Forest of Funerals – Chapter 1: I am the Demon Lord Weiss!!

The man called Weiss, is an extremely strong demon that can transform into human form. That’s right, in the Demon world, everyone has weird and bizarre shapes, imitating the looks of bulls or lions may or may not be handsome, but this Weiss guy is different from other demons, for he has a human form. What this means is, if there was a demon that had intelligence, it would definitely kowtow before him instantly, although these weirdly shaped guys may not be able to do any of the human’s etiquette.

“I, Weiss, have finally become a Demon Lord today!! HAHAHA!!”

With a laugh that could amply be called a roar, Weiss used a thunderous sound to scare the weaker demons till they ran away, even the little weasel that has always followed him showed an expression of fear.

“Hm? What is it? Don’t hide there by yourself, come out bask in your Boss’ infinite glory. Look at how scared these demons are, don’t you think your Boss is super strong?”

“But- but Boss,” the little weasel that was holding a thin and small bow was still trembling, it seems what he was scared of beforehand wasn’t Weiss who was man times stronger than he was in the past, rather, you could say that Weiss’ strength gives him the advantage of it from then on.

“This place seems to be the territory of that Sir from legends.”

“Ha? That Sir? Are you kidding me? From now onwards, this place shall be your Boss, Weiss’ territory. Isn’t every monster that appears before your boss only a problem of one kick?!”

“B-Boss, this isn’t right, I’m kind of scared.”

“Scared of what? You’re the subordinate of me, Demon Lord Weiss, if you can’t bring out a proportional amount of courage and determination, you’ll be the laughing stock of the demons.”

Weiss’ confidence came from the power he currently holds. After becoming a Demon Lord, Weiss could emit a Demonic Aura that was many times denser than before, this definitely was lethal to the weaker demons.

“From now on, your Boss, Weiss, can also fight with those monsters inside this Forest of Funerals, this should make you happy!”

“Ha, ha…” The little weasel let out a noncommittal sound. Sure enough, when this fellow was facing the Weiss who had suddenly got stronger, there was still an unreal feeling. Weiss used his nose to do a small snort, facing the half a meter tall, brown weasel that was before him, he could only use a sigh to respond.

“You truly are an unreliable little weasel, it seems that from now on, the only right thing I should do is to start recruiting subordinates!”

“Recruiting subordinates?”

“That right. How can a dignified and magnificent Demon Lord, have no one under their command? If you want to say that you count, then stop making yourself look like a coward.”

“But, Boss Weiss, this place really isn’t good news, let’s go.”

“Little weasel, that was a textbook example of how to set a flag. Is it that in a minute, I’ll pronounce that no one can defeat me, then immediately after, there’ll be some super strong guy that jumps out and beats me till I’m crippled? C’mon brother, be more realistic. Right now, I’m invincible!”

“Ah, some demons are coming. Boss Weiss, be careful!”

“Don’t be scared. This is just perfect, let the next guy that comes before my eyes become my first general!” Weiss used an uninhibited voice and flung the cape that he specially wore upon himself, the handsome face used what it thought was the most poisonous expression to turn around.

However, what appeared ahead of him was one who had the same “human form” as Weiss.

This was a girl with long white hair, her red, star-shaped hair ornament and her eyes were mutually ablaze, even though the clothes that she wore were an absolutely clean white, but it still paled in comparison to her skin. This fellow’s skin was pale to the point that Weiss couldn’t even think about eating it, though now he can change into human form and won’t prey on humans anymore, but even the old him absolutely wouldn’t have wanted to meet this fellow.

“Hey! Yes, you. As a mere human, you dare come to the Forest of Funerals, do you not want to live?”

“Hu, man?”

“That’s right, looking at your soft meat, I don’t even want to eat that.” Weiss thought what he said could instil fear into this human, but he didn’t think that Demonic Aura would suddenly erupt from this fellow’s body, instantly covering the nearby forest.

“FUCK! It’s a Demon Lord! We met someone with some strength, run little one!”

It was obvious that Weiss’ reaction was one that was practised thousands of times, yet just when he turned around and ran ten or so meters, he finally remembered, that it seemed like he was also a Demon Lord.

Then why be scared of that fellow!

That’s right, right now, he’s the great Demon Lord Weiss! An invincible existence!

“Cough cough.” Weiss coughed rather embarrassingly. Now all he needed to do was use a very scary voice to dominate the other, it didn’t matter whether it was a demon or a human, they were all scared of this move, the louder one was usually the more dangerous one.

“I thought not that thee art a Lord among Demons. Very well. I lack a general under my command right now, if thou were to surrender and lower thy head, perhaps I shall generously give thou this honour.”

“B-Boss, this guy’s a…”

“Shut up, can’t you see that I’m using a scary voice to oppress her?”

“B-B-But she’s a…”

Demon King!


A kick that was enough to destroy the bones inside one’s body fell upon Weiss’ head, this virtually was a blow that let Weiss who has only just evolved into a Demon Lord completely return to the time when he was always anxious for his life. The earth started cracking with Weiss’ head as the epicentre, it expanded just like a spider web, trees fell, rocks burst, demons howled.

Even the little weasel was so scared that he jumped onto an extremely tall tree, but because of that, he saved his own little life.


What was shocking was that Weiss still had the strength to let out an unpromising sound, he was almost scrapped by a single kick from someone a whole head shorter than him.

It was only then, Weiss knew he fucked up. This wasn’t a bloody Demon Lord, she clearly was a higher tiered Demon King.

This is all the fault of the fact that Demon Lords and Demon Kings don’t have any distinct differences in appearance, otherwise, the great Weiss couldn’t have possibly fallen here.

“If you surrender, yep, does that mean you’ve become mine?” Like this, the white haired Demon King narrated the seemingly obvious reality, but a moment of hesitation from Weiss let the little foot on his head be filled with even more power.

“AAAAAA, yes yes, Oh Great Demon King. I, Weiss, will become your most loyal servant, ser-serving you wherever you go, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Good.” The white haired Demon King relaxed her pale right leg, and retreated two steps to allow Weiss to get back on his feet, only then did she use an experienced voice to say

“What you just said was very interesting. Yep~, you want me to be your underling?”

“Ahaha, h-how could that be possible? I, Demon King Weiss, was rash because I thought I became stronger from evolution.”

“Rash? Forget it, but your idea isn’t quite so bad. After I became a Demon King, I lacked a few general, yeah… You get what I mean?”

“Yes yes yes. Madam Demon King means for me to seek out strong fellows so they can become a general under Madam Demon King, right?”

“Good, it’s just as you say. Then, even though it’s extremely brusque, there’s no problem if I give you this mission, is there?”

“Haha, I will handle it. I know this place like the back of my hand, how can there anyone that I can’t catch?”

“Great, then I’ll confer you the title of Communications General. Call all of the powerful fellows over here, I want to establish a brand new den.”

“Co-Communications General…”

“What? Unsatisfied?”

“Ah, no no, I’m extremely satisfied.” Even though Weiss said that, but he repeated it many times in his mouth, feeling that this title was filled with an enigmatic beguilement…

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