Forest of Funerals – Chapter 10: Keep Looking

“Sarah!” upon hearing Weiss’s shout, Sarah, who was sitting on the ground and nodding off, lifted her head up and spotted a ragged Weiss excitedly rushing over.

“What is it? Did you get bullied?”

“Of course not. I just found a good helper.”

“Oh?” Sarah hadn’t expected Weiss to actually complete his task so quickly. It hadn’t even been a day yet. But, after looking around, she only saw the little ferret and a slender elf.

“I don’t see anyone new? Apart from your food anyway.

“Wu……” when she heard the word, “food”, Chirae shrunk back in fear. Originally she was hoping that the great demon king Weiss was talking about would have different views from other demons. But now, she found out that her worst fears had been realised.

Unfortunately for her, Weiss didn’t let her hide. Instead, he pushed her forward and spoke to Sarah.

“This is the partner I was talking about.”


“This is the partner I was talking about!”

“I heard you the first time. There’s no need to shout. I just don’t understand what you’re saying.” Sarah was kneading her forehead as she spoke. She looked like she was having a headache.

“You clearly didn’t find a partner. You just brought an elf here and called it a partner. Looks like there was something wrong with your head when you went back.”

“My head is perfectly fine! Look at this female elf, her skin is soft and her meat is tender. The texture is simply divine. And, regardless of which part of her body, it can be easily prepared…… Ah, whoops! I went off track and started talking about how edible she was by accident.”

“Wu~, lord Weiss, please stop treating me like food for the lord great demon king….”

“Don’t worry, there’s definitely nothing wrong with someone I’ve chosen,” Weiss completed disregarded Chirae’s pitiful appearance as he spoke to Sarah with a confident smile. As for the little ferret behind him, it fully supported his words.

“It’s true! The whole reason big brother Weiss looks like this is because of her!”

“Oh?” when Sarah heard that, she scrutinised the elf properly.

“A master mage. Looks like she’s a lot stronger than she looks.” Previously, Sarah had only looked at the outer appearance. This time, she took a closer and look and noticed that Chirae was actually quite strong. In other words, she could be useful in combat.

She was definitely strong enough to be of help.

And most importantly, her heart was white.

“You, what’s your name?”

Sarah impatiently interrupted Weiss and asked Chirae.

“It’s Chirae. Didn’t I say it just now[1]?”

“Tsk,” the white demon king irritatedly clicked her tongue. This display of annoyance, immediately put Weiss in his place, and he wisely shut up.

As for Chirae, she terrifiedly answered, “It’s Chirae. This is also the name of my tribe.”

‘The Seven Seas[2] Tribe is it? I’ve heard of that bunch of high elves before. Why would one of them, come to the Forest of Funerals?”

“My dream is to cut through here to reach human world.” Chirae’s eyes glowed with desire as she said that. It was as if she absolutely hated that she wasn’t in human world right now.

“The human world is it……” Sarah creased her brows as she said those words. Her reaction left Chirae confused.

“Lord demon king, don’t you find it funny?”


“Yes……” Chirae[3] ridiculed herself and looked down in shame.

“I obviously lack the capability. And yet, I still overestimated myself and chased after an unrealistic goal. In fact, right after entering the forest, I almost died……”

“What’s so funny about that?” Sarah pushed her hands against the ground and slowly sat herself up. Then, she looked at Chirae with interest.

“Having dreams is a good thing. If you’re willing to be a partner, I can guarantee that I’ll take you to the human world.

“Really?” Chirae lifted her head up in disbelief.

As for Weiss and the little ferret, their jaws dropped and they exclaimed, “No way!”

“A true ruler’s promises are never false. Since I said it, then as a demon king, it is only natural that I do it. Besides, we’ll be heading to the human world sooner or later. But before that, I’ll need to establish a clan that can survive on its own.”

“In other words, you want me to find even more people right?” Weiss helplessly drooped his head as he spoke. He just knew that he’d have to do that. He was just hoping against hope.

“You really are my communications general! You know me so well!”

“Ha… What else can I say…….”

“Nothing. So, keep searching. But leave Chirae over here. We’ll set up the demon nest.”

[1]No mistranslation of any previous lines. He didn’t say it. Also, that wasn’t a typo. It’s Weiss speaking, not Chirae.

[2] Here’s a copy paste of the footnote regarding her name in chapter 8: I couldn’t think of anything using the chinese pronunciation so I used the korean one. Ironically, Chirae is an actual english name pronounced “Kai Ray”. Less than 100 people have it but…. It exists and that’s good enough. Now, the characters for her name are 七海, literally, seven seas. And as said previously, the pronunciation(chee hi) is while perfectly fine in Chinese, translates absolutely terribly to English. And if I used the meaning as the name, whelp, I’d cringe so much I’d be on the verge of dropping this novel every time I typed that name. That said, since in this case it’s referring to a tribe rather than a person, I decided to use the meaning.

[3] Author typed Sarah here, but based on the next line, I’m assuming it’s a typo and should be Chirae.

Translator : 白酒鬼

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