Forest of Funerals – Chapter 11: Goblin Village

To Weiss, the mission was a heavy burden. It determined his worth. If he failed, his life’s meaning would be less important than the task. If he succeeded, it’d just be following orders.

“Sarah is treating me like her pet monkey.”

Weiss emitted a gloomy, discontent aura. Every step he took, the earth cracked behind him. After thinking over it, even though had readily agreed, he had in fact been tricked.

“Big brother, you look unhappy.”

The little ferret had a worried expression as it spoke. In response, Weiss shrugged his shoulders.

“We were far too gullible. *Sigh*… we deserved falling for that demon king’s trick.”

“Uh, right, about that, I saw through it right away.”



“Then why didn’t you say anything!?!?!?!?!” Weiss lifted the little ferret up and began strangling it like it was Bart Simpson.

“Hrk-urk…… B-big br-brother, l-let me explain, ha,ha. If I told you back then, you would’ve kept resisting. That demon king might be kind, but she wouldn’t hesitate to kill you! So, for the sake of our lives, I decided to keep quiet.”

“That sounds like a nice idea, but the humiliation and injury I suffered because of it is enough for me to tear out my brain and throw it into the mud!”

“I didn’t expect big brother to get hurt either! But even so, it beats dying!
“Little brat, taste my tickle attack!”

“Ahahahahaha, stop! Big brother, I was wrong! Ahaha……….”

And so, for the rest of the day, the two brothers were extremely noisy.


Weiss thought to himself: Any associates I get can’t be stronger than me. They also can’t be smarter than me. And they definitely, no matter what, cannot be more handsome than me.

It was extremely challenging to find people who met the criteria in the forest.

“Big brother, do you have anyone in mind so far?”

“Not at all.”

Weiss was completely honest with the little ferret. In the past, he was quite… extremely… eccentric. Apart from the little ferret, no other demon was willing to even talk with him. This caused his social circle to be extremely small.

Oh right!

Weiss snapped his fingers as he suddenly remembered something. In the past, when he was about to be killed by another demon, an extremely formidable goblin saved him.

That goblin was really terrifying. And now that I think about it, I should probably properly thank him.

“Which way is the goblin village?”

“Wuah~ Big brother, you’re not thinking of looking for that really powerful goblin are you!?

“That I am.”

“But, but big brother, have you forgotten? That goblin was able to swallow a demon beast whole and alive! He’s way bigger than you big brother! He’s clearly abnormal!”

“Relax! That goblin won’t do anything to me. After all, he could’ve eaten us when we were weaker. Instead, he let us go. He was clearly moved by my purity! Yup, I can’t be wrong! As long as we go there, he’ll definitely warmly welcome us!”

“Big brother, didn’t you say we would be warmly welcomed? There’s clearly something wrong with the script!”

The little ferret and the demon lord, Weiss, were currently tied up. As soon as they arrived at the goblin village, they were immediately beaten into submission by the village’s shaman. In actual fact, this goblin shaman was famous for his strength. Even the white demon king wasn’t willing to pick a fight with him. And unfortunately for Weiss, contrary to his expectations, the giant goblin had completely forgotten him. With the way things were playing out, the two would likely be present for dinner. Just, not as guests.

Translator : 白酒鬼

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