FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 97: Life is One Blow!


Professor Morals popped out while scolding me.
Isn’t he too heartless?
At least I became an emperor who occupied half of the northern continent after spending 3 years here, but it seemed like all the faculty workers didn’t even know I existed.
I was more dumbfounded than disappointed.
How did they not know?

▷ Answer: it’s natural that I don’t know! If an unsummoned hero appears, any faculty worker would get flustered as I do! From where and through what route on earth did you invade the dimension?!

I didn’t feel like kindly explaining that.
I ignored what Professor Morals said and turned to look at hero Sieg.

“You…! Kk?!”

It seemed as if Sieg also noticed me, but he was swamped by the demon and demon followers who pounced on him to bite him off like piranhas from every direction.

Of course, I didn’t have any intention to help.
Didn’t he have to clean up the mess he made himself?
He threw away the whole giant dimension.

▷ Excuse: the fault isn’t in our teachings. It was because the student couldn’t absorb it and gave up in the midst of everything. We told him, who fell into self-deprecation in the previous round, about the benefits he could gain if he graduates. But then he got twisted ever since.

… Isn’t that natural?
Like what Factoria who I met on earth also had told me, if you kill the Demon King and graduate, you will part forcibly with the colleagues whom you shared the power of love and friendship with.
There were students who didn’t want that.
The kind of those who regard the connections they gained in the fantasy world preciously.
The reason wasn’t only that.
There were a lot of graduated heroes on Earth. So the fantasy life where heroes got respected like the main character in some novels was also ending.

From the great Mr. Hero to a high-grade security guard!
There were extreme differences with the treatment.

Though there were surely ones who wanted the Earth life like me back, the fantasy world was like a heaven and the 2nd hometown for the socially retarded ones.
I realized that while watching the news on Earth.
Hey, Professor Morals. You don’t even watch news?

▷ Awkward: I can’t tell you the reason because it’s violating school rules, but the faculty workers are strictly forbidden to go out to Earth. But we are checking periodically to analyze the environment where the students grew up. Student Kang Han Soo, every student has to graduate. Trying to stay in the school as long as you can is no more than acting like a baby.

He had been using the school for example but…
Graduating from regular school that I knew wasn’t like this.
People kept in touch with congenial friends even after graduating from elementary and middle school, and part of the alumni went to the same school until high school.
They didn’t split up completely like how it was here.

I also had been feeling something similar to a sense of loss and emptiness watching the relationships get reset every time I returned.

There were a lot of mentally ill patients because of this on Earth.

The heroes who were missing Fantasia even after returning to their home planet Earth. They who couldn’t adapt on Earth fell so low as to be criminals in any way.
Fantasia was a beautiful utopia for them.

What to expect? Since the Fantasia continent existed and progressed for one person like an offline RPG with extreme freedom.

Universal Greenpeace.

The purpose to save the Earth’s social retards was good, but they ended up lacking viability even compared to plants that grew in a greenhouse.

Professor Morals, don’t you guys see the latter period of the graduated students?

▷ Stern: overcoming breakup and sadness is also learning. There is no relationship that lasts forever in this world. Anyone would break up someday. Also, there is no reason for faculty workers to take responsibility for the students that went out of the school. It’s the fault of the students who couldn’t use our teachings right.

If the grades were bad it was the students’ fault.

If they failed after graduating it was still the students’ fault.

Then when on earth will the teachers take responsibility?

▷ Explanation: a teacher is only someone who teaches you the right way. Whether to follow the class diligently or not is the student’s choice. Life is something you develop yourself. Others won’t live your life for you.

Professor Morals. I don’t need plain words for a cop-out.
Sieg was fighting hard even as we were having this conversation.

Through actual battles where we risked our life, the levels and skills were rising up drastically while getting stronger quickly, but he was barely maintaining his current state because of the accumulated wounds and exhaustion before that.

There were still many demons and demon followers as ever.

It was natural since it was the accumulated quantity of the last 9 years without anyone getting in their way.

It was like the Elfheim kingdom had gone extinct.

The royal palace that was shut tightly and Hero Sieg were persistently hanging on but what was the use of a country without the people?

This place has become the demons’ den.

It was only that Sieg didn’t know.

▷ Demand: Student Kang Han Soo. I think I have answered your questions the best I could. I want to know through what kind of layover you came again. The composition ratio of your current body is strange. Beside Fantasia and Earth, a factor like an unidentified alien is also mixed in.

Professor Morals. If you investigate the record yourself it’s all there though?

And you have to be clear about this.

You have never answered my questions the best you could.

You only kept giving me sophistries about how Hero Sieg went wrong isn’t the faculty workers’ fault.

I haven’t asked even a question.

The first question.

Why is the whole of faculty workers hostile to the First Hero?

▷ Silence: our conversation unrelated to education is getting longer. I will talk to you when the person in charge is decided. That’s it for now.

Professor Morals ran away!

If he was in front of me I would have twisted his neck…

Sieg’s side was also coming to an end.

“Kikikik! Hero. Look!”

The Hero that grew non-stop didn’t lose, but it wasn’t like the junks following him were also unrivaled.

Sieg found a female elf who was caught in the hand of an S-grade demon with a huge build. And he cried out her name to the point his Adam’s apple almost popped out.

“Throw away your holy sword and surrender. Because if you don’t do that, I will pierce through even the other hole of this elf. Kyakyakya!”

Blood was flowing down like rain from the eyes of Sylvia, who was hanging in the air with her arms held in the giant demon’s hand.

There was nothing in both her eye sockets.

“Sieg. Don’t care about me and just…hiik?!”

Sylvia who was talking daringly like a female warrior got frightened as the demon’s thick finger squeezed in between the only charm Sylvia had, her butt.

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