Forest of Funerals – Chapter 3: This territory is mine!

“I say, Demon King. You want me to find some strong guys, but why do you still place a curse upon me? I this not showing that you have absolutely no faith in your first subordinate? Like this, even if I went and found you one, two, or three generals, and yet you still wouldn’t trust them a single bit, then what would be the difference between this and being strangers?” Weiss was vehement when he said this, he revealed an expression that showed his disappointment towards the White Demon King, and furthermore, tried to reflect any and all sorrowful thoughts, vainly attempting to use this so the weaker could overcome the strong, and manage to trick this small Demon King.

But, the White Demon King who could make the Demon Lord Weiss kowtow with a single kick was completely unfazed, or, you could so that she could only give Weiss’ performance a failing grade.

“In other words, for wasting this much of my time, you only came back to complain?”


“Facing a Demon King while being so bold and confident, I reckon you’re the first one.”

“If you feel that my honest words offend you, we can never meet again!”

“Ha…” The White Demon King let out a big sigh. She who sat on the ground slowly pulled in her legs, and used her arms to hug them. The Demon King who originally was very small, now turned even smaller, the great Demon Lord Weiss even thought that he might be able to stretch out a hand and manage to crush her,

“Demons really all do play petty tricks. Even though you became a Demon Lord, yet your head is still sub par.”


“The act of me placing a curse naturally means that I don’t trust you. I really want to ask you this, who would trust someone that they met for the first time? Foolish Demon Lord, this is the last time I’m going to give you another chance, be my Communications General, and seek out suitable candidates.”

“You scoundrel!” Weiss clenched his teeth, he absolutely couldn’t admit that he would submit to a small Demon King this easily, but when took a single step forwards, the little weasel behind him tightly pulled on Weiss’ trousers.

“Let go!”

“Boss, don’t advance anymore, yo-you’ll die!” The little weasel trembled even more fiercely, but Weiss just couldn’t swallow his anger. He was a Demon Lord. He struggled and fumbled within the ranks of the Demonkind for so long, and finally managed to become a Lord, so how could he just submit himself to being the subordinate of this kind of Demon King of unknown origins?

“What you little buddy said was right, if you take another step forwards…” The White Demon King squinted her blood red pupils, the hidden sharpness was like a beast ready to pounce, once it is released, there definitely would be a river formed from blood.

“You’ll die.”

“!!” This time, even Weiss felt a pressure that strangled his life, it was a power that made him want to instantly kneel.

But, would he really kneel?

If he knelt just like this, then he really would’ve submitted to her,



Weiss didn’t know what he should’ve said with the human language, but he certainly raised his right foot, although his whole body already felt the killing intent that was comparable to a knife. But even then, he would still…


A terrible Demonic Aura swiftly expanded towards the while sky, this part of the forest was completely covered by the blackness, and following this, was a line of pressures that were many time stronger than that of Weiss.

“Are you the new Demon King? Well it’s a chap I’ve never seen before!” The voice that came from afar was an existence that could make Weiss tremble even in his bones, and the little weasel beside him was already clinging onto his thigh with much force.

“B-Boss, it seems like that’s the existence from legends!”

“At the same time those words left his mouth, a red skinned, and definitely three meters tall, massive man appeared before their eyes. Beside him, there were multiple Demon Lords along with many strong demons. This was a group, and very obviously, their objective was the White Demon King who had just entered their territory.

“Tell me, unfamiliar Demon King, for entering my territory without prior notice, what is your goal?” The massive man let out a query that was difficult to resist answering. He floated in mid-air, using a haughty stance to look down upon the white silhouette that was on the ground.

However, sitting on the ground, the little Demon King that was like a girl merely replied with a single phrase.

“Piss off.”

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