FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 93: The Two Devil Kings

I, who tried to deny it, immediately sucked on Nanny’s nipple as soon as I saw it being held out in front of my face and regained peace of mind.
That was something beyond my control.
Because babies have the instinct to suck on something in the first 6 months after they’re born. After that, they still suck on their fingers and other things because it became a habit for various reasons like lack of affection, boredom, curiosity, and other reasons.
If it is not corrected in this phase the teeth and face would not grow prettily. So parents’ attention and love is a must.
Anyways, it’s not a matter of my discipline.

“Princess, shall we escape to your motherland? I will serve you.”

Nanny couldn’t make a decision and hesitated with her answer. Because the only instruction she received from Saintess H was to raise me here.
A brilliant idea came across my mind after being in agony as I saw Nanny being indecisive.
My present job is Demon King.
I can give orders to the demons and the demon followers.
Through methods like telepathy.

“Chwap chwap- au.”
B-grade. Please speak on my behalf.

“Listen, freaking sword-girl who swings a sword around wildly.”
“…Lord? It’s true that I trespassed but your words just now were a bit too much coming out from a noble with dignity…”
“Shut up.”
“We will never commit such atrocity like retreating and throwing away innocent people as you wicked bitch planned. We will destroy the emerging empire with my- the cute Sir Baby’s strategy. An ignorant female knight that tries to solve everything by cutting off anything with her sword when a problem arises should just sit and watch.”
“Stu, stupid…”

The sword-girl with her face that turned red, raged.
But I, Lord, didn’t wither even a bit.

“Haha! Look at that. Didn’t your hand reach for your sword handle again? Sword-girl. If you’re going to cut me, go ahead. Because that would only prove your ignorance and impatience.”

Our friendly conversation ended as Nanny intervened.
Afterward, we decided to fight against the emerging empire that declared war in the Neutral Nation here in this domain.
The sword girl sighed and said,

“The empire’s ambition won’t end until the Northern Continent is united. Just like what both of you said, even if we run away, we won’t buy much time. But for now, it’s also a fact that we don’t have a chance of winning. If Lord allows me to, I will contact the motherland and ask for them to dispatch an army. At least soldiers of our domain…”
“Do so.”
“Thank you.”

With a fat full belly, I entrusted the details to the Lord’s ability and drifted to sleep.


The next day just like the Lord had predicted, the emerging empire had declared war.
The nation was likely to become weakened if wars happened in a row but this nation was immersed in the victory and wouldn’t look back.
Even so, what was the reason we didn’t fall apart?
We never lost in an important war, not even once.
This is the Golden Golem’s power.
The incarnation of victory that goes to a war which needs you to win or occupy something and obtains a perfect victory with ‘little damage’ at all cost.
He’s not called ‘The God of War’ for no reason.
Thanks to that we could endlessly replenish insufficient food, money and other things by plundering disguised in a mask called loot.
But it had slowly reached its limit.


We can’t solve public sentiment and security through plundering.
An army that killed a father and big brother, husband, boyfriend, neighbor, and others were stationed in the town and village.
Even though we try to reconcile hostile public sentiment by executing executives and soldiers that hurt women regardless of their position and using money to buy food properly……
There is no good war in the first place.
What’s the use of buying food with stolen money? It’s not convincing to seek forgiveness after killing families.
Though they were better than invaders that didn’t even bother to do this kind of hypocritical action, the emerging empire’s territorial expansion was of extreme greed.
The emerging empire is going to collapse in a one-off defeat.
But there were countless kingdoms and armies destroyed by the emerging empire because we couldn’t obtain that one-off victory.
That was why I also needed a little bit of preparation.

“Sir Baby, is it this way?”

I had no intention of having a sit-down.
Not only it isn’t my battle style to defend one-sidedly, but it was also dangerous to exchange blows with this weak body.
The conclusion is?
Attack! Attack! And attack!
The plan was to invade them first before we got invaded.
I directed Nanny to the destination using the Arrow of Dark Energy.
The best-case scenario would be the young and energetic me go into the war myself and exterminate them all, but I wanted to avoid losing to Z-grade Demon King because my level got higher like what happened during the 6th round.
So I needed a ‘colleague’.
“Uh… Princess? There will be a restricted area if we keep going this way. To go back now would be a….”

You get lost!

The sword-girl led the soldiers and followed us as she pleased as if she was escorting.

“Sir Baby obeys sword-girl a lot. I’m envious.”
“That, that’s… Hmm hm. I’m so grateful for Your Royal Grandson Highness’ generous goodwill.”

We headed to the snowy mountain M.
Various brutal criminals hid here on the rough mountain, and as expected humans that had the largest population ratio amongst them were Demon-followers.
Because they wouldn’t have had to commit crimes and run away if only the Dark Energy didn’t get through and affect the core.
And like that, naturally a lair of demons was formed as the fugitive Demon-followers gathered on the snowy mountain M.
They were living on while being controlled by the Demons that had been the longest-term resident of the place since forever and keeping the discipline and sanity to a bare minimum.
Alias, Lair of Demons C.
One or two of this kind of bounty hunting ground exists in every continent.

We ran across various monsters on our way to Lair of Demons C and the sword-girl came forward and quickly handled them every time.
The sword-girl.
Though it seemed like she would fight elegantly as if she’s dancing just like the feigned name, she was nothing but a ‘sword princess’ because she looked beautiful on the surface.
There was no elegancy for the sword-girl.
A blue sword aura spurted out of the magic sword she summoned like fire.
The magic sword was clearly cutting off the air but the sword aura that was spurting out extended the sword blade and killed even a group of Orcs from afar with a single blow.
This was the sword-girl battle-style.
A ‘sword skill with no sword skill’ that was born from an unbelievable talent.

“Princess. That is the last village”
The sword-girl said after finishing the Orcs.

Just like what she said before, there was a restricted area right over the village in front of us.
But that was just a problem for ordinary people. Every year, challengers that tried to gain fame by subjugating Lair of Demons C challenged after doing last preparations in that village.
Truly foolishly.
They didn’t think of the reason why the village doesn’t get attacked by the Lair of Demons C.
Both of the places had a symbiotic relationship.
The villains of the Lair of Demons C received daily necessities in return for not attacking the village.
Of course it was a secret between them.


The memories of the 1st round surged up one after another.
The colleagues that were like morons ran to the village without suspicion.
They kept spilling important information with their spouts without knowing their information was sent to the Lair of Demons.
Especially weaknesses, habits, skills, strengths, strategies….
When the villagers asked indirectly they just bragged about them like they were showing off.
So I warned them that the villagers were suspicious, but they showered me with criticisms saying, “How could you doubt these kind villagers? And you call yourself a hero?”

And the result was?
The subjugating that was supposed to be easy became harder.
I wanted to kill them all when they babbled “that was a tough battle.” after we barely won.
Sincerely with all might.

“Princess. I’ve sent scouts to the village and did an investigation.”
In that sense, the sword-girl was someone who’s really careful. Though she had the flaw of cutting off anything with her sword aura when she was not satisfied.

The sword-girl continued,
“They say that the village is really famous for their inn’s sulfur hot-spring. Since it has an excellent effect on calming down the body and soul, it can be estimated that it would also be a help for Princess’ postnatal care. And of course, for Your Royal Grandson Highness too.”
“I’m anticipating!”
“I will escort you right away.”

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