FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 96: Two Heroes ⑮


Fantasia faced the first great crisis due to the Hero’s negligence of his duty.
The demons and demon-followers finished preparing their evil plan to dominate the world with darkness without anyone getting in their way at all and started to put their plans into action one by one.
At first they were quite careful.
There was no way the Hero wouldn’t come out if it was like this.

… But he really didn’t come out.

They couldn’t even see the shadow of the Hero who was supposed to protect the human race.
The villains who had been moving passively all this time happily got up in arms altogether as if they were revolting.
That was how Fantasia was currently.
But in front of me those were only useless plans and preparations.
Let me show them the true power of a hero with 21 years of experience..

Nanny’s early-childhood education was tremendous.
I ended up unconsciously memorizing and using Saintess H’s name instead of calling her “glutinous rice cake”.

Hippolia who got summoned raised up the stick she held with her left hand high as she shouted.


Upon that, the head of the beautiful Golem on the tip of her stick opened up its mouth and screamed.


Three transcendental skills worked at once.

▷ Race: Saintess Golem
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Exorcist (Demon→ Damage↑)
▷ Skills: Willpower (Z), Infiltration (Z), Dark Energy Resistance (Z), Interpretation (A)
▷ Condition: Liberated

A sound wave that carried ‘Dark Energy Resistance’, which was almost as fatal as Divinity against Dark Energy, spread out from the stick.
Thanks to ‘Willpower’, which could affect both body and soul, the wave spread even further.
It was a simple noise pollution for humans ears.
But thanks to ‘Infiltration’, the soundwave penetrated into the bodies of demons and their followers who carried Dark Energy.


It wasn’t an exaggeration at all to call it a weapon of mass destruction.
If they didn’t have much Dark Energy, they wouldn’t be strong enough to survive the attack. If they were strong, then they would still die because Dark Energy Resistance became stronger the more Dark Energy it was up against.
A trap of dying that couldn’t be escaped.

It was a typical performance of the stick made by upgrading Golem that was produced to knock down the Demon King.
The Demon King corps who put the central continent into crisis fell into confusion.
I didn’t lose this chance and declared with a loud voice.

“This Hero is protecting the humans! Only humans…!”

The quick-witted demons understood what I meant exactly.
There was no such thing as a strategy meeting. It was enough that the demons with the highest rank of Dark Energy understood my intentions.

“Kikikik! Move, fast!”
“March to the west!”
“To the woods with no humans!”

The army the demon nobles were leading shifted their direction.
To the Elf Kingdom Elfheim.


The country of Elfheim was also a bit twisted from the history I knew.
The Elf King who detested humans didn’t die.
The reason was because after rescuing Princess Sylvia who was sold as a slave in the black market, the Hero gave up on his adventure and defected to the Elfheim right away.
The Hero who was a human, silently spent 3 years executing dirty errands, difficult missions and other things for free to gain trust from the father-in-law who detested humans.
Like that, when the hero was gradually getting recognized as ‘Elf not human’, the coup d’état of Prince Nasus happened.

“Aw. He was okay though.”

The Hero who knew the future gave the Elf King a heads up in advance, the Elf King who was dubious got tempted at the trust the hero had been showing while working like a slave, and prepared for the attack.
The result was, Prince Nasus’ coup d’état failed.

Prince Nasus who couldn’t overcome the ‘Power of Love’ in the hero’s holy sword 1 died in the war. Ayles, who was an adjutant, and the subordinates were demoted to sentinels who guarded the kingdom’s entrance until they died.
And the hero got recognized as ‘son-in-law’ by the Elf King.
They said the wedding ceremony was held grandly….

“Mr. Sieg who loves Princess Sylvia will soon come to save us-”


I gave Elf #28 who provided useful information a herniated disc in the neck as a gift, as a sign of gratitude.

“Sieg… has he not graduated yet?”

I looked back on the only land route that led to Elfheim kingdom after releasing Elf 28’s neck which was snapped to a deformed direction.
The demons, demon-followers, and the monsters that obeyed them, forced their way through into the place like flood.
There was no flag to show the affiliation.
Instead, an elf was hung alive on a long pole made of wood or iron. Because this way they wouldn’t be worried about getting attacked through a ranged attack that uses spirit of fire.
It could also be a snack and entertainment.
Someone I was familiar with was also there.

“Elf A…”

But she didn’t become a hostage.
Elf A who ended up losing at the end of the battle of survival became a decoration on the roadside like a signpost.
Her arms and legs were nowhere to be seen, cut off. On the arrow drawn on her naked body the direction of the demons marched was marked.
In that state, her head was tied to a roadside tree branch.
She would’ve died already if she was a regular human.
But Elf A who was the adjutant of Prince Nasus, a mid-boss I acknowledged, was still breathing.

▷ Race: Half Elf
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Knight (Loyalty → Fortitude ↑)
▷ Skills: Swordsmanship (S), Elementalism (S), Magic (S), Archery (S), Fortitude (A)···
▷ Condition: Anemia, Disabled, Agony, Barely surviving

It was a little different from Elf A’s ability I remembered.
The skill Fortitude dropped from S rank, 3 skills including Swordsmanship got leveled up from A rank.
It wasn’t a change that I wouldn’t be able to understand at all.
Because the system of fantasy EXP proficiency is; one actual battle is way more efficient than any amount of practice.
The driving force so a Hero could catch up to a 100 years old guardian of humanity was also thanks to this structure of growth.
About the skill Fortitude….
I guessed it was because she lost the subject to be loyal to.

“You look terrible.”

I lightly landed next to Elf A in the state of a Demon King.
The demons in the army who were marching to Elf Kingdom Elfheim ignored me and passed by. Because I was a king who was like the sky for them.
Let alone having conversation, they couldn’t even come near me.
They had a similar execution method in ancient Rome.
It was to tie up the perpetrators’ arms and legs after applying honey on their naked bodies so they couldn’t move even an inch.
That way, the flying beasts and insects that got lured by the honey would eat up the human’s skin, lay eggs, and maggots would be formed.
Perpetrators would die after squirming in pain for a really long time.
Elf A’s condition was also similar to that execution method.
Though she was still alive so far thanks to the ability she had piled up, it was no different that she was dying miserably.
Was it a comfort in misfortune that it was less painful?
Though honey wasn’t applied on her body, she still wouldn’t get attacked by flying beasts and insects because she was loved by elementals.
But that was it.

“Who, who are you…”

Elf A asked me with a cracking voice.
She, who was hollow-eyed, could only make a rough guess of my presence with her hearing sense.

“Hmm. Should I say I’m Hero A who was passing by?”

We were in that friendship where we gave each other protein.
Though Elf A wouldn’t be able to remember it since it happened in the 2nd playthrough more than 10 years ago.
I was different from alumni A who got excited at Ice Princess’ nonchalant reaction.
I knew how to differentiate 2nd playthrough’s Elf A and 8 th playthrough’s Elf A. So I wasn’t angry at whoever made her like this.
But, I was interested.
Isn’t it interesting?
She was an elf but she wasn’t an LED monitor.
The world of genes is full of miracles and mysteries.


The Dark Energy that I pulled together was absorbed into Elf A’s body.
The elementals who were wandering around her were continuously shouting “What to do! What to do!” annoyingly, but a mere S rank elemental skill couldn’t interfere with my transcendental Dark Energy.

“Thi, this is…!”

Elf A struggled while twisting the only free part of her body, her slender waist. But she didn’t have any choice as she only had her body.
It was the Demon King’s power that could even bring dead humans back to life.
Restoring arms and legs was not a big deal.


▷ Race: Demon
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Knight (Loyalty → Fortitude ↑)
▷ Skills: Fortitude (SS), Dark Energy (S), Swordsmanship (S), Dark Elementalism (S), Magic (S)…
▷ Condition: Restoration, Depravity, Loyal

She became a demon.

No matter what the previous species was, a demon is a demon.
On the outside she looked like an elf with horns, but it was simply a little better than shells covering Dark Energy.
It was like how people tend to delude themselves that pretty girls and handsome boys would sing or dance better.
Demon’s appearance only gave off that much of an impression
Everything could be solved by Dark Energy.

“Knight Ayles greets the King whom I will devote my everything to.”

After singlehandedly cutting off the tree branch that was tying her hair, Elf A, Ayles, kissed the top of my foot and pledged allegiance.
I didn’t need to turn her into a demon who was no different from a handy puppet since she wasn’t dead. Different from Nanny, Ayles’s level was high.
But there were so many demons and demon-followers around here.
If she stayed as an elf, she would end up experiencing the same thing again.

“Live as you like freely.”
“I’m a knight. A knight lives for her king.”
“This is also a king’s order, Ayles.”
“… I’ll follow your order.”

Ayles summoned a dark elemental after getting up.
The dark elemental that was summoned after kicking out her old friends, the elementals, started to assemble the elf corpses that were scattered around them.
And it turned into the shape of an ugly horse with 8 pairs of Elf legs.


The dark elemental sprinted while letting out a horrible scream with an elf head.
Ayles, who got on the vehicle made of corpses of her previous friends and colleagues, advanced to Elfheim with the group of demons.

“Then or now, she’s quick-witted.”

Though I couldn’t bring myself to order her around because of her reputation and score of character, Ayles worked the way I hoped her to.
It was like that in the 2nd playthrough too.
She healed my heart that was exhausted from the unexpected faculty teacher’s appearance and return with those extraordinary breasts.

“Is she Master’s type?”
“No. I look at the personality of women, not their appearance!”

I shamelessly answered Hippolia’s sharp question like a sage somewhere who formed his harem with beautiful girls.


I, who went back to being a ‘Hero’ from the job Demon King, spread my righteous hero wings and flew high.
Hippolia also flapped her 3 pairs of wings following me from behind.

“Wow! What a cool view.”

That was actually a spectacle.

The Demon King army that was supposed to sweep away the entire region of the central continent of Fantasia focused on one country.
Since the Demon King Pedonar revived, unabated for 9 years, the demons and demon-followers’ procession continued endlessly across mountains and rivers until the end of the horizon like a conveyor belt.
Excessive input of war potential.
It was a violence of numbers that a mere country couldn’t handle.
Even an elf with an average level higher than humans was no exception.


Elves’ screams were heard from every direction.
The cities and villages scattered all over the territory of the Elf Kingdom Elfheim collapsed simultaneously.
The beautiful forests and buildings were burning, the elves who got captured were degraded into nothing but demons’ toys.
But surprisingly there wasn’t really slaughter.
Based on what I heard after grabbing the neck of Demon 34 who was passing by and asking him, it was said that Demon King Pedonar, who got a desperate request from the Elf King’s wife who recently got pregnant, gave that kind of order.
To not make elves go extinct.
So the demons didn’t kill the elves except the aggressive ones and treated them like slaves and livestock.
What a demon-like interpretation.

Right then,


The kind demons and demon-followers’ death rattles were heard.
It was a situation in which almost all areas except the Elfheim royal palace where the Elf King lived got occupied.
It was impossible to even endure since there was an overwhelming gap between the war potentials. It was a situation in which the elves living outside the royal palace got stripped down and disarmed like beasts.
But an unexpected situation happened, the demons and demon-followers died in piles.
But it was also natural.

▷ Race: Arch-Human
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Hero (EXP 500%)
▷ Skills: Stamina (SSS), Training (SS), Elementalism (SS), Sight (SS), Bandage (SS), Communion (S), Breeding (S), Physical Strength (S), Blessing (S), Magic (S), Swordsmanship (S), Collection (S), Fishing (S), Cooking (S), Harmony (S), Laundry (S), Harmony (S), Cleaning (S), Parenting (S), Chores (A), Wizardry (A), Leader (A), Farming (A), Endurance (A), Resurrection (A), Taijutsu (A), Tolerance (A), Survival (A), Architecture (A), Diplomacy (A), Hiding (A), Tracking (A), Immunity (A), Illegal Mining (A), Five Senses (A), Romance (A), Muscular Strength (A), Swimming (A), Agility (A), Fortitude (A), Fighting Spirit (A), Sewing (A), Business (A), Sprint (A), Invention (A), Flattery (A), Trading (A), Interpretation (A), Sword Energy (B)…
▷ Condition: Rage, desire to kill, fatigue, minor injury, confused

The main character appeared.

“What did you do in 9 years to have a skill composition like this?”

▷ Astonished: Student Kang Han Soo?! Why are you here?

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Editor : Fujimaru, Luci

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