FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 90: Who the hell is Hippolia?

I came up with a very good idea.

I’ll pour the Dark Energy that can change into anything into Boris.

The houseware golem, which was defeated by the Elf Hero’s battle golem and broke, could not resist.

Boris shouted coldly.

“What are you doing-Kyaaa?”

What am I doing?

I’m going to make something pretty.

Boris, who is being forcefully injected with Dark Energy as they scream, can also wield a Holy Sword.

So I passed the ownership of the Holy Sword 2 to Boris. There is no problem because Boris is my own golem.

It’s like using a subcontractor to work for you.

From here it was important.

▷ Type: Skill
▷ Name: ■■
▷ Grade: A
▷ S: □□□□.
▷ A: Confuse the target.
▷ B: Destroy the target.
▷ C: Induce oblivion in target.
▷ D: Will not get confused.
▷ E: Will not be destroyed.
▷ F: Will not forget.

I have activated the black box. Thus, the marvelous golem Boris and the Holy Weapon, Holy Sword 2, are mixing together.

From the beginning, the Hero and the sword are always together.

It mixed well without problems.


Boris’s soul seemed to be screaming death throes and trying to escape, but let’s just skip over the trivial problem!


That’s how I made a wand out of the mixed gray dough.

It has a boring form without any notable pattern.

It would have been better if I made it as a practical weapon like a sword or a spear, but I gave up neatly because I did not have such dexterity.

“Hmm… but isn’t this too cool? Ah!”

Unconsciously stroking my chin, I noticed a golem head belonging to the Elf Hero still in my left hand.

The idea that I thought of just then went straight to execution.


The cane was inserted into the neck of the golem.

The finish is also beautiful so that the joint and its surroundings are not awkward. If it’s only this much, then I can do it.

Busss… .

The golem, which had lost its core power as the original owner died, woke up.

The beautiful face that was distorted was also quickly restored.

The golem head, rolling the emerald eyeballs around and quickly grasping the situation, shouted in astonishment.

“My, what happened to my body… ?! ”

Also with the uncalled for service of voice service support!

The powerful Ego-wand is complete.

▷ Race: Chaos Golem
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Maid (Master → Handyman ↑)
▷ Skills: Willpower (Z), Infiltration (Z), Twin Sword (MAX), Dark Energy Resistance (MAX), Divinity (MAX), Dark Energy (SS), Chaos (S), Charm (S), Massage (S), Stamina (S), Laundry (S), Exorcism (S), Fencing (S), Constitution (S), Purification (S), Swordsmanship (S), Blessing (S), Sprint (S), Reinforcement (S), Unyielding (A), Immunity (A), Interpretation (A), Survival (A), Revenge (A), Handyman (A), Cooking (A), Cleaning (A), Endurance (A), Leader (A), Management (A), Dance (A)…
▷ Condition: Saintess

But there were too many unnecessary skills in the staff.

So I decided to clear it up.

Dark Energy Resistance (MAX) → Dark Energy Resistance (Z)

As I am the owner, it is up to me to make the decision.The extra skills were generously thrown out as sacrifice.

Then it was neatly organized.

▷ Race: Saintess Golem
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Exorcist (Demon → Damage ↑)
▷ Skills: Willpower (Z), Infiltration (Z), Dark Energy Resistance (Z), Interpretation (A)
▷ Condition: Saintess

It wasn’t really intentional per say.

I also wanted to leave about one or two skills to increase the durability of the cane, but more skills were sacrificed than I anticipated, the amount of sacrifice needed to break through the limit. If all went wrong and it did not break the limit, then it would have been an utter waste of skills.

It’s terrible just imagining it.

From now on, Saintess H and wand were one set. The contracted structure was structured in a way that it could not be separated and summoned separately.

So I decided.

To completely entrust this Hallowed Wand with three transcendental skills with voice support service to Saintess H .

“I will cherish it, Master.”

“On whose order… Kya?!”


Saintess H struck the wand!

The golem head’s beating would not seem to stop until it was compliant.

“…It seems you two will get real close soon.”

As I turned my head away from the beautiful friendship between the two women, I picked up the Holy Sword that was on the floor.

I recited the name that was memorized while fighting.

“Holy Sword Nucleon… . ”

The reason for the bold sacrifice of Holy Sword 2 was because of the amplification skill effect from Holy Sword Nucleon.

Clear performance has not been confirmed yet, but I was convinced that it was better than Holy Sword 2.

Holy Sword 2 is a manufactured level product from Fantasia.

It ‘was’ a powerful weapon because it was wielded by the First Hero, but it’s power was lost as the fantasy world got divided, so it became a stick without much of its power.

And I owned one of those sticks.

On the other hand, the Holy Sword Nucleon was created in the real world.

There wasn’t even a blemish on the blade.

One could say this is a true Holy Sword.

In the empty slot left behind after Holy Sword 2 combined with Boris, the Holy Sword Nucleon fitted nicely into my hand.

I briefly glanced down at the Elf Hero.

“It’s really strange. I’m sure he’s dead, since I can contract with Holy Sword Nucleon…?”

For what reason am I still at level 100?

I decided not to wait until the Demon King’s penalty is released, I needed to get as far away from the Elf Hero’s body as I can.


“Mr.Kang Han-soo!”

“A-Rank Hero!”

I saw Factoria and the mermaid running over here.

I swung my hand as if shooing away some bugs.

“Hey hey, go away. From now on, we don’t know each other. I have to go back to my hometown to catch up with my manhwa and novels. If you’re near me I can’t make love to- Ah! right. I’m going to go crazy! I’ve never been in love with anyone, how could such a naive person like me find a gentle lady?”

Mother. Isn’t the hurdle too high?

“Why do you need to find a gentle lady?”

“There is something like that.”

I frowned at Factoria with a pretty face, pretending to be a friendly and firmly expressed discomfort.

However, she shook her pelvis(not hips) from side to side and came close. Then she said with much aegyo(Cuteness) she could mix from her words.

“Tell me what is going on please. The city that I raised with blood sweat and tears is suffering from irreparable damage. I want to sit down and cry right now, but then everything will really end. So please tell me the cause at least please. I want to fix it somehow.”

“Do not worry about it.”

“How could I not worry about my city?”

“I’ll make sure everything is settled.”

There’s such a saying to take off an ox’s horn as an extra, while you’re on your way.

I immediately activated the innate power of the Demo King. Then I ordered the demons under my rule disregarding the distance constraints.

To give full support to Factoria.

Not only them.

As I fought the Elf Hero, the Dark Energy that was thrown out in large quantities was spreading to the Pacific.

One who got their hands upon Dark Energy, will be born again as faithful devil followers.

Factoria still did not give up.

“Mr. Kang Han-soo. Please tell me just a little bit. What was up with this elf attacking us? And that angel who looks naughty from head to toe… Uh? Wait a minute! You’re the saintess that was guiding the Hero Festival?! Why is she on Earth?!”

“You don’t need to know.”

I canceled the summoning of Saintess H, who was still beating the staff.

“Oh! How did you do it?! ”

“You don’t have to know.”

“…It’s true that bad guys who stick to mysteriousness these days are the trend, but aren’t you too bad?”

“Stop acting friendly.”

I ignored the girl that was bothering me and spread my wings wide. I planned to fly to Korea like that.

The moment I was about to go up,


The Elf Hero, thought to be dead, suddenly embraced my leg with both arms. It was an unbelievable speed for someone only at Level 100.

And then in a dry voice he said,

“The Demon King Pedonar Repel Program, Activate.”

“What… ? ”

The Elf Hero murmured in an unknown mechanical language.

Through my experience of 17 years in fantasy, I decided that it wasn’t something I want to partake in, so I kicked him on the side without any hesitation.

Puck! Puck! Puck!

But the Elf Hero did not fall.

Where did this power come from such ragged arms that had tendons ripped and the bones exposed?

I then noticed something intuitively.

“You crazy…! Is it Berserk…?!”

The Elf Hero did not have such skills.

But this was grave ‘reality’.

Level 100-> Level 80-> Level 60-> Level 40.


In exchange for losing level and experience, this skill allows you to temporarily exert strength beyond your limits.

The Elf Hero that used Berserk was pouring all his levels into a tremendous amount of power.

Because of the Demon King’s Penalty, I was also falling down in level. But because I did not have Berserk, my strength continued to diminish.

The gap in power widened over time.

“Mr.Kang Han-soo! I will help you!”

Factoria threw a glass bottle hanging on her belly dance belt to the Elf Hero. Not just one, but continuously and quickly.

*Shatter* *Shatter*!

As the vial broke, powerful magic appeared.

If it was a wizard, it would have taken a long time to activate such a powerful power burst of magic.

This is the strength of the prepared magician!

Of course, that would also make your money run out.

The one strike goods prepared by Factoria were powerful. Even in my heyday, I couldn’t completely ignore it and had to block it with my pinky finger at least.

But that magic did not work.

“Damn it! This power…!”

It was the black box’s (B) effect.

Destroy your opponent.

The power flowing out of the Elf Hero’s body crushed and neutralized Factoria’s “false power.”

Since you can not damage it with fantasy powers.


I summoned the Holy Sword Nucleon and slashed at the Elf Hero’s arm. But this time it was also blocked by the power of the black box.

This time it was an E grade effect.

Will not be destroyed.

“Huh! Crazy!”

This fraudulent operation was the first time.

Why didn’t he use it from the beginning?

The Elf Hero began to kindly explain why.

“Forwarding the saved message. Haha! Pedonar. My good old rival. How are you? Receiving this message would mean you breaking my rigid arrangements. But if you hear this message again, it’s your second time hearing this feedback right?
I feel sorry for you crawling into the real world and getting this message, but there’s no place for you there. So go back and nourish my school children as you have always done. For the peace of mankind. Message finished.”

That recording must have been the First Hero.

Nevertheless, he was misunderstanding me for Demon King Pedonar.

“Don’t get an innocent person involved in your arrangements!”



I gave up throwing away the biobomb presented by the elf warrior and leaped vertically into the sky.

To not get more innocent people involved

Higher! Even Higher! And-



… what happened after that?

I wasn’t sure if I was dead or alive because I was caught in a big explosion, but is it not evidence that thinking itself is being alive?

But it was hard to move my fingers.

My vision only saw infinite darkness, my mind was hazy, and nothing could be heard.

I was only aware of the fact that I was immersed in comfortable, warm water.

Am I lost in the middle of the Pacific?

I checked my stats.

▷ Race: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 1
▷ Job: Hero (500% XP)
▷ Skills: Interpretation (A) ■■ (A)
▷ Condition: Holy Sword, Demon Sword, Golem

What was broken returned to its original state.

First, I focused on my spirit to try and summon the golem.

It was because the Saintess H and golem set were dismissed before the explosion.

If it’s her, one who can save the dead on a large scale, she can rescue me from this water.

…But it’s getting late.

No matter how I waited, I did not see any signs of her. It doesn’t make sense that she, who was summoned nearby, didn’t find me.

The summon should have been successful?

The cause was unknown.

I wanted to slap her ass for making me wait, but I couldn’t do anything right now.

Am I even alive?

And so the boring days passed.

“Your highness Hippolia! Thank you very much!”

“As a servant who gave this humble body and mind to him, it is a matter of course. So don’t worry.”

“If it wasn’t for you, I would have already…”

“Shh! It’s already night, so get some rest.”

“Your highness Hippolia…”

At some point, the voices of two women could be heard dimly.

Hippolia, Hippolia, Hippolia…

This name was heard all day long to the point of tiresomeness. I wanted to say something to the other woman to stop talking, but unfortunately my voice did not reach them.


Who is this girl?

With that question, time went by.

The time my mind was awake was extremely short. But I instinctively noticed that the time is getting longer.

The feeling in my hands and feet gradually returned.

There is no need to wait for Saintess H to come to my rescue. At this speed, I seemed to be able to solve it by myself.

Even now there is still quite a bit of power…


“Are you alright?!”

“Sobbing*! I thought I was going to die, your highness Hippolia.”

“Calm down please. That is proof that you’re healthy.”

…For some reason, every time I moved, the woman screamed.

Honestly, it didn’t matter, but I was so disheartened that my soul could be torn because I couldn’t move.

What do I do?

Time passed again.

One of the women was dying.

“Your highness Hippolia. It’s cold… ”

“I’m really sorry. I have no power to save you. If it was just a little better environment…”

“No. I was happy being with your highness Hippolia. Thank you…”

My instincts whispered.

It’s a little early, but it’s time to be resurrected!


I came out of the abyss of the dark Pacific.

The bright world greeted me.

A familiar beauty was seen.

“Master! Thank you for being safe! But what do I do? I’m not able to lactate…”

Saintess H looked down upon me and made a strange sound.

What, are you on about your breasts and whatnot?


…Au? Au-?

“Waaaa ~~ ?!”

What’s going on?!

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