue

Both wings were cut, but it did not matter.


If wings can be made again it doesn’t matter.

As the calcium phosphate diminished, I felt a bit weakened, but the face of the Elf Hero who didn’t know that was seriously hardened.

There is no meaning to cut the wings.

If you think so, thank you.

“I am a Hero! Never to be defeated by the likes of the Demon-*cough*cough*! ”

“That may be so.”

But I am not a Demon King.

There was a mistake in the stats, but in my core is a righteous A-class Hero.

So this result is also natural.

Justice always wins.


Fook! Pooh!

My third set of wings are embedded in the heart and cortex of the elf warrior.

The armor was destroyed and dismantled, the elf’s body was tattered, and it’s amazing he is still alive.

Our stats have also returned.

But then it was after the clash ended.

If it’s unfortunate for the elf warrior, it’s because he couldn’t die quickly comfortably because of Endurance (Z)?

When the arms were broken, the Swordsmanship (Z) became meaningless. No matter how strong Swordsmanship is, you can not swing without arms.

So the fight was over.

“… it’s weird.”

I checked my stats and looked up.


▷ Race: Chaos Human

▷ Level: 100

▷ Job: Demon King (Hero → Level ↓)

▷ Skill: Dark Energy (Z), Divinity (Z), Blessing (Z), Fabricating (SSS), Taming (SS) …

▷ Condition: Holy Sword, Saintess, Demon Sword, Golem


This is because the reduced level has not been recovered yet. Even if the Hero’s breath is completely cut, is there a same grace period?

Fook! Fook! Fook! Fook!

I stabbed the dead warrior’s body and decided to wait a bit longer.

“Then first…”

I summoned it all.

Holy Sword 2, Saintess H, Boris.

Their conditions are in horrible state because of the battle.

Saintess H is fine, but she’s connected to Holy Sword 2 that is just before it’s destruction. Boris also had many defects in his body and mind.

They needed urgent care.

“Master. I will be by your side day and night. ”

Saintess H states so steadfastly.

I answered with a smile.

“Do you even need to say that? Want to see my head fall on my mother’s tennis racket? Ah… Will the tennis racket break first? Then again, I’ll be in trouble for that.”

I cannot go back home until a true daughter-in-law and grandchildren are ready.

“Although I’m insufficient, if you’re okay with this body…”

Saintess H rubs her belly and slurs her words at the end.

I resolutely answered.


This isn’t the time for such things as love. I can’t use my Infinity skill, so my Holy Sword 2 is about to break.

What should I do…?



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Editor : Fujimaru, Luci

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