FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 91: Hero is Way Too Cute!


I have turned into a newborn baby.
No, should I be called a ‘re-born’ baby?
It was so absurd that no words could be spoken, except swears.
No, I couldn’t even swear, just whine like the baby I am. I can’t even communicate with anyone!
“Master. I think I should cut the umbilical cord and get moving. I’ll explain more about the situation soon. The situation is not looking so good…”
“Ah…Aren’t you too cute sir?”
Saintess H looked at me with shining eyes. I don’t hate it, but it was a very troublesome gaze.
I decided to first get this chaotic situation cleared up.
Then after that, I needed strength.
Shortly before, I had managed to instinctively restrain my power. Nobody taught me, but I intuitively realized that using my power would have been dangerous.
Now I know why.
If I used it in this womb space, it would have definitely…
Not only me, but also the owner of the womb’s life would have been at risk.
But now it was fine because I was detached.
I freed my black box.

▷ Race: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 1
▷ Job: Demon King (Hero → Level ↓)
▷ Skill: Dark Energy (Z), Divinity (Z), Blessing (Z), Immortality (MAX), Survival (MAX)…
▷ Condition: Holy Sword, Demon Sword

Two unexpected skills appeared in my stats.
They were also at MAX rank.
My skills seemed to have been raised while I was distracted.
But that wasn’t the problem.
Demon King…?
I thought about it.
Obviously, my job was a Demon King even if I was swept away. The black box seemed to have stored that memory without forgetting it.
Should I say this is good?
The answer was yes.
Demon King is the best job if you do not encounter a Hero.
The pitch-black Dark Energy that gushed out of my little flesh turned into scissors.
The greatest advantage of the Demon King is that it is the ‘peak of every demon’. Optimized for dealing with demons and Dark Energy.
I cut the umbilical cord with scissors.
The beautiful lifeline that followed a mother was cut off.
I summoned my primitive wings.
I could also generate wings of a righteous Hero, but if I did something wrong with the baby’s body that hasn’t been properly formed, something bad might happen. I properly gave up on such a notion.
“Au ~ ?!”
“Oh my goodness!”
Flying a little with the primitive wings, I crashed into the soft bosom of Saintess H.
it was because as soon as I flew my shoulders stiffened.
A Demon King with muscular pain…
Inevitably, I had to rely on Saintess H.
With a stable position in her soft chest and arms, I glanced down briefly.
There was a girl that I saw for the first time.
With a body too immature to bear new life.
To make matters worse, she didn’t even look to have enough nutrients in her body. It was not a condition that could give birth to a child.
But I was born like this.
Even though I’m a premature baby.
“Au…. ”
“Sorry, Master. Her level was so low that when she gave birth to Master, I couldn’t help her recover or resurrect. If she had given birth stably she wouldn’t have had to die at least…”
Saintess H said with a voice full of sadness.
I didn’t think much of it though.
Recovery and resurrections are not free.
It consumes levels and experience.
Depending on the level of life and the state of the corpse, the amount of levels needed varies quite a bit, but a human below the average level of 20 will have eternal rest upon death.
If it’s not urgent, when healing a wound with a blessing of healing or magic, taking herbs that will reduce your experience is necessary.
This is The Law of Equivalent exchange in the fantasy world.
Even a Saintess is not an exception.
I had to pay her back somehow for my birth going safely.
Resurrection is definitely a saint’s unique ability, but saving a person doesn’t have to always require resurrection, no?
I gently wrapped the drooping girl’s body with Dark Energy.
This is the power that only the Demon King can do.
▷ Race: Demon
▷ Level: 4
▷ Job: Slave (50% EXP)
▷ Skill: Dark Energy (S), Survival (E), Constitution (F), Patience (F)
▷ Condition: Postnatal, Regeneration

To revive her as a demon.
The girl died as a human being and was reborn as a pure demon with S rank Dark Energy.
The strong body that human beings are trying so hard to acquire comes is easily with the benefits from a demons body
The swelling quickly subsided and the uterus, vagina, and vulva contracted. The wounds from birth also quickly healed.
The girl’s expression became calm as her internal organs and fatigue, which had been set to death during childbirth, had remarkably got restored.
This is definitely a devilish recovery.
And she opened her eyes.
“Ah… I’m alive…?”
The girl mumbled, and stroked her body while her legs were spread apart.
Saintess H talked to her with a bright smile.
“Congratulations on being born again. Are you okay?”
“First, at least wear this skirt.”
“Before that… the baby!”
…I moved over from Saintess H’s big chests to the flat bosom of the girl. This was done because I felt it should be done.
But there was no such thing as an identity crisis for me.
To find the closest expression to this situation in a fantasy-like situation, the girl was like a breast-feeding nanny.
She was still milking.
I sucked the girl’s small nipple like a holy person. I wasn’t really hungry, but it was close to my instincts to do something about it. There wasn’t anything I could really do about it.
What do you want me to do about my lips sticking to a girl’s nipple like a magnet?
Then I heard Saintess H’s explanation.
“I don’t know what happened after the explosion. When I woke up, I could only see that master was inside the girl in front of me. Excuse me, Master? Should we talk later if I’m disturbing your good meal?”
“Suck* Au. ”
No. I’m listening, continue.
“Yes. She was a princess of an allied nation. In return for military aid, she married a prince of the neighboring country and conceived you, master.
“But that nation has been defeated and destroyed. That made her become a fugitive princess – Master? Hoo! Please Sleep well.”
“Au… ”
Sleepiness came in as soon as I filled my stomach with the milk.
It’s natural that babies need a lot of sleep.
I was hoping it wasn’t going to be like this, but I was taken back to Fantasia again.
My original body was thought to have been completely shattered due to the second arrangement of the First Hero.
But my soul was safe.
I was done in by the black box and survived because of the black box.
It was ironic.
As soon as I opened my eyes, I used the power of the Demon King in earnest.
They weren’t infused with my Dark Energy, but I was able to identify the locations of demons and followers who lived around me.
If I can get in touch with them, it won’t be difficult.
*Stomach rumbling noise*
In order to fill this blackhole like stomach.
“Oh! Sir baby. You are hungry.”
As a Fantasian person, she couldn’t pronounce my name correctly. So I compromised with ‘Sir baby’.
The problem was that just being a strong demon with S rank Dark Energy did not change the poor body of Nanny right away. The only immediate benefit was being alive and healthy.
She who had poorly eaten, did not get well enough to produce enough milk.
This was a very serious problem.
I searched for demons and followers near me.
The ones that are filled with Dark Energy do not live in poverty. They operate and live in the shadows, where they could avoid Divinity and righteous Heroes.
If I could get their help, my meals would be greatly improved.
I compressed the Dark Energy to make an arrow.
Still not being able to speak, (other than babble) Dark Energy was used to communicate with the demons and followers instead.
“Oh! Sir Baby. This direction is where pursuers…”
“Master will do the rest. So don’t worry too much. ”
“Ah! Yes, Ms. Hippolia.”
The precious princess, the young nanny of mine, has a gentle nature that followed her well. There’s never any doubt, and she did everything without hesitation.
By the way… .
There are pursuers?
*Rattling* *Rattling*
A number of horseshoe sounds were heard as the dirt raised over the horizon, and it was getting closer quickly.
Saintess H explained immediately.
“It’s the knights and wizards of the emerging empire that devoured half the continent in a short time. The exiled royalty all died on their way out to escape, and she who was the bride of the prince was the only one who has been able to run so far with my help. I was able to do something about it once or twice…”
There is no need for an explanation.
My fantasy career is 18 years old.
With a bit of explanation, a quick glance can give you a complete picture of what’s going on.
Suruk . Flutter!
As I squeezed my power that was gained from sucking the nipple, and formed my wings, I escaped from the nanny and then flew high into the sky.
The voice of the knight was heard.
“In the name of the Great Emperor. Traitors kneel down and surrender! You, the exiled prince’s bride, are completely surrounded! Even now, if you give up on the baby with dirty blood, my lord promised to reward you with generosity. Anyway, if he was born in the world, he would only be unhappy… Where did your child go?”
Here I am!
The sword, which I summoned from the sky, fell into the knight’s head, falling vertically like a lightning bolt.
Like a true sword that was prepared to defeat the Demon King Fedonar, the knight’s high levels, skills, and equipment were simply ignored
That was the end.
The talkative knight died just like that.
“Giggle* ~ ♪”
Experience eating, success!
The experience gained from my current job is not as much as when I was a Hero, but now it was possible to do things that could not be done as a Level 1.
“A Baby?!”
“It’s a Baby?!”
The knights and wizards were surprised by the sudden death of the captain that was leading the group. They were even more surprised by the fact that the perpetrator was a newborn baby.
However many times they looked around, one thing was certain.
Their response was quick.
Weapons and magic flew towards me.
Holy Sword Nucleon is embedded in the ground after cutting a dead knight’s head and cutting through the back of a horse.
I hugged the hilt, because I had short limbs and it was difficult to avoid so many attacks.
Normal attacks do not work on this Divine baby. All of their attacks got returned to them.
“Ahhh~ ?!”
“This, what is this?!”
The knights and wizards who attacked me were lined up.
The latecomers, calmly preparing to attack, jumped and stopped, they panicked without knowing what to do.
What were they being attacked by?
They could not even make sense of it.
I understand your heart.
When did the foolish fantasy natives see babies with Divinity (SS) or higher? This is definitely the first time.
A pure 100% angel will be less divine than me. No, it can’t even reach my toes at all?
I spread out my wings.
The left and right shoulders were a bit stiff, but thanks to the rise of the level somehow I could withstand it.
But I’m hungry.
“Ugh! It’s a demon!”
“Retreat! retreat! Let his Majesty know!”
“Crazy! The baby is a demon!”
Once they start a rumor that I’m a demon, it will get complicated.
The fact that I came back to Fantasia means that I’m starting a damn test.
For my reputation’s sake, I can’t leave any witnesses.
I summoned the Demon Sword instead of the Heavy Holy Sword Nucleon.
I couldn’t really hold the hilt with my little hands, but I did it by subtly extending my fingers with Dark Energy.
The Demon sword is a lightsaber, so the blade is made up of light instead of metal. Thanks to that, even me as a baby, the light body did not cause me any trouble lifting it.
Was this sword actually designed to be used by a child?
“Au…! ”
Become experience points for this cute Hero…!

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Editor : Fujimaru, Luci

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