FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 93: The Two Devil Kings

…she was careful but had no result.

It was right that the sulfur hot-spring of that village could calm down the body and soul, but she didn’t think about how it did.
We would know automatically when we got in.


Nanny dipped her body in the inn’s open hot-spring while hugging me.

“Haa! It’s relaxing. Sir Baby, is the water temperature alright?”

You could call this relaxing?

▷ Species: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 265
▷ Job: Devil King (Hero→Level↓)
▷ Skill: Dark Energy Z Divinity Z Blessed Z Immortality MAX Survival MAX…
▷ Status: Holy Sword, Magic Sword, Golem, Weakened

The hot-spring water had secretly been drugged.

They never got caught until now because it was an isolated village that didn’t have a special investigation team dispatched in, and the drug got mixed in the sulfur that was rich in minerals.
Above all things, the subtle nuisance value.
Just like Nanny’s review, it was hard to differentiate it from the relaxing feeling. That was why even a smart wise man fell for it.
Ah! Did that dude get nosebleed during this?
Anyways, we shouldn’t ignore this weakening.
Because I could fail and let the whole team fall into a crisis after boasting “leave this to me!” to the colleagues during cooperation.
….speaking from experience.
Of course I was the victim.

“Excuse me, Princess, Your Royal Grandson Highness. I was going to refuse as the escorting knight of both of you, but the owner lady of this inn pushed me so….”

The voice of the sword girl that sounded like she was really felt at a loss was heard over the steam.


No way…?
It was true.
The sword-girl that only covered the front of her naked body with a somewhat thin piece of towel walked into the hot-spring.
The memories of the 1st round surged up like a waterfall.
I needed to run away!
Wriggle wriggle.

“Oh my! Sir Baby is trying to run that way as soon as he sees the sword-girl. Hoho! What are you going to do when you get older if you’re already crazy for beauty now?”
“Beauty… it’s unsuitable for me.”
“You’re not married yet?”
“Yes. As I said to you Princess, I have no thought of getting married until I meet a man that can win against me.”
“You’re not being sincere with that, right?”
“…so you still remember what I said when I was younger in childishness.”
“Huhu! Of course. We’re childhood friends, right? Here, get him carefully.”

Nanny passed me onto the sword-girl.
Was she trying to kill me?!

Wriggle wriggle.

“I was strangely attracted to the ill-tempered boys that didn’t see me as a woman….. Though they all changed after they grew up.”
“It’s difficult, huh. To not see a beauty like you as a woman….”

The two women had a chat about the past while reminiscing.
Then the bath which I felt was life-threatening ended in the time I fell asleep after feeling worn out.
And I realized late that I was a ‘baby’.
Or was it because I was a royal blood?

“Princess, Your Royal Grandson Highness. Please rest comfortably.”
“You too.”

Nanny and I got into the bedroom after parting ways with the sword-girl that refused the invitation of the inn owner to enjoy the sulfur hot-spring longer and escorted us until the bedroom entrance.

The sword-girl didn’t know the reason why we went to the Lair of Demons C. So was Nanny that hugged me as we traveled to the Lair of Demons C.
We planned to get into the Lair of Devils C tomorrow, but that was to deceive the villagers that were spying.
The truth was tonight.
I summoned Saintess H.

“Ms. Hippolia!”
“Oh my! Sorry.”
“I will have a walk with Master. Can you draw attention so we don’t get caught by the sword-girl?”
“Yes. Leave it on me, Ms. Hippolia.”

Saintess H hugged me after confirming Nanny had left the bedroom and opened up her mouth,
“Master. I have a question.”

What is it?

“Nanny is a devil. It would be simple for you to control her with your Devil King’s power like what you did to that Lord, why aren’t you doing it? Because of that, the misunderstanding about you liking the sword-girl is getting worse.”

……I wonder why.
I also don’t know the reason why.

“Oh my! I didn’t mean it in a bad way so don’t mind, Master.”


Saintess H that opened the bedroom carefully spread 3 pairs of wings and flew straight until the Lair of Demons C.
I didn’t play cowardly like the Demons-followers from the Lair of Demons C that secretly drugged the hot-spring.


I let out Z-grade Dark Energy.

“Au, au!”

Obey the hero, you Demon King’s pawns!


The next day.
I woke up in Nanny’s arms.
As soon as I woke up I sucked on the breast that had swollen up tightly overnight and practiced walking as a morning exercise.
There was a good progress.
Now I could flip over my body by myself without the help of skill.


The bedroom’s door was opened roughly and the sword-girl came running.

“Princess! Something serious happened! Outside….!”

A shout was heard from outside the village before she even finished her explanation.

“We assembled after hearing that someone great had come! We will be loyal until this life and Dark Energy wear out! Please make good use of us that were sustaining life without a goal in the low Lair of Demons!”
“Use us!”
“Use us!”

Almost all the brutal criminals that lived on the snowy mountain M gathered up in front of the village.
Giving moral education while hitting the heads of the A-grade Demons that had no talent in anything but murder and rape was worth it.
They didn’t make any tongue slip in the middle of the pledge of allegiance.
Hope there was no stupid barbarian that doubt the cute me as the Demon King.

The sword-girl and villagers lost their words at the magnificent sight.

I didn’t care and arrogantly looked down at them through the window of the inn’s 2nd floor, in Nanny’s arms.
Tentative name, The Righteous Hero’s Recycled Corps.

The high level and skill that was specialized in battle stood out.

The system of fantasy EXP where the more you are a bad chap that destroys and kills like it’s your job the easier it got to be stronger was reflected well.

I will recycle you all effectively.

I boosted up my morale and shouted,


Shall we play a round with the emerging empire?


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Editor : Fujimaru

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