FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 95: Seriously Sir Hero. For Real?

“Did you, Princess, come yourself to say that?”
“The details are in the letter.”

I unfolded the scrap of paper the Princess said she brought and read it.
The first 50% of the message was generic congratulations on me being crowned emperor, and the next 45% was a subtly boasting ‘humble’ description of the central continent’s Hole Empire
The main point took up a mere 5% of the letter, and even that was trifling.

“A marriage of convenience…?”
“Yes, Your Highness.”

They said they would give me this Princess as a concubine.
But to be aiming for the concubine position in this situation where the Empress position was empty meant she would attempt to be my legal wife if there is a chance.

“This year I’m seeing winter for the 3rd time, though?”

I’m only 3!

“With all due respect, I don’t think age is important. What’s important is the interests and relationships. I think a blood alliance between the two empires that represent the northern continent would really benefit both empires. Also, as a product of the Holy Empire I grew up receiving perfect education and management. You can be satisfied both internally and externally.”

Confidence flowed from her lips like water.
I scanned her from head to toe, obliquely leaning on the throne’s armrest.

▷ Race: Human
▷ Level: 288
▷ Job: Princess (National Power=Charm↑)
▷ Skills: Charm (S), Elegance (A), Eternal Youth (A), Politics (A), Mental Capacity (A)···
▷ Condition: Expectation, Crave, Excitement, Nervous

The Princess’ level was normal for a royal, but she possessed a lot of A rank skills.
She didn’t focus only on wearing pretty make-up like a Princess waiting for a Prince riding on a white horse, but instead learned various fields evenly.
To be the ruler of the empire.
What a really persistent bitch.
She spammed her specs with A rank skills through political classes and bridal classes. Was she a genius? Well, it’s because of that that she was good enough to be a compainion of a Hero.

“You may stay.”
“Ah! Then…”
“Princess. Prove and secure the rest all yourself. I may not have an heir, but I’m still young. It’s still not the time to worry about succession.”

To be frank it didn’t seem like I would retire when I got old.
I would get sick of playing Emperor before that.

“The invasion of the Demon King isn’t just a problem for the central continent but a crisis for all of humanity. I also won’t turn away and will actively step in to help. Princess. if you don’t have anything more to say, get out. The valet will escort you to a good room.”
“Yes, Your Highness.”

The Princess shook her ass as she walked out.
But my loyal lieges and knights didn’t bat an eye.
Neither my servants nor knights batted an eye at her vulgar display, as they were all married.

As a veteran of Fantasia with 21 years of experience, I have noticed that married men were less likely to think of risky things such as coup d’etats, betrayal, and conspiracies than unmarried men.

There were various reasons…

You wouldn’t commit rash acts when you have a family to protect, and won’t mistake raw sexual desire as romantic ambition.

“What’s the next item on the agenda?”

“Yes, Your Highness. The number of illegal immigrants coming in from the other continents has been growing rapidly. Due to the war, our population has significantly decreased,so i suggest we accept the refugees.”

A massive migration was a phenomenon that didn’t happen in my first playthrough.
But it’s different in the 8th playthrough.

Since the Hero wasn’t doing anything, all of Fantasia was now saturated with villains and monsters..
The result was, the other 4 continents beside this one, which I had cleaned up, fell into a more wretched mess than a chaotic war.
Tax bombs, human trafficking, slave hunting, corruption…
There were various reasons.

“Receive the immigrants. Since the fates of the other continents have been decided.”

This was also my experience of the 1st round, there were many cases where if the Hero didn’t solve it, the whole world would fall in danger.
Especially the 5 disasters, the Hero had to solve those.

To crash the hideout of the secret force that tries to open the seal of the monsters? To subjugate before the monsters recover their power? Or to dig up the tomb and get the treasures that weaken monsters?
The manipulation called fate generously gave time to subjugate the 5 disasters.

Though it was slightly different for each monster, the 5 disasters that were scattered throughout the Fantasia continent were the type that had to wait until at least 10 years of being a hero.
I didn’t know the history after that 10 years.
The Oblivion Dragon King Noebius died a natural death, and I had subjugated the rest of the 5 disasters early.

But I could make a rough guess.

“Your Highness. Did you say it’s already been decided?”
“Yes, exactly.”

All the continents but the northern continent would get wiped of existence.
Whether by sinking, burning, freezing, or broken into pieces.

Thinking of it now, they suffered evenly. If we add the Oblivion Dragon King’s poisonous breath, the fantastic collaboration would be complete.

After that, we passed some trivial issues and wrapped up the empire meeting.

I went to the emperor’s private room right away.
And I casually mumbled,
“I can’t believe the Demon King has started to make a move…”

Was this also because the Hero that was said had been bewitched by the Elf Princess Sylvia?
Pretty sure that was the case.

Because the number of demons and demon followers in Fantasia had suddenly increased.

The Hero that was pretty much their natural enemy should keep subjugating and decreasing the number, but as he wasn’t working at all, so it ended up growing exponentially.

To the point of destroying the ecosystem…

Of course,
I didn’t worry.
Though I was only 3 years old, my body was that of a 5 year old.

Though I still had trouble sometimes due to my short height, for most things I showed ability and political skills on par with an adult’s.

And the whole pizza had already been completed.
I had already restored my body of my Earthling days completely.

My look gave off a biracial impression as it was mixed with my beautiful Nanny’s Fantasia genetics.
It was the result of not erasing it completely.

Now, defeating the Demon King was ahead of me.
Using the Master Mollang’s teachings, if I made up my mind I could raise my body until the golden age of an adult.

But I didn’t rush.

▷ Type: Skill
▷ Name: Prodigy
▷ Level: MAX (5%)
▶Z: Breaking through limits is a little easier.
▷SSS: Dexterity increases considerably.
▷SS: Success rate increases considerably.
▷S: Proficiency increases considerably.
▷A: EXP increases considerably.
▷B: Dexterity increases slightly.
▷C: Success rate increases slightly.
▷D: Proficiency increases slightly.
▷E: EXP increases slightly.
▷F: Becomes remarkable since childhood.

Because of this skill.

Once I mindlessly tried to evolve it and halted it while freaking.
I did hear that the more transcend skills there were, the harder it got to breakthrough limits from the trainee teacher girl. But this went beyond my imagination.

So I prepared diligently.

▷ Race: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 647
▷ Job: Hero (EXP 500%)
▷ Skills: Prodigy (MAX), Immortality (MAX), Survive (MAX), Conquest (MAX), Dignity (MAX), Spirit (MAX), Domination (MAX), Rule (MAX), Politics (SSS), Business Administration (SSS), Physical Strength (SSS), Speculation (SSS), Command (SSS), Elegance (SSS), Grace (SSS), Diplomacy (SSS), Trade (SSS), Judgment (SSS), Mental Capacity (SSS), Culture (SSS), Speech (SSS), Internal Power (SS), Attractiveness (SS), Searching for Enemy (SS), Mentality (SS), Muscular Strength (SS), Tolerance (SS), Halo (SS), Desk Job (SS), Hearing (SS), Demonism (SS), Lineage (SS), Fundamental Energy (SS), Energy (SS), Hunting (SS), Capture (SS), Coercion (SS), Threatening (SS), Provocation (SS), Military Achievement (SS), Rest (SS), Insight (SS), Lunacy (SS), Intuition (SS), Calculation (SS), Swordsmanship (SS), Sword (SS), Social (SS), Cool (SS), High-handedness (SS), Reign (SS), Eloquence (SS)…
▷ Condition: Holy Sword, Demon Sword, Golem

I over-prepared, but I didn’t rush to breakthrough limits since the Prodigy’s Z rank effect was useful in the long term.

I raised my skills to the maximum.

If it wasn’t for the skill ‘Infinity’ that made it so the ranks didn’t drop, I wouldn’t have been able to pile it up this much with the job Hero now.

The change wasn’t only with my skills.

I became able to summon the Holy Sword Nucleon, lightsaber, and Saintess H’s stick even in a state the Black Box was deactivated.

The principle was simple.

It was a concept that was after summoning those in a state of the job Demon King, if I deactivated the Black Box, the continuous contract would be renewed.

“Your Highness’ face looks like Your Highness has a lot of worries today.”
“…Yes, a bit.”

I slept with Nanny the last 3 years.

Though my body didn’t need sleep, since I was a year old I had a habit of sleeping sticking to her while grabbing one of her soft breasts, with her arm as my pillow.

…There was no such thing as a reason.

When I wake up in the morning, beautiful maids would assist from the side, but Nanny took care of almost everything herself from bathing me to putting on clothes.

I was too young as an emperor so even though I wanted to wear a majestic outfit I also left the coordinator task to Nanny since she made a comment that “Your Highness’ cuteness will rule the world.”

Though it felt like the hurdles got higher day by day.

“Is it because of the Demon King’s invasion?”


Nanny was low-key good at reading my mind.

“Can we not go on the expedition?”

“…We should go.”

My goal was to return to Earth.

Even though with the start of slime toilets, Fantasia’s technology was developing day by day, it was inadequate to fill up my heart.

Moreover, this place was a fiction (fantasy).

It was a mirage that would disappear in a moment with the Fantasy God’s caprice. I couldn’t take it personally before that fact changed.

“Excuse me, Your Highness.”

“Say it.”

“I like the Sword Princess more than the central continent’s Princess we saw this afternoon. Now all people are obeying Your Highness but please recall the time when Your Highness was still a baby. Do you remember? Though the world turned their back on me who hugged Your Highness and ran away, only Ms. Hippolia and she came to find me.”


“Thank you.”

I made a decision after hearing what Nanny said.

They say just enjoy it if you can’t avoid it.


I enjoyed the sulfur hot-spring bath after a long time under the snowy mountain M.

Though from the knights to the nobles they all made a fuss saying it was the great emperor’s trip, they were not noisy at night.

All leaving the work except the night shift!

The company which was my empire followed the labour law quite well. Of course violent words, swear words, beating up, and also cruel acts were prohibited in the company.

Of course there was also no sexual harassment.

“Your Highness. I heard Your Highness was looking for me.”

The Sword Princess came until the entrance of the open-air bath, fully armed. If it were other emperors, they would shake in fear seeing her and kick her out.

But I said boldly.

“Don’t just blankly stand there and get in.”
“Tha, that…!”

“Or you have an intention of raping a 3 year-old emperor?”

“No way! How could I dare to…!”

“Then get in.”

“This is… Haa! Yes, Your Highness…”

Taking off her armor and putting away even her underwear, the Sword Princess slowly walked in as if she was hesitant.


She shivered as the snowy mountain’s chilly wind touched her fair skin that had not even a stitch of clothing on.

It would be warm soon as she dipped her body in the bath.
But the footsteps of the Sword Princess, who was shyly covering her chest and lower part with both of her hands while closing her thighs together, was endlessly slow.

When I was a baby she got in confidently, did this mean that she saw the 3 year-old me as a man?


But still eventually, the Sword Princess carefully dipped her body into the open-air bath.
Looking restless as her shoulders hunched.

“Rest comfortably.”

“I will try to.”

The Sword Princess, who I thought would be like “pervert emperor! I will kill you!” and pounce on me if I ordered her to take off her clothes and get in, unexpectedly following my order obediently.
Of course her face was already red.

If it wasn’t because of the sulfur hot-spring bath’s here, then it must’ve been because she felt emotion similar to shame.

…Against a 3 year-old kiddo?

Wasn’t that a serious mental problem?

After that we even slept in one bed.

When I was a newborn Nanny often entrusted me to the Sword Princess. So that wasn’t a problem.

Of course I didn’t do anything.

On the other hand, the Sword Princess’s sleeping habit was…

Since that day I called the Sword Princess everyday to the open-air bath and woke up together every morning. But the Sword Princess never got used to this life.

It was because of my body.

I was growing up rapidly everyday.

The nobles who had been witnessing my rapid growth weren’t surprised, but the Sword Princess who bathed and slept together every night with me was different.

“Yo, Your Highness. Now it’s a little…”
“I’m still a 3 year-old kid though?”

Even though around the kid’s center part grew fuzzy black hair, anyways I was a kid.

Eventually the 2nd stage transformation became possible too.
Relaxed mode, combat mode.

But the transformation switch wasn’t turned on by me.
One day, the Sword Princess who decided it was too much to handle sober, drunk heavily and staggered into the open-air bath.

And plop!

The bath stabilized the blood circulation.
With the alcohol.



I spread my righteous hero wings completely.
Though I couldn’t conclude it was perfect, I set up the apparatus and politics so that the empire could work even without me.
Apart from the meaningless succession matter, that is.

What would happen to this world if the Demon King or Hero died?

If it disappeared then my preparation would end up as a labor in vain.

But it would still be a problem if it stayed.

Were the fantasy natives who endlessly got duplicated for training purpose real people? They were no different than AI or VR games.

But I knew.

Since I have had a body of a fantasy native’s.

“I will surely end this fucking educational facility.”

But before that,

I flew straight to the center continent’s Elf Kingdom Elfheim.

For the rehabilitation of the horny student.


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Editor: Fujimaru, Luci

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