Forest of Funerals – Chapter 2: Communication General Weiss

Demon Lord Weiss, having escaped from beneath the feet of the White Demon King, used his self-proclaimed high intellect to shake off her pestering, and the little weasel who followed behind him by shuttling between thickets, let out in a large relaxed breath

“B-Boss, we really were in a pinch just then.”

“Yeah. I seriously didn’t think that I, Demon Lord Weiss, would attract a strong Demon King on the first day. It looks like she mistook it for the existence of a similar levelled existence and was only attracted there because my Demonic Aura was too powerful, WUHAHAHAHA!!” Weiss proudly guffawed, yet this type of reaction let the little weasel mutter a few words

“But just then, Boss was obviously begging for mercy.”

“Ah?! What did you say?!”

“Ah, no, Boss, I was thinking, who do we go find so they can serve as that Demon King’s underling? After all, you were conferred the title of Communications General.”

“AAAAAA! Don’t call me Communications General, I hate this title, and who told you that we’re going to go find people?”

“B-But it’s the orders of the Demon King.”

“Back then, I only promised that so I could stall time, who would naively bow their head and help that kind of squishy little Demon King do some odd jobs? Don’t joke with me.”

“B-but, the orders of a Demon King are absolute.” The little weasel anxiously trembled. Even though the speed at that he shuttled through the woods was still that nimble, but the inherent chubbiness it has only makes it look more like a swaying ball at this time.

Weiss used his Demonic Aura to float above the ground, then used that to move at high speeds. He couldn’t understand why the little weasel was scared, and cleaned his ear with his finger like a human.

“Ah? What ‘absolute’? That kind of stuff isn’t more than what the ancestors said and only exists to scare little guys like you. To me, Demon Lord Weiss, it doesn’t whether it’s the Demon King’s orders or curses, I only need to…” Weiss just only said half of his words, then his expressions suddenly halted. Next, he suddenly hugged his head letting inertia drag him onto the ground and rolled about, all the while letting off a sound that was comparable to slaying pigs.

“Wuaaa. B-Boss, you alright?” The little weasel hurriedly jumps to Weiss’ side, but Weiss who was covered by weeds to the point of being unsightly, was holding his head and heavily wheezing.

“That fellow!!!”

“I said so, the orders of the Demon King are undefiable.”


“How’s it wrong?”

In front of the incomprehension of the little Weasel, Weiss showed a wise look. He was silent for a while.

“Even if you use a human expression to show a very smart look, it still can’t fix the reality that Boss’ brain is stupid!”

The little weasel finally couldn’t resist to retort. For Weiss, this was undoubtable a two-fold attack upon his heart and body.

“Wait, subordinate of mine. Did you forget, Demon Lords won’t be limited by an existence only a single tier higher?”

“O-Oh! Right!”

“There’s definitely something fishy here.”

“But even if Boss Weiss learns what’s fishy, won’t it only extend the extent of your own powerlessness?”

“What do you understand, did you not see that idiotic appearance on that Demon King? Using my, Demon Lord Weiss’ intelligence, if I want to trick a little Demon King, it’s only a simple task.”

“B-Boss, th-this isn’t too good though.”

“What are you scared of! Go! Let us return, and in any case, the curse is on me, I can’t run away even if I want to. Let’s see if my bluff will work on that little Demon King.”

“Talking about bluffs, didn’t Boss Weiss already try to do that beforehand? Then you tasted the first insta-kill since you became a Demon Lord.”

“Aaaah, why do you have to be so uncute.”

“Boss, if you want me to be cute, I can wait till I become a Demon Lord and transform into a beauty.”


“Don’t run Boss, I was being serious!”


“You, that Demon King!!” Weiss said as if he was declaring it, he returned to where he originally was insta-killed by the white Demon King.

But then, the lush greenery that was originally there disappeared long ago, leaving only a piece of flatland, and sitting in the middle of that flatland was the white Demon King.

Weiss was thinking in his heart, that the surrounding scenery couldn’t possibly be the work of the Demon King in front of him, right?

“B-Boss, let’s forget it. This Madam Demon King doesn’t seems like super bad news!” The little weasel was already so scared to the point of trembling, but even if it was scared so much that its instincts were telling it to turn around and run away, yet it still tightly followed behind Weiss, not to leave his side.

“Oh?” The white Demon King that was sitting on the ground and staring at the sky, put her line of sight once again onto Weiss’ body. Her expression was bubbling with humour, yet it seemed to see though all of the other’s thoughts.

“Then, my Communications General. Did you bring back any new comrades?”

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