FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 98: 9 Years of Being a Hero


Miss trainee teacher! Listen to me!

This hero got scammed!

ZZ rank was only a single rank different from Z rank.

Since the Z rank effect of the skill Prodigy was ‘breaking through limits gets slightly easier’, I decided breaking this limit was possible enough.

But what in the world?

The amount of sacrifice needed for the ZZ rank breaking-limit was beyond my imagination.


▷ Category: Skill

▷ Name: Prodigy

▷ Rank: Z(2%)

▶ZZ: Reconstruct from the root.

▶Z: Breaking through limits gets slightly easier.


Did this make sense?

The amount of skills I had accumulated was on the level that around 50 thousand sissies like hero Sieg had to bunch together to barely match the number.

▶ Critique: Kang Han Soo student? Your example is wrong. You can’t compare SSS rnk stamina to your strongest skill, your poor fighting power. Dust will always be dust no matter how much you pile it up~ I personally believe you can fight against 50 thousand normal heroes by yourself.

Miss trainee teacher! The amount of dust isn’t the important part here!

The main point of this problem is that a virtuous and righteous hero got scammed by the cunning and unfriendly Fantasy God.

I sacrificed that many skills, so how does only 2% make any sense?

I’m sure this was the fantasy God’s conspiracy!

▶ At a loss: I told you before. Breaking through limits gets harder the more transcendental skills you have. I can’t fully grasp it because it’s hidden by your so-called Black Box skill, but you must have around three transcendental skills. Four including the Prodigy skill, am I right?

…Right. Four.

I couldn’t believe she guessed that right with a rough guess.

This Miss Trainee Teacher got more competent in the time I haven’t seen her.

I saw her in a new light.

▶ Protest: I’ve always been competent! My seniors are also amazing, but not everyone can be a trainee teacher! As evidence, you made a mistake right after we parted ways, right? You are not a summoner nor an animal trainer, you built up that golem too much.

Are you talking about my stick?

▶ Positive: Yes. That golem that looks like a stick. Willpower, Infiltration, Dark Energy Resistance. These three Z rank skills are tied to your soul so you can’t separate them when you make calculations. Should I say it’s like stats divided into two? When you do a limit break you have to account for all of these skills.


I couldn’t think of anything in a moment because it was really unbelievable.

If all what Miss Trainee Teacher explained was true, the number of transcendental skills I had…

Divinity, Dark Energy, Blessed, Prodigy, Willpower, Infiltration, Dark Energy Resistance.

Became 7 in total!

I did think too many skills got sacrificed for breaking through the limit of the Prodigy skill, far more than I expected, but there was this problem.

How would I know if nobody taught me!

▶It was included in the higher education class. By the way, you’re amazing. I can’t believe you attained 7 transcendental skills with only pure limit breaking, and not by using shortcuts like skill absorption or combinations … but I don’t recommend it for the future. Because it would keep disturbing your growth like it is now. That is why the overall atmosphere in the Fantasia continent recommended friendship and love instead of shortcuts like a golem.

The sage could be the classic example.

“Huh! There’s nothing easy in the world…”

I sighed automatically.

Additionally, the transcendental skill ‘Blessing’ was a skill that I didn’t gain with my effort. I gained it by absorbing the priestess in the training cave.

Not to mention Black Box, the power I stole from the First Hero…

I immediately started reshuffling my stats

I would’ve just moved on if I didn’t know, but I didn’t live my life half assedly to pretend I didn’t know it and move on after finding the problem.

Thorough preparation and taking thorough measures.

It was my secret of being able to survive in the fantasy world.

Knowledge is a mysterious thing.

The more you know, the more things there are that you can do.

Just like my stats that had changed.


▷ Race: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 1
▷ Job: ■■A
▷ Skill: Divinity (Z), Dark Energy (Z), Blessing (Z), Prodigy (Z), Willpower (Z), Infiltration (Z), Dark Energy Resistance (Z)
▷ Status: Holy Sword, Demon Sword, Saintess


I absorbed the stick’s transcendental skills using Black Box.
I believed taking skills would also be possible if the golem was subordinate to me.
The old Prince who had become my EXP also said “I can give skills to my harem girls” before.

Change of thought.

It went my way only with that.

This principle was similar to when I absorbed the priestess’ “Blessing”.

I was caught in the trap the First Hero installed on earth and ended up getting dragged into Fantasia once again, but I didn’t only get disadvantages.

I learnt how to use Blackbox.

Should I say I learnt by feeling it myself with my body?

Even though as the private lesson fee my original body ended up getting wrecked completely, for training like the actual battle you use your life as the tuition fee.

▶ Confused: Kang Han Soo student? What are you trying to do? And what in the world is that stats…?

Miss Trainee Teacher. Just watch.

Because I’m especially revealing it since it’s a secret friend.

Prodigy(Z)(2%)→ Prodigy(Z)(6%)

As soon as I sacrificed Infiltration (Z) the effect showed immediately.

It had only risen 2% even though I had grinded all my skills, but it rose drastically as I sacrificed a transcendental skill.

It was a Z rank high class sacrifice, but I couldn’t just ignore the impact of how the number of transcendental skills I had had decreased.

I understood what the principle was.

“Shall we grind it excitedly!”

While shedding blood and tears.

I couldn’t stop here.

Prodigy (Z) (6%) → Prodigy (Z) (99%)

The skills shown on my status became empty again. Now, whether I activated Blackbox or not, there wasn’t much difference.

That was how much I grinded it all coolly.

▷ Species: Chaos Human
▷ Level: 744
▷ Job: Hero (EXP 500%)
▷ Skill: Prodigy (Z), Divinity (Z), Dark Energy (Z), Fabrication (SSS), Interpretation (A), Luck (A), ■■(A) Storage (C), Infinite (E), Festival (E)
▷ Status: Holy Sword, Demonic Sword, Saintess


I felt dizzy.
I didn’t even have any more skills to sacrifice now!
I failed the breaking-limit even though I grinded 4 transcendental skills.

“Hmm… should I just grind Dark Energy (Z) and keep catching the Demon King Pedonar while returning many times quickly?”

Dark Energy could be restored to the MAX rank immediately with this method. I only needed to hunt the Demon King around 5 times as I kept returning over and over again.

Would 5 days be enough?

▶ Flabbergasted: the Demon King is not a Dark Energy production factory…

Miss trainee teacher. I only stated a fact.

“Mr. Hero? You’ve been looking so serious that I couldn’t bring myself to talk to you and hesitated. I will say my greeting again. Hello! My name is Lanuvel. I’m an archaeologist who summoned you after receiving an oracle when I was on my way chasing a legend from ancient times. Lanuvel means “truth” in ancient language. I’m currently in charge of the wizard position in this temporary party. Nice to meet you, Mr. Hero!”

Lanuvel talked to me while acting all cute.

Her stats was,

▷ Race: Human
▷ Level: 855
▷ Job: Scholar (Knowledge= Magic ↑)
▷ Skills: Magic (SS), Sorcery (SS), Attractiveness (S), Cooking (S), Eternal Youth (S)…
▷ Condition: Interested

Compared to my colleagues from the first round, her level and skills were far too low for having 9 years of Hero-ing experience.

What on earth is a Cooking (S)…?

Like this she wouldn’t beat even the Demon King’s subordinate. I only thought about how she managed to survive this dangerous place.

“Lanuvel. The hero you’re looking for is right there shitting his pants. If you want to pick him up, hurry and take him.”

“I have a question!”


It wasn’t nice at all to meet her even though it had been a long time since I saw this bitch.

“Mr Hero! Don’t be like that and listen to me! All the continents except the northern continent and central continent had been destroyed by the 5 Disasters’ rampages. If we don’t subjugate the Oblivion Dragon King Noebius the central continent would end up in the same shape…”

“I already subjugated him.”

My beloved colleague Noebius died a natural death, but I decided to damage his name for my reputation. No, wasn’t dying in a fight with a hero more honorable than dying naturally?
I call this a white lie.

“Whoaa! You’re amazing! Then what about your colleagues…?”

“No one.”

“Ah… I’m sorry. Lanuvel became slow-witted because of the excitement after hearing such a surprising fact. There was no way you would have defeated the Oblivion Dragon King who was referred to as the head of 5 disasters without any loss. May the great heroes rest in peace.”

“I just don’t have any.”


“I never had colleagues to begin with. Are my words hard to understand?”

“N, no.”

Lanuvel who got overwhelmed by my attitude hunched herself.

Then, a fish that was listening silently shone its blue eyes and quickly interfered.

It was mermaid Aqua.

“Oh my! I can’t believe you knocked down the Oblivion Dragon King Noebius who made the central continent shake in fear since ancient times by yourself! You’re really powerful. If it’s okay would you please leave your excellent lineage for me? You will never be disappointed♪”

She asked me out for mating with a sensuous voice.

“Look for another male.”

“Don’t be like that and allow me just one night… The more danger the world is in, the more important making sure to preserve our races is I will raise the child as a powerful kid. Of course, I will give you the reward for sure before that. With this body that is burning hot till my skin got dry as soon as I saw you Mr Hero♪”

Even though she was like that, Aqua was a Hero’s descendant, her job was also Hero.

▷ Race: Mermaid
▷ Level: 906
▷ Job: Hero (EXP 200%)
▷ Skills: Spearsmanship (SS), Heat-resistance (SS), Sprint (SS), Toughness (S), Singing (S)…
▷ Condition: Horny, Sexually excited, Lust

This horny mermaid had gotten really weak.

In the 1st playthrough she joined as a colleague for only a short time, yet she was way weaker than she was then.

I could tell how lazily she had been living.

This is why fish-heads are…

▶Question: Student Kang Han Soo, just how much of a harsh environment adventure was your 1st playthrough? this amount of level and skill means you’re strong, right?

5 years of Hero experience was enough to get on that level.

With 9 years of Hero experience, even background characters I couldn’t remember the names of would have at least two SSS rank skills.

This was so horrible.

“Aqua! What are you saying to the man you just met?!”

The dazzling beauty Saintess A butt in between us like a folding screen with her reddened face.

She treated Aqua like an older sister until her last breath in the 1st playthrough, it seemed like that attitude hadn’t changed as time went by.

By the way, Saintess A’s stats were different from what I remembered.

▷ Race: Human
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Saintess (Faith→ Resurrection↑)
▷ Skills: Faith (MAX), Heal (SS), Blessing (SS), Endurance (SS), Support (S)…
▷ Condition: Suspicious, Anxious

Just how much did Saintess’ special ability ‘Revival’ get misused that her Faith reached MAX?

All the Saintesses in my 1st round were weak.

Saintess A from the Central continent, Saintess B from the South continent, Saintess C from the North continent.

They joined my party in turns like a car’s tire, but they couldn’t pass the average of 3 years and died.

“That’s quite the status.”

“Huhu! It seems like Mr Hero has seen my stats. By the way, a Hero that didn’t come out in the oracle… I never imagined that. But I’m relieved that you’re a way more courageous person than that idiot Sieg. It would be perfect if only you don’t touch Aqua with those dirty hands.”

Saintess A became arrogant after a little compliment.

“Are you perfect?”

“Am I not perfect with this much? The stupid Saintess from South continent died as an offering that calmed a monster’s rage, the lewd Saintess from North continent was burned after she got accused of being a Demon follower. I’m now the only Saintess that can assist you in all of Fantasia. But don’t worry. Because I’m the most competent among the Saintesses.”

The only one? The most competent?

I laughed at that arrogance.

A perfect Mr Hero would always bring a Saintess in his pocket.



A sacred woman with 3 pairs of wings on her back appeared like an angel.


▷ Race: Chaos Angel
▷ Level: 999+
▷ Job: Saintess (Faith → Resurrection ↑)
▷ Skills: Divinity (MAX), Charm (MAX), Attractiveness (MAX), Massage (SSS), Dark Energy Resistance (SSS)···
▷ Condition: Nursing


“You called, Master.”

“A Saintess should at least be on this level to call herself a Saintess. Don’t you think so?”

The Saintess I was raising was multipurpose.

“Oh, oh my goodness…”

I liked Saintess A’s expression that was like a young sheep witnessing God’s miracle.
I would’ve taken a picture of it if there was a smartphone.


“You saw that, right? To be my colleague at least…”

I, who was trying to kick out incompetent craps, slurred the end of my words.

Love (F)→ Love (E)
Friendship (F) → Friendship (E)
Hope (F)→ Hope (D)

Because suddenly the level of the skills that I haven’t seen for 10 years after my 1st playthrough and didn’t have even an ounce of expectation of, went up.

Great, I lacked skills to sacrifice for the breaking-limit anyway.

“…Let’s go! To defeat the Demon King together!”


When I was about to accept this rabble as colleagues generously, a voice of a man that interrupted me firmly took the starch out of me.

It wasn’t hero Sieg.

That man was,

“Sword King Alex…”

A man that deserved a punch stood in my way.

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Editor : Fujimaru, Luci

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