FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 92: The Interpretation Was Wrong!


A baby’s body was really uncomfortable.

Even though I was tempted to just grab and twist my 6th and 7th cervical spine –the main key of herniated cervical disk, it was unbelievably difficult because my hands were too small.

But it wasn’t a big worry for me.

Because I have Master Mollang’s lessons!

Since I was a fetus, I was restoring my earthling’s excellent physique that I had before.

That was the biggest reason I couldn’t recognize her as my parent even though I was born from a Native Fantasia woman’s womb.


Prodigy F → Prodigy D


Was it because I succeeded doing something a regular baby isn’t able to do?

I gained a skill that fit me well.


▷ Category: Skill

▷ Name: Prodigy

▷ Level: D

▷ C: Success rate slightly increases.

▷ D: Proficiency slightly increases.

▷ E: Experience slightly increases.

▷ F: Becomes remarkable since childhood.


It was an obvious growth-type skill, such an unfair skill.

In that sense even though the job ‘Hero’ is no different, there is a limit that we can only have one job. If we become a Hero then we have to give up other useful privileges.

But this ‘Prodigy’ skill is just a bonus.

A skill that draws a line since birth.


I really liked it.

“Sa, save me-“


I got rid of the last pursuer neatly.

Pretty sure there were more of them since they said they have surrounded this area but they seemed like no competition for me that was in the middle of leveling up rapidly.

This lightsaber is pretty useful, though?

I landed in Nanny’s arms after confirming I had finished them all.

Not even a single drop of blood splattered on me. That was also a benefit included in the basic attributes attack.

“Chwap!! Chwap!!”

But before that let’s eat something first.

“You’ve worked hard, Master. Please wait right here. I will dig around in their belongings and replenish some food.”

“I’ll help, Hippolia.”

“No. Please wait right there so Master can focus on his meal. This is more important than everything else so I’m begging you. Ah! And when he finishes his meal please softly rub on his back so he can burp and pat on him if he still doesn’t burp.”

“What? Okay.”

Saintess H skilfully finished trivial work after entrusting me to my Nanny.

She used to be a ‘noble Saintess’ that didn’t know rough stuff like this. It seemed like she gained a lot of experiences since the last time I saw her.

Pat pat.

The Nanny patted my back.

I think she’s got talent in massage.


I burped satisfyingly.

Babies don’t have a well-developed digestive system so their guardian needs to help them digest in between during nursing.

They need to do it especially for premature babies like me, we have short oesophagus so air that gets inhaled during nursing would go up our oesophagus making us vomit and get stomach ache.

…but how did Saintess H know all these?

I got lazy thinking about it from the sudden drowsiness.

I fell asleep after that.

As a nice Sir Baby, you know, I had to sleep after a meal.




My physique was weak.

I didn’t mean it in the fragile newborn kind of weak.

It was all because of Fantasia’s dimension that is a world divided like slices of pizza.

If a whole pizza is the normal dimension, Fantasia’s continent is like selling a piece of pizza lying that it’s a whole pizza.

That was why natives and the next generations living here were weak.

Biologically it didn’t badly affect our everyday life, but the ‘density of existence’ that composed our physique was ridiculously low compared to earthlings.

Would there be a problem because of this?

“Stop and just show me your ID-“


“Sacred Sir Baby. It’s such an honour that you visit our insignificant domain. Please come in.”

First off, you become really vulnerable from the mental system skill.

That was also why my Z-grade Divinity that wasn’t effective on earth worked well in the Fantasia continent.

Just like how it was with Black box’s ‘oblivion’.

I erased every memory of witnesses that I ran across on my way back.

We passed tight sieges of emerging empire’s pursuers leisurely that way.

Believing they had made perfect sieges they were probably still searching the area around the dead body and the vacant lot.

“You’re excellent, Sir Baby”


I moved together with Nanny, only the two of us.

It was because Saintess H and her walking stick stood out too much.

Especially the design of that walking stick with a beautiful Golem’s head on it, it wasn’t something I could solve by manipulating memories of a person or two.

I couldn’t believe it got difficult just because of the artistry of a walking stick!

We moved directly to some domain’s donjon.

Because even pursuers wouldn’t dare to carelessly search around if it was a fortress where a Lord that was an owner of a wide territory lived.

It would’ve been unimaginable that we were here.

I kept showing the direction with an arrow made of Dark Energy and Nanny that was hugging me would move that way.

The knights, guards and maids in the castle didn’t try to block us. Sometimes if my Z Divinity caught some hints of rebellion then ‘oblivion’ right away!

We could easily arrive at our destination –the office of the Lord without any trouble.

“Who is it? This place isn’t where you can recklessly-!“


Get on your knee, B-grade.

“Oh my God! A humble breed that was blinded by an unpleasant divinity has committed discourtesy not recognizing the face of the mighty absolute! Please generously forgive this useless servant!”

The middle-aged Lord lied on his stomach while shaking in fear.

Until now he probably had been perfectly concealing his B-grade Dark Energy with the magic necklace around his neck but he couldn’t deceive Devil’s eyes.


▷ Species: Human

▷ Level: 582

▷ Occupation: Lord of territory (territory=politics↑)

▷ Skill: Politics A, Dark energy B, Swordsmanship B, Social C, Management C···

▷ Status: Horror, confused, obedience


Demon-followers were everywhere around the world.

The Nanny that had already been educated by Saintess H stepped forward instead of me who could only babble.

Even though her level was low, Saintess H’s S-grade Dark Energy was in her possession so she was still above that Lord in rank.


“Please drop all the honorifics, it’s hard for me to cope with.”

“How could a guest do that? Please assign a maid we can trust while introducing us as your relatives.”

“I will follow your order.”

We were directly led to the best-class bedroom.

It was awkward because we asked him to assign a maid but the first lady came instead, but at the end of the day our plan to hide silently in this domain extremely succeeded.

Originally the plan was to be exiled to Nanny’s motherland that we could see as her parents’ home and safely give birth.

But on the way, the pursuers caught up and killed her husband and the royal family. It was obvious she would get caught so she was saved by Saintess H and became a castaway like this in the neutral nation.

Though wherever it was didn’t matter anymore since I was born.

Because wherever it was it would’ve been my territory if it was a land ruled by someone that got absorbed in Dark Energy.

“Please prepare the water for Sir Baby to bathe.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Two maids bowed down modestly as they answered.

“Please also prepare a salad of fresh green vegetables with cheese. Plenty of it. We will eat here in this room. Also, please air the room and do some sun-light disinfection for the bedding as Sir Baby takes a bath.”

“We will prepare them.”

As a princess since she was born, Nanny was like an expert at ordering people around. But she still held herself back from doing things that would attract attention since she knew our circumstances.

Eating well, sleeping, taking a dump…

Nanny that was too skinny quickly recovered her beautiful past appearance, even more, in the safe and abundant environment. An impossible thing to happen, but it was possible because she was a devil not a human.

I was also satisfied because now her breast milk that didn’t produce much came out more.

“Oh my God! Sir Baby is growing so fast.”

Thanks to that my growth got faster too.


My front teeth appeared too!




Now that my front teeth appeared too let’s start to worry about the future.

My physique that was born again in the Fantasia continent was too weak.

So a tuning and remodeling to make it similar or same as my last earthling physique was essential, and it would be tiring if we didn’t build the foundations now when I was still a small baby in a growth phase.

It was the same principle as architecture.

The same logic as how instead of a completed 300-floored high-rise building’s renovation it would save way more time, money and all to improve the design of a building whose ground has just been set.

That was why I didn’t hurry.

Because this period of improving the sprout is really important.

If I passed this early childhood safely, I would skip all the mid-process and get back to my past appearance, an excellent earthling.

That was why…

“Chwap chwap!”

I diligently ate and slept again today.

Though I was in the middle of supplementing my body while putting Master Mollang’s lessons into action, there was nothing free in the world.

Breast milk contains all nutrients that are needed in physical development and activity of life but powdered milk and other kinds of milk can’t compare with breast milk.

My goal was consistent.

To bring down the Fantasy God and all the staff!

To get a blow in on the chaps that kidnapped me to this uncivilized fantasy world.

But another one had been added.

“The First Hero bastard…!”

I, who returned to my home-planet the earth after graduating with difficulty in 17 years, got dragged again to the fantasy world after 2 days.

It was the First Hero’s fault that mistook me as the devil Pedonar.

Whether it was a misunderstanding or a mistake I could never forgive him.

…then I would have to develop my power.

Way stronger than it was now.

Knock knock.

A rare sight of a Lord knocking carefully in his own fortress happened but none of the maids nor neither us considered it was weird.

Because it was a routine.

“What it is, Lord?”

Nanny asked him for me.

“The greedy emerging empire finally flashed their fangs in the neutral country. It hasn’t been declared yet, but if a war happens the collapse of this domain that is in contact with countries’ boundary would be a matter of time so I beseeched to see Master in a hurry to talk about this.”


The emerging empire…

The country where the war God that controlled the Golden Golem was dipping his body in.

Originally it was a small country located at the corner of the north continent but he expanded the territory with the power of the Golden Golem.

7 years in Hero calendar.

It was a historically big incident approximately 7 years after the day a Hero was summoned to the fantasy world.

In the first round, I stopped that war.

In the sixth round I stepped on the war God before he grew up.

But now?

There was no Hero to stop the emerging empire.

The fact that this place was kept like this means an earthling Hero that was summoned 7 years before me existed somewhere in the Fantasia continent.

But that Hero never showed up.

From instigating wars to dark firms, the emerging empire got wild as they please like daredevils.

“Sir Baby…”

Nanny hugged me tightly. Her face darkened terribly after she caught on that we needed to escape avoiding the pursuers from the emerging empire and.

I battered at Nanny’s breasts that appetizingly swelled with my little hands and shouted.


Just believe this cute and righteous Hero Sir!

Knock knock.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door again.

The Lord that got a bit taken aback stiffened his face and prudently talked as if he was scolding at the door direction.

“Huh! Didn’t I say let’s talk later?! How does someone that asked to be seen as a respectable knight without prejudice and not a thin Ladyship behave rashly?!”

Then outside the door, a calm voice of a woman answered.

“Lord. Please excuse my impudence. But information that somewhere in this domain our Kingdom’s heir is being kicked out to the wicked emerging empire is coming one after another. It’s a situation where we can’t waste a minute.”

“The war is right in front of us and you just comfortably looked for others?!”

“Excuse me.”

Creak- click.

The woman that notified us with an unapologetic tone of voice cut the closed door’s doorknob with a knife and got into the room as she pleased.

The Lord that was enraged stretched his hand to the handle of his knife on his belt.

But he didn’t pull out his knife.

“Oh?! You are…”

Because Nanny recognized that rude woman.

“Princess?! Aah! Thank God!”

The woman that trespassed was no different. She put down her tumultuous knife as soon as she saw Nanny and got on one knee performing a knight’s courtesy.

Nanny asked her in a touched intonation.

“Did you come here to find me?”

“Yes, Princess. I’m sorry. I should’ve come here as soon as possible the moment I heard news about the ally’s collapse, the power of the division –that treats you, who was sacrificed in a political marriage like an outsider– opposing is too strong… but now, do not worry. Because in the last big war Crown Prince ran away as he pleased, the succession has no foresight.”

“I see. Brother was…”

“Princess. Sorry to be impudent, but is the Mister Baby you’re holding right now…”

I stared at her, not avoiding her eyes.

Hmm. Where did I see this bitch?

“Yes. This is my Sir Baby.”

“Aah! I meet the noble Your Royal Grandson Highness! Nobody would be able to harass Princess as long as the Royal Grandson that connects the blood of two Kingdoms is here. Even though the capital ridiculously fell, the country’s noble and people are doing well. So we can fight again as long as we have the Royalty as the pivotal role. That is why the emerging empire is still persistently after you.”


I remembered after seeing the female knight’s stats.

▷ Species: Human

▷ Level: 999+

▷ Job: Knight (fidelity → fortitude↑)

▷ Skill: Sword Aura SS, Fortitude SS, Attractiveness S, Expertise S, Prodigy A···

▷ Status: Joyful, Touched, Loyal


Nanny said as she patted me.

“If the widely known sword girl is by our side, Sir Baby would feel safe too. Right?


Get lost.

She was the crazy bitch that swung her sword at an innocent knight after showing her naked body carelessly. Of course, I had no thought of keeping her by our side.

Sword girl.

Fantasia’s strongest female knight.

Number 1 person to be alert to.

I stiffened my face and conveyed my discomfort to Nanny.

“Hoho! It seems like Sir Baby is also happy to meet the sword girl.”


“I’m glad at Your Royal Grandson Highness’s generous attention. He’s so cute and lovely… It’s a happy event for the Kingdom.”


I said noooo~!


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Editor : Fujimaru

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