Forest of Funerals – Chapter 12: Perfect Lie

“Wh-what do we do!? Big brother, if this keeps up, things won’t end well for us!” the little ferret tremblingly hugged Weiss’ clothes, irritating Weiss. But despite the ferrets fears, Weiss was still a powerful demon lord. In the Goblin Village only that one would be able to trade blows with him. It’d be simple enough for him to find a way out.

But before that, he had to first try and accomplish his mission. So what if that guy doesn’t remember me? With my superior intellect, how is it possible that I can’t fool these idiots?

“Hey! Let us out!” Weiss stood up and kicked the dilapidated wooden door. Even if the door was iron, he’d still be able to kick it down with ease. However, he feared the goblin shaman.

“Evil demon, shut the hell up! We’ll be eating you soon enough!” a guard unhappily roared at Weiss. In response, Weiss coldly laughed.

“I’m evil? You treat your life’s savior like this and call me evil?”

“Life’s savior?”

“Yes!” Weiss straightened his back and arrogantly looked down on the little goblin.

“Your village’s greatest warrior was saved by me!”

“Wh-what!?” the goblin guard was stunned to the point of dropping his weapon. His exaggerated expression was downright hilarious. And of course, Weiss responded with his cold laughter.

“I was passing by and decided to see how he was doing. But seeing how you guys decided to treat me… Ha… it seems like you ate your consciences for breakfast, your morals for lunch and your sense of shame for dinner. How did they taste?” Weiss’ stinging ridicule and pained expression left the goblin bamboozled. He immediately did a dogeza.

“Re-really sorry. We never imagined that this was the case. Please let me first report to the chief and lord shaman. This will only take a short while.”

“Very well. I suppose I’ll wait here. But you better not disappoint me.”


Then, the goblin guard half-rolled, half crawled to his superiors.

The little ferret sighed as he watched the goblin scurried off.

“That goblin was just too stupid. He couldn’t even see through such an obvious lie.”

“Hahaha, how can a lie from I, demon lord Weiss, be seen through so easily? Rest easy, everything is under control!”

“Big brother, this lie of yours is really obvious. Any slightly intelligent goblin would be able to see through it.  *sigh*” the little ferret sighed. He felt worry towards Weiss’ intelligence.


“Ya~ I really don’t know how to thank you guys! I had no idea there were still such kind demons around.” The village chief happily spoke to Weiss and the completely speechless ferret with a wooden bowl in his hands.

“Come, this is our goblin village’s medicinal wine. One sip definitely won’t be enough!”

“Haha, then I’ll accept it with thanks!” Weiss said before gulping down a mouthful. Immediately, his body started burning up.

“Good wine! Very good wine!”

“Of course! Aiya~ I really didn’t know that Saka Jis received help from you when he was out adventuring that year……. Thank you so much for that! Saka, hurry up and thank your benefactor!”

The village chief pat the shoulder of the giant goblin next to him. The giant goblin followed with a deep bow.

“Even though I don’t remember what or when it happened, a life debt is hard to repay. My, Saka Jis’s life is yours!”

“How do I say this… Saka, your life is your own.” Weiss walked over, sat down, and said as he pat Saka’s shoulder.

“I just want this life to bring more beauty to the world.”

“OOOOHHH~~ Kind demon lord, please accept my, Saka Jis’s bow once more!” Saka Jis emotionally smashed his head against the ground. As for the village chief, and head shaman, they released gratified smiles.

Only the little ferret was still blankly holding onto the bowl of medicinal wine. Its brain had crashed.

It was currently wondering if there was something wrong with its brain. The lie was so obvious, and yet the whole goblin village fell for it.

Translator : 白酒鬼

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